Zombie Reading List

July 22, 2020

This Reading List features our most Popular Books in the Zombie genre. Add any of these Free-eBooks to your TBR to make sure that your reading list will never be dead. 


1 Zombie Nights

Zombie Nights

Tom Lichtenberg | Horror-Gothic


Being a zombie, not so easy. That could have been Dave Connor's six word memoir. "At first he couldn't remember how he'd ended up in that shallow grave; he just knew it was hell to claw his way out, and that the taste of its dirt would remain in his mouth for the rest of his time on this earth" ... Expect the unexpected in this existential resurrection thriller.

2 Diary of a Zombie Survivor

Diary of a Zombie Survivor

S. Michael Choi | Sci-fi Fantasy


In the aftermath of genetic plague, human beings are transformed into white-eyed 'Happy' zombies, and the remnants of uninfected society live in heavily fortified compounds. One such group leader, 838, records in his diary the travails of day-to-day life over a winter where the water freezes and the infected New Humans stage periodic raids. But is the greater threat other survivors, their clans? To what lengths will 838 go so that his followers will live another day.A slice-of-life diary of the post-apocalyptic world, the hours of boredom and the moments of sheer terror.

3 Vampire Witch Zombie

Vampire Witch Zombie

Marty Wagner | Erotica


Vampires have become an endangered species protected by law who now live amid humans but are hated and despised for the protections they receive. Due to an accident, a race of mutant zombie vampires have now populated a city and are threatening to take over the human race as well as the few remaining vampires. A new Vampire Protection Agency has been created to protect the endangered vampires and wipe out the zombie vampires in a conflict that threatens to tear the newly formed agency apart. An innocent victim, Jaycee Henry has been illegally turned into a vampire and now struggles to survive among the zombie vampires and there would be keepers, vampire brothers, Doran and Cyprian Dalca. Follow the adventure of Jaycee as she tries to live among the vampires and the zombie vampire hoard.

4 Darlings of Decay

Darlings of Decay

Chrissy Peebles | Horror-Gothic


With over 325,000 words and featuring some of Amazon's Best Selling Female Authors of Horror, this is certainly not your typical anthology book! Sit back as your favorite authors of zombie lit take you on a wild, horrifying ride that will leave you breathless. Come and meet the women who love to entertain you with their own unique versions of the zombie apocalypse.   Zombie stories from thirty-two of your favorite female authors! Featuring- Tamara Rose Blodgett Vanessa Booke Chantal Boudreau Laura Bretz Tonia Brown Catt Dahman Mia Darien CM Doporto Jacqueline Druga Dana Fredsti Belinda Frisch April Grey Michelle Kilmer Rebecca Hansen Lori R. Lopez Suzi M. Tara Maya Shannon Mayer Lyra McKen Cynthia Melton Kristen Middleton Chrissy Peebles Jeannie Rae Suza...

5 Death


Kim Hyun Choul | Fiction


A man who is expanding his life by 160 assisted by the shield is a human being, hero, prey, zombie and Grand Alpha. Do you still want to live longer than you have given? Think about it. A death of the future. Now the news on grand alpha seemed to be normal. They were causing accidents, getting cancer from increasing the shield doe, and the cancer is fatal since it doesn't occur in one or two places but the entire body. 100% of grand alphas are reported to die if they get cancer. Finally, I became a zombie.

6 Alice's Zombie Adventures in under City: Downward Spiral

Alice's Zombie Adventures in under City: Downward Spiral

Richard Schwarz | Sci-fi Fantasy


This isn't a joy ride down the rabbit hole. It may be written in nonsense, but it’s all business. Forget chasing the white rabbit, Alice is trying to survive and not just against zombies. While she’s running for her life, the last thing she’s worried about is how she gets home as long as she can get home in one piece... The odds are stacked against her. Are her friends, enemies and who can she trust?

7 The Zombie Chronicles

The Zombie Chronicles

Chrissy Peebles | Horror-Gothic


Warning: Some violence. For mature teens or older. BOOK TRAILER: http://youtu.be/ociUHiL1g70 Val was bitten by a zombie and now she’s scheduled for lethal injection. Breaking all the rules, eighteen year old, Dean Walters snags an experimental serum. But it can’t be tested until Val turns into a zombie: something authorities won’t allow. Her execution is scheduled to happen before the transformation is complete, giving Dean only hours to break her out. When their helicopter crashes straight into the heart of Zombie Land, his rescue mission becomes a fight for survival… and giving up on Val is NOT an option.

