6 Best Free Books That Will Boost Your Writing Skills

All language aspects, such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing, are interrelated. For example, non-natives who listen to foreign languages frequently are more successful in speaking them than those who do not.

Likewise, those who read a lot of literature are usually better at writing than those who disregard this part. Success in college paper writing depends a lot on students’ ability to stay focused and express thoughts and ideas in a coherent way.

Reading helps one master many skills. Moreover, if you enjoy books, high chances are that your grammar, vocabulary, and spelling are way better compared to your peers.

Luckily, there are books targeted exactly at improving writing skills. In their own manner, they strive to add up to the readers’ abilities by conveying both the fundamentals and new developments in different aspects of writing.

In this article, you will find the most popular books aimed at improving people’s writing skills. Here they are:

How to Speak and Write Correctly

This book was written specifically to target arguably the most daunting problems in learning English – speaking, and writing. People often neglect the need to practice these skills focusing more on grammar. Later, it grows into a big problem in colleges and universities because writing and speaking are critical to academic success.

Joseph Delvin, the author of the book, did an amazing job by adding an incredible sense of humor to every rule covered. Moreover, the book is filled with references to the most common punctuation and grammar mistakes students make.

Writing Your Way into College: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing a Personal Statement That Works

For those interested in writing a killer admission essay, this book is a must-read. It explains what admissions officers expect to see in students’ papers and what are the ways to impress them.

Joy Turner, the author, offers an incredible insight into what works get selected and why. However, this book will fit not only students-to-be. It contains lots of examples of essays that would be of value to any learner. This guide explains a lot about academic writing in general.

An English Grammar

Such a simple title belongs to the book that does everything to make your writing clear, concise, and grammatically correct. William Moran Baskerville did an amazing job explaining how you can let your thoughts flow on paper while keeping your writing elaborate.

This book is a great source of rules for those who often write documents, essays, letters, and even blog articles. It gives much more than just grammar rules. You’ll also get inspiration to write excellent and engaging texts.

20 Ways to Improve Your Writing

As simple as it may sound, every writer needs certain tools to succeed in keeping the readership interested. It refers to both students writing academic papers and professional writers focused on books.

H.R. Morgan lists and explains the most popular tools and concepts that will be useful in writing. They can be applied to blogs, books, emails, essays, memos, and whatnot.

20 Ways to Improve Your Writing provides valuable information on the toolbox that professional writers use. Transitioning from the most basic to more complex one, this book becomes a trampoline to sophisticated writing.

The Write Stuff: The Perfect Handbook to Achieving Writing Success

It is hard to find a better source of writing tips than the book composed by an experienced writer Robert Pelton. This work reveals the secrets of good writing, explains the best tools and covers many other aspects.

The author himself is a great example of a hard worker in the writing field. He has been building his career for over 40 years. His advice will definitely prove valuable to those who want to succeed in content creation.

An Insider’s Guide to Writing Articles

In this book, John Colanzi, who is a writing enthusiast, employs all his talent, imagination, and grammatical skillset. The aim is to help others develop a sense of style in writing articles and blog posts. He insists on bringing novelty and making each text interesting and fresh.

The author rejects the machine approach to writing and strongly advocates for human genius. The claim is that writing should be pleasurable instead of dogmatized. Colanzi insists on adding coherence and mindfulness to every piece of writing.

Final Words

It is wrong to assume that writing skills are given at birth and cannot be developed. On the contrary, many people are living proof that writing can be advanced to the highest level.

Yet, you should look for new sources of information and inspiration as well as try the hints you find along the way in practice. Overall, reading books is just one of the best and simplest ways to become better at what you do.

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