The cover was blue!

March 29, 2019

'I don't remember the title, but the cover was blue'. Does it ring any bells? if it does, we are pretty sure you are one of those that have walked into a library or bookstore looking for a Book, just to realize you have completely forgotten the title. But don't worry, apparently, it happens quite often! 

This is a big list of Books with Blue cover to help you find the reading you have been looking for! 


1 Angels Against Virgins

Angels Against Virgins

Bryan Murphy | Drama


A young man with a mission: to get himself killed, to subvert the established order in the name of the one true faith. What can come between him and the virgins he has been promised, if not the Angels in his heart? Dark humour lightens this tale of teenage longing taken to the extreme.

2 Lost in Lost Cove

Lost in Lost Cove

Mike Bozart | Drama


Three 20-something friends (two males and a female) decide to go for a spring hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to check out some scenic waterfalls and get some 'clarity'. All is going just as planned until a dark creature is spotted on the trail. Will everyone be found alive and well by sunset? Approx. 11K words.If this novelette were made in to a movie, it would most likely be rated PG-13 (language, drugs).

3 Two Stories Aunt Jane, The Ranger

Two Stories Aunt Jane, The Ranger

Paul Audcent | Short Stories


Two stories, one of discovery, and one of deep friendship.

4 Mind Games

Mind Games

C.J. Deurloo | Drama


After his father’s death strange things begin to happen to Anthony Baker. He is regularly visited by Major Crosse a scientist from the 19th century. The man convinces Anthony that computers were invented to observe and control civilians. A few months later, Anthony is about to take part in a medical experiment. The doctors stop at nothing. When he is forced to kill, Anthony questions if he is doing the right thing.

5 The Execution

The Execution

Sharon Cramer | Drama


Parallel lives are fated to collide in The Execution, a medieval thriller, dark adventure, and tragic love story set in fourteenth century France. A young priest enters the prison cell of a condemned mercenary and is shocked to see the face of this murderer is his own—a mirror image of himself. Unknown to each other until now, the twins form a bond of brotherhood, sealed with their darkest secrets. But with only hours until the execution, the priest begins to question which man should truly be condemned. Should it be the ruthless killer—a boy from an orphanage who suffered the unimaginable—or himself, the man of God whose own tormented desires ended in tragedy? As the sun rises, the young priest knows what he must do. Only one man will die…but two men will be free.

6 Fountain


Medler, John | Fiction


NEW from JOHN MEDLER, Author of Quatrain, the book voted #1 in Fiction & #1 Overall in 2011! THE SEARCH FOR THE FOUNTAIN: History Professor Charlie Winston is on the verge of a discovery which will alter the history books forever -proof that America was not named after Amerigo Vespucci. As he searches for clues to America's past, he stumbles upon an even greater discovery - the location of the legendary Fountain of Youth. Piecing together clues from centuries-old ship logs and maps, he and his friends must withstand the mythical Trials of Xibalba and unlock ancient Mayan riddles to find the magical healing water that cures all ills. DEADLY VIRUS: Meanwhile, Winston's wife Murielle, a scientist at the CDC, is busy battling an airborne strain of the Ebola virus that has been unleashed by terrorists at the World Cup soccer matches in Brazil. As the virus threatens to kill millions of Americans, the only hope may be the special healing water from the Island of Boyuca...

7 Villainous Aspirations

Villainous Aspirations

Paul Weightman | Drama


Computer crime is the ultimate earner for those ingenious criminal minded characters, who see past the opportunity to make a fast buck here and there. Computer crime accounts for almost 55% of criminal statistics. Imagine if some genius came up with the idea of actually making the ultimate robot! One that could not only think for itself, but could also perform the everyday functions of a normal human being. Now wouldn’t that make you think? And what if things went wrong? What if your creation not only tried to manipulate your life, but that of the entire world’s population? Progress is a wonderful thing, but sometimes, even the most beautiful things in life can turn out to be very sinister!

8 Across The Pond

Across The Pond

Michael McCormick | Drama


Across The Pond by Michael McCormick is the story of a young American who fights in Vietnam for his country, but is rejected when he returns from the war. The author, based the story on his experience as a U.S. Marine who served in combat in Vietnam. In the foreword for the book, Ron Kovic wrote,"This book with it's deeply compelling narrative grips the reader from the beginning and does not let go. I believe it will be recognized as one of the important books to come out of the Vietnam war."