8 Guardian Core Chronicles: The Reckoning

Guardian Core Chronicles: The Reckoning

Michael Youngblood | Sci-fi Fantasy


This is the fourth story in the series. This an all out fight between the Guardians and a powerful new enemy. This story combines space battles, much worries and zombies. It is appropriate for young teen and up, but is deep enough for the more experienced reader.

9 12 Days in Hell

12 Days in Hell

Patrick A. Walston | Horror-Gothic


It's been days since the plague hit America. Most of the population has turned into mindless creatures that hunger for human flesh and blood. Danny Hefner and a handful of others might live through this hellish nightmare, but to be truthful they would be better off dead. Danny watched and read plenty of Zombie fiction in his lifetime, but nothing could have prepared him for this unthinkable, unimaginable hell.

10 Trust Me

Trust Me

Noa Leibson | Fiction


Kori is a blogger. The kind that would rather be inside blogging pictures than going out with friends. Despite being the wealthiest girl in Winslow Woods, she never takes anything more than she needs and is perfectly satisfied with a book and wifi. But something happens, she only ever blogged about. Sickened, mutilated people walking through town trying to attack the normal. Zombies. Without an explanation, she's brought on a ride with a mysterious boy named Artie who is desperate to bring them both to safety. But a journey like that is not so easy.

11 Hauss Vegas

Hauss Vegas

Christian B. Guyant | Erotica


The Walking Dead meets Christopher Moore in this dark zombie thriller. Ricky Houghton is a young father whose life falls apart after an outbreak of the UND-34D virus. After losing his family, job, and everything he worked hard to earn, he must find his way to Las Vegas and discover a new life in the zombie infested world.

12 Keeper from the Koffins

Keeper from the Koffins

Maremerchant | Horror-Gothic


A Team of Marines Ordered to search a long lost time forgotten village deep in Mexico. They will come face to face with a monster that resembled a gargoyle. A large zombie army that will eat the rodents and animals that they catch. This team of soldiers will encounter more than they bargained for. But before it ends. This small army of marines will find ghosts demons zombies and that creature that lives on revenge.

13 The Biter Awakening Part 1

The Biter Awakening Part 1

Bart Gnarly | Horror-Gothic


A family of redneck preppers are holed up together inside their carefully stocked fallout shelter for 2 weeks so far. The plan is to survive the zombie apocalypse providing that they don't kill each other first. Some of these family members may be just as dangerous to each other as are the zombies roaming the streets above. Michael, his crazy wife Lorna, their son Kellan, and a bossy young woman named Betricia must decide their next moves!

14 Joe's Choice

Joe's Choice

Myra Nour | Horror-Gothic


Waking from unconsciousness after being mugged, Joe staggers out of the alley toward the street. He finds chaos as he enters a zombie outbreak in progress. Scenes of gruesome horror make him want to run away, but Joe must quickly decide how he wants to handle a zombie apocalypse.

15 Light Life Red

Light Life Red

Yoo | Fiction


The Urge made people act emotionless and detached from society. When thousands of infected left behind everything they owned and congregated in the wild, you could imagine many believed it to be a real-life zombie apocalypse. The infected naturally became the new age zombies. Dance with holograms of the Zodiac, and re-connect with your body and the Earth. Follow Jet on his spiritual journey to align the biomes and re-balance the Earth's energies, so he can free humanity from slavery.

16 I Wasn't Smiling!

I Wasn't Smiling!

Bassam Imam | Youth


This book begins with the re-introduction of Mandy Wilson (Jody's mother). Her final day at Camp Puppy Mill, her painful goodbye to her daughter, and then proceeds with Mandy meeting another of Jeff's victims, Rebecca Hall. Other characters, including Bassam, Corey, Dr. Russell Van Chimp, Lisa, Louis, Cameron, other animals, and creatures such as Zombies and Zomboids.