5 Engrossing Books on Academic Writing You’d Better Note

Even if you’re great at academic writing, don’t hasten to claim you know  everything about this subtle and intricate craft. This immersive practice is downright complex to come to grips with, especially when you’re a student preoccupied with other demanding university chores besides your unnerving writing assignments. That being said, to gain a proper insight into academic writing, a student needs to take some time to learn about its subtleties from reputable, reliable scholarly sources.

Why Is This Step Essential?

This effective way of enhancing academic sharpness is followed by all advanced writers, including essay writers working for famous online services like EssayShark. To ensure that the service’s experts did benefit from perusing solid books on science writing, you can take a look at one broad EssayShark review. By checking theoretical materials on how to write compellingly and professionally, you can largely increase your understanding of academic writing, using the knowledge and experience of seasoned scholars.

  1. “Stylish Academic Writing” by Helen Sword

Contradicting the outmoded contention that academic writing should be dry, vapid, and sophisticated, this bright publication introduces the reader to a selection of time-proven solutions to dull writing. In this substantial book, Sword argues that a paper’s text should primarily be engaging and lively, rather than pretentious and cumbersome for understanding. She states that giving a paper academic value doesn’t necessitate making it wordy. The author provides reasonable examples when experienced writers used their unique techniques of making their academic text stylish and still succeeded in shaping it into an outstanding piece of scholarly literature.

By giving your paper a touch of style and elegance, you make it inviting for readers and compelling – this is what Helen Sword tries to communicate to her readers, and this is what proves to be true when it comes to professional academic writing.

2. “The Craft of Research” by Wayne C. Booth

Doing research for your paper is definitely the biggest challenge you face in academic writing, isn’t it? If so, this insightful handbook is a must-read for you. It contains vital guidelines and suggestions on how to look up for valid scientific information, teaching you to tell solid facts from non-reliable statements. The book also provides recommendations for searching reliable sources and detecting valid information in them. And not only does Wayne C. Booth provide a guide to tracking down scientific material for your paper, but also shares his knowledge in how to create proper arguments and develop catchy introductions to your essay.

3. “They Say / I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing” by Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein

This profound publication demonstrates the importance of making rhetorical moves in an academic paper as well as teaches the reader how to make them in a correct way. Providing evidence to support the thesis statement, entering a discussion, starting a topic – all these are rhetorical moves that make your essay valuable. The authors show how to include the statements of other scholars in your paper (“they say”) and provide your own argument. 

4. “Writing Science: How to Write Papers That Get Cited and Proposals That Get Funded,” by Joshua Schimel

How is making your academic writing an interactive story important for making it a worthy scholarly piece? How to combine engaging storytelling techniques and scientific content in your academic paper? This highly informative book will inform you about how to present your research in a compelling, comprehensive way, retaining its scientific value. This publication discusses every aspect of an academic piece, from its overall structure to sections and paragraphs, providing a concise analysis of a few stories, showing why some are successful while others fail to appeal to academics.

5. “Move the Rock of Academic Writing” by EssayShark Experts

Final Thoughts

Obtaining new, sustainable science writing skills or strengthening the ones you already have is a great way to mastering your writing shrewdness. This thrilling and time-saving book, generated by the professionals of one of the industry’s leading online writing services, will equip you with the crucial tools you need to make your way to academic excellence successfully. The publication features an exhaustive guide on developing an impressive piece of academic writing from A to Z – from employing a formatting style to stating the main argument of your paper.

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