9 Summer Set

Summer Set

T. Randal | Erotica


This is book three of the Summer Series. It is in script form.

10 Love Lust, Book Two of Dream Lust Series

Love Lust, Book Two of Dream Lust Series

Claire Potter | Erotica


Ben and Amelia have finally met. Their passion for love is more than they have ever had before. Can Amelia trust Ben? She is falling so quickly. But Ben has something he must tell her but is afraid. Will this end them or bring them closer.

11 Dream


Carlos Mota | Fiction


The setting for “Dream” is sometime in the near future. Some may consider this work to be science fiction, while others may consider the statements made in "Dream" to be outdated. Behavior can be controlled, and it is mentioned within the pages of "Dream". Maybe the methods described will not be used. Or will they? We will see. Download this FREE e-Book today!

12 A Bridge of Time

A Bridge of Time

Lou Tortola | Fiction


Was it physics, mysticism or maternal bonds that transported William back into 19th Century America? Will his love for his modern day family be strong enough to grant his return passage to the second millennium or will the Natural Bridge tie him to a past he never knew? NOTE: The text (TXT) file is no longer available here as it was formatted incorrectly and regrettably caused some negative feedback not reflecting the novel. As posted by many you will find A Bridge of Time, hard to put this book down!

13 Deep Crossing

Deep Crossing

E.R. Mason | Fiction


No one on Earth could ever convince Adrian Tarn to take an untested prototype spacecraft deeper into unexplored space than anyone had ever been, to retrieve a mysterious artifact never before seen by humans. No one on Earth could ever convince him, but someone did…

14 God's Factory

God's Factory

Terry Morgan | Fiction


Arthur Godley, proprietor of Godley's Garden Gnomes and Godley Investments meets his maker in unusual circumstances and, in the process, learns a few costly lessons. A twenty first century version of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".

15 Linked


Rob Scott | Fiction


Millennials would rather be fired over defending something they believe as fair than to compromise on something they feel is not fair. It is the most peculiar thing, and I feel strangely guilty yet proud of them for it. They are stronger than the exhausted executives give them credit for. When they win, they will prove that fairness is the prescription to cure their governing disorder.

16 Back to the Garden

Back to the Garden

Tony Brown | Fiction


The Garden is a frame of mind, a natural environment that is healthy, reassuring, peaceful and free from man-made ideologies. Disenchanted with city life, international celebrity Fly, returns to the island of his birth to find stability of mind in a natural environment. Eventually, he is traced by his manager, a man determined to involve Fly in a cunning scheme that would convert that peaceful haven into a leisure complex for the mega rich, a development that would turn the gentle island into a glittering millionaire's bauble. Can Fly and his peaceful community defend their island and their lifestyle from the treacherous mind of his manager?

17 A Love in Darkness

A Love in Darkness

Dean Henryson | Horror-Gothic


He can bend people's minds to face the truth, and yet he barely seems to notice or care about Sharon. She wants Laif to be more interested. But he's more focused on saving an eight-year-old girl, Cindy, on Sharon's caseload of foster children. This girl is destined to save millions of people if her soul is not corrupted. But he can't use his powers to help Cindy. Instead, he and Sharon are told to look inside themselves to save her. What could be inside that is so important? Unless they find out, Cindy will be lost to evil forever. Dean Henryson is the author of the award-winning horror book, Fierce Peace. He was born and raised in California. He provides counseling to families and children in Los Angeles County. He also worked as a foster care social worker for many years, becoming inspired to write of the struggles of good and evil.

18 The Ghost Files Box Set

The Ghost Files Box Set

Holly Vane | Horror-Gothic


Meet Sam & Star West, they are not your average siblings. After surviving a near fatal car accident that claimed the lives of their parents, the two woke in separate hospital beds with the gift (and curse) of communicating with the dead. Devoting their lives in helping trapped spirits move on, they gear of a highway with a tragic past. Will the pair solve the haunting of the highway? Or will the road claim another victim? The second outing see the delicious duo tackle a manor full of secrets and in the Deathly Depths they encounter a ghost with a bloody and violent past. A fiendishly epic mini-series from the acclaimed author of the Eternal War Series.

