Best Books: Horror

1 Dark & Darker Faerie Tales

Dark & Darker Faerie Tales

Two Sisters | Horror-Gothic


Are you bored of kind and selfless fairies? Do the words ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ make you yawn? Inspired by Brothers Grimm and other sinister tales, Dark & Darker Faerie Tales is a collection of dark stories about evil faeries, corrupted heroes, vengeful innocents and malicious monsters. Delving into the darker side of fairy...

2 The Soul King

The Soul King

Ray Patino | Horror-Gothic


A Battle between two supernatural forces is bringing the Earth to it's knees , One wants Blood , The other Souls. Only a special group of people with individual powers can stop them. Welcome to the 9th circle of hell within the streamline savage dimensions. The bond between the group to find the young boy and embrace their destinies will...

3 Author Of Pain: Minor Mayhem

Author Of Pain: Minor Mayhem

David Dwan | Horror-Gothic


Someone was after career criminal Larry McCulloch, but for Larry that was nothing new. Down through the decades he had amassed a quite remarkable number of enemies on both sides of the law. But this time it was different. Almost overnight that list, which had at its height reached three figures, had now been reduced to just one. And it wasn’t...

4 For They Shall Inherit The Earth

For They Shall Inherit The Earth

Graeme Winton | Horror-Gothic


The book can be read as the sequel to The Dark Key or as a standalone story. Thomson, a demon who has lived for millennia, escapes a dimensional prison and re-enters the Earth where he gathers power from dark souls. After a power overload he remembers who he is: Satan. Along with the Antichrist and other evil entities Thomson raises an army: the...

5 Tales of Horror and the Supernatural 2

Tales of Horror and the Supernatural 2

Graeme Winton | Horror-Gothic


More stories from the Dark Side by Graeme Winton where an inter-dimensional ghost hunter rubs shoulders with a demon soul. A crazed murderer preys on people who come to his door and another picks on the clergy among many others. Don't read last thing at night!

6 Wake not the dead

Wake not the dead

Ernst Raupach | Horror-Gothic


Walter, a Burgundy noble, remarried, laments the death of Brunhilde, his youthful lover and first wife when at midnight a sorcerer appears picking herbs for his spells. The sorcerer raises the possibility of returning his beloved to life, but warns that it is better to leave the dead in peace. However, Walter rejects the warning and accepts that...