2 Ways E-Book Writing Just Became More Profitable

Two recent developments help to pave the way for you to be a more successful and profitable e-book writer and seller. Of course you may not think of yourself as a writer…much less a book author or publisher. But if you stop to think about it for a moment, your appetite for the written word may be just the ticket to take you on a journey into creating your own books.

The World’s Best Writers are Devout Readers

Ask the world’s most highly acclaimed movie directors to explain their passion for making films, and invariably they will talk about their love of watching movies. Just as avid moviegoers often convert that interest into a career behind the camera as movie director or producer, similarly many of the world’s most famous authors were first inspired as avid readers. Without a doubt, reading voraciously is one of the greatest assets of any writer…and oftentimes the best readers become the best writers.

Authors Can Now Earn More in Europe and the UK

To make a living as an e-book author, you have to be compensated…and up until now that was a bit more challenging for those whose books are in libraries across the European continent. While authors of traditional, printed books got paid every time one of their books was loaned out by a library, e-book authors were not afforded the same opportunity. That’s because laws related to that compensation, which are called Public Lending Rights, didn’t include e-books. But now that’s changed and e-book authors will now earn their fair share.

Court Rulings on Author Compensation

The Court of Justice of the European Union determined recently that the lending of books by public libraries should also include electronic books that are borrowed via downloads. Another piece of legislation, the Digital Economy Bill, has been amended to include compensation for library e-book lending. Under the new rules of Public Lending Rights, authors in the UK can earn as much as £6,600 per year, while other countries such as Ireland do not have a limit on how much can be earned. The Public Lending Rights compensation will be determined based on the estimated number of times a book is borrowed.

Amazon Lifts Pricing Restrictions

Meanwhile the biggest seller of e-books in the world, Amazon, has established new contractual terms with publishers in the European Union, following a government investigation. The investigation began about two years ago when publishers complained that Amazon’s contracts were limiting their ability to set prices when selling books through non-Amazon platforms. Amazon had been mandated that publishers had to offer their best, lowest price in the Kindle store, and couldn’t sell books for less elsewhere. Thanks to the newly negotiated terms of agreement, Amazon cannot demand the lowest price. That will enable publishers to charge more on Amazon and on other sites, if they want to…and can potentially mean that authors will, in turn, earn more money for the books they sell through publishers or on sites like Amazon.

Reading is the Gateway to Writing and Publishing

So whether you’re looking for a new hobby or a new career, you may want to try your hand at writing. Never before in history has it been easier to write, produce, and distribute books to a broad, diverse, global audience…thanks to e-book technology…and to make a living doing it. It’s easy to see how the best musicians on earth gravitated into the role of playing music by initially developing a love and passion for listening to music. That love of music motivated them to become musicians and play those favorite songs themselves. Ultimately, it created a career opportunity for those who kept going in that direction to become professionals in the field of music. Similarly, if you are already a fan of reading books that is a wonderful prerequisite for transitioning to the role of author and e-book publisher.

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