Battle of the Sexes and their eReaders…

Battle of the Sexes and their eReaders...While many male politicians have been noted in the news for their use of technology to distribute questionable pictures and having them spread everywhere from phones to Twitter women have been quietly using their technology, mainly eReaders, to silently devour provocative titles such as, “Maid for a Billionaire”, and “My Horizontal Life”.

Those titles are a glimpes of the lusty titles that are on the top of Amazon’s current bestsellers list. Its no secret that women like their romance novels, but while technology has been generally associated with the four eyed nerd types, those stereotypes are rapidly fading into the past.

Men account for about 56 percent of tablet owners as they tend to lean toward visual appeal and don’t seem to mind making “techie” statements with their digital gadgets women statistically account for around 55 percent of eReader owners. Of course the differences between men and women don’t stop there but the different ways the sexes use their technology has companies like Barnes & Noble, who are struggling to adapt to the shifts in their industry, sitting up and paying attention.

For example eReaders tend to be smaller than most tablets and fit into a woman’s purse more conveniently, and offer the ability to be more descreate in their leisure reading as an eReader doesn’t display the tell tale “Fabio” cover like a traditional book does while reading at the coffee shop.

It may be too soon to jump to the conclusion that men are iPads and women are Kindles but there is evidence to support that women are voracious readers and eat up their quick read romance eBooks like they go through a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Their appetite is good news for publishers who are desperately looking for ways to stay afloat .

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