3 Quick & Easy Beach Reading Tips for E-Book Lovers

This is the height of the beach reading season, as tens of millions of readers head to lakeside, riverbank, and oceanfront beaches everywhere to beat the summer heat. It wasn’t that long ago that anyone who wanted to take reading material along on that kind of outdoor excursion had to calculate the risk. You likely wouldn’t take a leather-bound classic printed on fancy parchment paper with you to a watery environment. You certainly wouldn’t risk getting your favorite books soaked in a thunderstorm or dropped overboard from a canoe or kayak. But e-reader technology has solved all of those issues, in a delightfully portable way.

Small is Beautiful

When you’re wearing surfing shorts or a bikini, you definitely don’t want to spoil the easy-going feeling by hauling a clunky laptop, tablet, or even a hefty e-reader to the beach. But manufacturers have understood and heard you loud and clear. Now you can find e-readers that are closer to smartphone dimensions that those of a tablet.

Check out the Kobo Mini, for instance, with its super-portable 5-inch, non-glare and fingerprint resistant display. Even the beautifully elegant and highly-ranked and reviewed Kindle Paperwhite is available in a 6-inch screen, and its screen is anti-glare. Keep in mind that the e-readers with the glare resistant screens are the ones that are ideal for reading when you’re out in the sun having fun.

There are other gadgets you may have never heard of, too. Take the Waveshare, for example, which is available at retailers including Amazon.com. It has a great e-ink display, and the screen is only 4.3 inches. Plus, Waveshare has got to be the coolest name for an e-reader destined for the beach. Are you familiar with the Sony PRS-350 Pocket e-readers? It’s another lesser known model that is very small, with it’s 5-inch screen.

Not Just Books are E-Readable

Most people just made adjustments to what they would read, maybe buying a cheap novel in the grocery store or just loading up some weekly magazines. But thanks to e-book technology, you can take whatever you want with you to the beach. That includes everything from the classics to pulp fiction and from celebrity gossip and entertainment magazines to academic papers and business journals.

You can even read your favorite newspaper while sitting on a windy seaside beach with your feet in the sand. That used to be nearly impossible, because it would be too hard to manage the flapping pages. Your New York Times, UK Guardian, or Washington Post would likely wind up getting blown out of your hands by an unexpected gust. Then you’d just be littering the beach.

But it’s no problem with an e-reader download version. Subscribe to 100s of popular periodicals, and also carry your audiobooks with you to the beach, too. Then you can just close your eyes and rest them behind a pair of shades, while still soaking up novels, knowledge, and the news of the day…the laidback and easy way.

Dealing with Sand and Water

Since you are going to intentionally expose your e-reader to the same sand and water than you love to play in at the beach, it can be wise to invest in come protection for it. Just as you might wear your favorite floppy hat or some healthy sunscreen to protect yourself, you can buy very affordably-priced covers for your e-reader. Many of them are also versatile enough that you can use them on other gadgets like phones, too. Some are even designed to keep your device dry and safe even if you plunge it into the water.

There are many to choose from, and one worth considering is the Universal Waterproof Sandproof case made by MiniSuit. Although this pouch can accommodate up to a 7-inch tablet, many readers use it for smaller gadgets, too, because it will still do the job even though it isn’t a snug fit. It has clear windows on two sides, so you can even use your device’s camera and maybe even find it easy enough to read through while it’s covering your gadget.

The manufacturer also says it will not interfere with touchscreen functionality, and that you can type on a touchscreen even while it’s underwater. Not only that, but it is certified to a depth of 100 feet. That’s roughly the distance from roof to ground floor of a 10 story building. Just make sure you have SCUBA gear if you decide to go that far underwater to do your summer reading.

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