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4 Must-Take Online Courses for Future Entrepreneurs

Never stop learning new things. Continue improving. Seek information that will help you a lot in your future endeavors. 

These motivational statements are familiar to you, right? And you are here because you have decided to search for the best of the best online courses for future entrepreneurs. You already know what you want to do, but you just need to enhance your knowledge base and grasp the nuances of doing business.

You may find yourself a bit confused because of the different online courses the Internet might offer you during your search. Let us make it a bit easier for you. Here is our list of must-take online courses for future entrepreneurs. 

Startup School

You should consider online courses from Startup School when you have a sketch of your idea. Group mentors will ask you challenging questions to assist you in finishing your startup thought. In the past, Startup School held 8- and 10-week courses. You can now join the program anytime and stay with them as long as you feel the need. 

Are you wondering how much you need to pay for these courses? You shall pay nothing at all. What can you get? A lot of things, actually. Startup School can offer you weekly sessions with their mentors, video lectures, a forum, where you can find support and useful discussions, goal-tracking, and a chance to receive a grant. 

It is a place where experts in their field will give you essential information from their experience. Also, maybe it is you who will make it through the core program offered by Y Combinator. Give it a try.

Becoming an Entrepreneur (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers you another free online course. You will need to pay only if you want or need a verified certificate. At the time of writing, a verified certificate will cost you $69. You are not obliged to buy it for sure, but it can make your LinkedIn account more attractive to future employers, for instance.

MIT encourages people of all ages to participate in their 6-week program. It has an introductory level, but you will learn steps from developing your business idea to conducting marketing research analysis. You do not need to have any experience related to the business field; you will have this experience during your educational trip. Though, if you do have the experience but still want to participate in this course, ensure that you have checked the script of the course not to waste your time reviewing what you already know.

Online Entrepreneurship Courses from Harvard University

Harvard University offers eight different courses for you to choose, depending on the knowledge you seek to gain and your financial capabilities. They have one free session, but you will need to pay $125 for a verified certificate. It is an introductory self-paced course with a 6-week duration. You will learn about complex social problems related to individual business and grow your awareness of different opportunities within fast-growing, recently emerged markets.

The cheapest paid course from Harvard University is AfricaLive! – Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies ($999). Of course, it is geographically limited to one country, but it can provide you unique insights and, probably, new business ideas. Maybe, you are the one who will come up with a brilliant idea to solve African problems and launch an effective business.

What else can Harvard University offer you? Just check their page with online courses to find whether the paid courses are what you need right now.

Leadership, management & entrepreneurship in the 21 Century

With a discount, the course will cost you $13,99. You will also receive a certificate at the end of the program. You do not need specific experience or leadership knowledge; the course will give everything you need.

What will you learn from the video materials offered by the course? A lot of things related to leadership and working environment. If you are going to launch your business, you will need to know how to manage your employees. You will learn how to organize an effective team, build ethical and practical strategies, and create a good work culture. 

The course includes 32 different lectures divided into nine categories. The material is presented in a simple language. Besides, you will have clear and concise examples to enhance your understanding. 

If you don’t launch your business, you will have a solid base for becoming a good and effective manager within the company where you are going to work. Still, we hope that this “if” does not happen.

At last, you have chosen the course you would like to study. But it is outside your actual classes, and you feel that you don’t have enough time to do everything at once, right? Fear not and breathe deeply. Choose what you can do yourself and understand where you need help. With this understanding and clear requirements, visit essayhelp.com to order an essay and save time for online courses for future entrepreneurs. 

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