Wedding Reading List

July 12, 2018

Check out these stories of fictional weddings full of romance, family drama and unexpected twists.

Also find some books with tips, tricks and advice to help you out to organize a really fabulous wedding.  So, if you’re engaged or will be engaged soon, we recommend adding a few of these titles!

1 The Cook's Wedding and Other Stories

The Cook's Wedding and Other Stories

Anton Chekhov | Short Stories Classics


The Cook's Wedding and Other Stories by Russian dramatist, Anton Chekhov. Download it today!

2 Wedding Planning on a Budget

Wedding Planning on a Budget

New Formal Dresses | Economy


When it comes to planning your wedding, it is difficult to eliminate some of the features and elements that are most important to you. Download this FREE e-Book and complete guide to planning the ultimate wedding on a shoestring budget, and you will discover how to keep those features and elements that you want, and stay within your budget! Download it today!

3 How to Have a Wonderful Wedding

How to Have a Wonderful Wedding

Maureen Parnell | Beauty & Fashion


It's that horrible feeling of being overwhelmed by the planning and the expense. In fact, the stress becomes so prevalent that it totally overshadows the joy you should be experiencing at this important time in your life. Money is but one of the all-encompassing factors that seems to taking over all of your thoughts and feelings. Of course, you want your wedding to be the most memorable experience of your life but you just hadn't figured on how all the details would take over your life and drive the cost through the ceiling! There are ways to overcome all the obstacles and proceed with your wedding plans with a minimum of stress. Just like everything else in life, you just need some guidance. Most people automatically think about a "wedding planner."

4 Alejandra


Quinn M. Kelley | Erotica


"Alejandra" is a romantic novella based on Alejandra Zika and Xander Pagonis. Xander is raised in Sarasota, Florida and Alejandra is raised in Juno, Florida, which is a suburb of Miami. They both graduate from Duke. On their wedding night, Saturday, June 7, 2003, Alejandra and Xander stay at the Miami Four Seasons Hotel. The newlyweds honeymoon in Montego Bay, Jamaica, at the Sandals Resort.

5 Only Time

Only Time

Gary Whitmore | Romance


In 2007 Los Angeles, Shelly Nelson was scheduled to marry Alan Sanders in a week. But her friend Laura believed Shelly’s only marrying Alan for money of which Shelly denies. So after Shelly accidently time travels back to 1947 Los Angeles, she meets and falls in love with Andrew Ronin. After she’s stuck in 1947, Shelly realized that Andrew is her soul mate and wants to stay. But another rival for Andrew’s heart, Amanda, wants Shelly out of the picture and schemes to get rid of her. Shelly’s chased back to 2007 in the time machine and calls off her wedding with Alan. But should she try to return to 1947 to be with Andrew? Note: This story was previously titled Follow Your Heart.

6 Wedding Favors & Gifts

Wedding Favors & Gifts

Dennis Hardy | Romance


Every blushing bride wants to have a memorable and romantic wedding that will be remembered for years with pleasant memories by all that attend. The purpose of this eBook is to help accomplish this, even if you or the bride to be is on a tight budget. It’s not expensive catering and thousand dollar dresses that create lasting memories.

7 Julie & Kishore

Julie & Kishore

Carol Jackson | Romance


Julie – a Kiwi girl, a red headed, freckle faced, plain Jane longed to wear a white wedding dress and see her handsome groom waiting for her as she took her walk up the aisle. She was waiting to find her Mr Right – then she met and fell for Kishore, a boy from India who had been in New Zealand for two years. Despite her reservations she decides to go out with him.In doing this, was she going against all that was deemed acceptable? How would her parents react? If their relationship blossomed would Kishore’s very traditional Indian family accept an English girl into their family? Can their love survive?

8 Becoming Mrs. G, A True Christian Love Story

Becoming Mrs. G, A True Christian Love Story

La Micia Genova | Religious


Becoming Mrs. G is for any woman who is curious about what it truly looks and feels like to experience a ‘fairytale’ here on earth, leading up to your wedding day. God blesses those who follow His process despite how hard it may be, and La Micia openly shares about the good, the bad, and the ugly times on her way to becoming the wife God destined her to be. No matter where you are in life, this book will speak to your heart. Come with La Micia on her journey to becoming Mrs. G!

9 Dream Wedding Without the Catastrophe ~ 28 Wedding Ideas and Tips That Won't Leave You Broke Before You Get to The Churc

Dream Wedding Without the Catastrophe ~ 28 Wedding Ideas and Tips That Won't Leave You Broke Before You Get to The Churc

Terry D. Clark | Self-Improvement


Cut your weddings costs without cutting quality. Discover how you can save a lot of cash and still have the wedding of your dreams -- from the wedding dress, tuxedo, reception, limo, music and more. My A-Z ebook won't leave you hanging out to dry on what to do next, wedding ideas and tips that help you squeeze every nickle. Read more inside today!

10 Do You Take This Man or Woman? Yes I Do

Do You Take This Man or Woman? Yes I Do

Terry Clark | Self-Improvement


How to plan your wedding without going dead broke. Discover the simple secrets to planning the perfect wedding, when your budget is very tight. This book will provide you with simple tips and advice to get you pointed in the right direction, before spending your money. Everything is covered, right up till your 'Big Day'.

11 How to Arrange A Fabulous Wedding on A Shoestring Budget

How to Arrange A Fabulous Wedding on A Shoestring Budget

David Sheath | Tutorials


You want this eBook if you need to find ways to save money on your wedding. By following the tips, tricks and advice provided and acting frugally, you can organize a really fabulous wedding for around a tenth of what we are told is now the average cost. You will find countless money saving tips and ideas, along with links to places where you can find lots of wedding necessities for free, or buy high quality Wedding Dresses, Flowers, Cakes & Cake Toppers, Wedding Favors and Personalized Invitations, all at close to wholesale prices.

12 Eternal Vows

Eternal Vows

Chrissy Peebles | Romance


Genre: Paranormal romance and fantasy adventure *** BOOK TRAILER: *** Warning: Mild language, sexual innuendo, and adult situations *** Never marry a stranger...even if he is a drop-dead gorgeous immortal king. Never pretend to be a princess. And most importantly...never slip on an ancient wedding ring you know nothing about. Sarah Larker returns to a cave where her sister disappeared ten years earlier. She walks through a portal and is mistaken for a runaway princess on the run by a dangerous immortal king in medieval times. Her plan is bold as well as daring—become this princess, wed the king, and slip on an ancient wedding ring that will unlock the portal back home.

13 Do You Remember Your Newlywed Feeling? Do You Long for It Again?

Do You Remember Your Newlywed Feeling? Do You Long for It Again?

Gerard Willis | Romance


Do you remember your wedding day? Not the ceremony or reception--but rather how you felt looking into the eyes of your intended spouse; how happy you were, and how you wanted that day to last forever? As you settled into married life, however, the two of you slowly lost that special connection that only newlywed couples can recognize. It need not be that way, because with the right know-how, you can regain that passion and romance that once sparked between you and your spouse. Download this FREE e-Book now, and discover how!