19 A House of Haunted People

A House of Haunted People

Alan Combes | Horror-Gothic


The title story, itself a novella about a strange house in my village, leads into a collection of modern ghost stories in unusual, often cosmopolitan settings. 'Mia' is about putting down a much-loved dog. 'Going to the match' is about a supernatural presence amid the crowd. 'The make of sticks' concerns a mysterious character who is mistaken for a good Samaritan. 'Overcoat' tells of a haunted garment. 'Dr Singh' is the worst kind of doctor; one who ignores his patients' pain. 'Ginny Spring' tells of a mysterious local pond...

20 The Dark Key

The Dark Key

Graeme Winton | Horror-Gothic


A librarian witnesses a supernatural event close by his hometown. The result of which sends him looking for answers to the vision. The answers, however, come looking for him in the form of ghosts of renegade monks who strayed from their faith, and the thugs of a demon-worshipping order. He finds out through Jonas, a spectre of one of his ancient ancestors, he has to find a key used to close a portal to the Dark Realm. He must destroy it before the dark forces find the key and use it to open the gates. Matthew also finds out, and the story unfolds, about a feud between good and evil which has rumbled through the centuries. The feud takes in some turbulent times in history before at last coming to an explosive end in the grounds of a historic abbey and the neighbouring cliffs.

21 Amock Comedy Compendium

Amock Comedy Compendium

Gurmeet Mattu | Humor


Amok Comedy Compendium is a taster for the Amock Comedy Magazine, which will be monthly and available from the Magazine section. What you’ll find within is the perfect book to dip into now and again when you need a laugh, including short stories, funny pictures and spoof news. Regular features will include On Company Time, Your Stars with Mystic Mabel and sitcom, Barmaids. This toaster has featured on a stripper suing a voyeur, a woman having a Neanderthal baby, a wife suing the Justice Dept for turning her husband gay by throwing him in jail, how Eva Braun killed Hitler and a picture story about Eskimos. Everybody must believe in something. We believe you should download the Amock Comedy Compendium and give your sense of humor a treat.

22 The Way of the World

The Way of the World

William Congreve | Drama Classics


A masterpiece of English comedy by English dramatist, William Congreve; and one of the most intellectually accomplished. Download it now!

23 The Invisible Drone

The Invisible Drone

Mike Dixon | Mystery


Planes don’t just vanish. Petra de Villiers told herself that. The Boeing-717 left Paris for Toronto and failed to arrive. It was carrying delegates to a conference. Her father had damning evidence that global power was falling into the hands of a group seeking world domination. He called it The Cabal. Petra had no doubt The Cabal existed. Once, it had seemed distant, like the things she learnt at university. Now, it had taken on a frightening reality. Her father’s plane was almost certainly sabotaged. As heir to the de Villiers fortune she was at great risk.

24 The Dame Who Dared to Dream - Perfidy

The Dame Who Dared to Dream - Perfidy

Nisha Sadasivan | Mystery


Karthika is a happy-go-lucky girl, until her marriage is called off. She is mentally tortured and tormented.Is it a crime to be a woman in the society? She soon comes to know that all women around the world are doomed with the same fate. To even change the society, she needs to come out of her own mess, her own web. Will she succeed in the struggle? Or will she succumb to the peer pressure? Read on to find out more

25 Hotline to Heaven

Hotline to Heaven

Donna Cunningham | Mystery


This mystery chronicles the adventures of astrologer, Jillian Malone, and Tarot reader, Robert Pierce, friends who--under duress--leave New York City and move to Port Townsend, Washington, to work on a psychic hotline. In Hotline to Heaven, Jillian, who is hoping for peace of mind and romance in her new home, instead finds herself in hot water and eventually in personal peril when a series of murders happen in this seemingly idyllic mountain town. While juggling the demands of working on a hotline and pursuing a shaky romance with a handsome policeman, Jillian learns firsthand about angels and their human opposites.

26 Danger At The Beach

Danger At The Beach

Sandi Circle | Mystery


Enter the world of Human trafficking and organized crime. An adventurous, suspenceful tale about a woman just trying to get to the beach! Sophia is a woman whose happy place is at the beach. She is looking for something to fulfil her life when she is thrown into an investigation of missing women on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The view is beautiful, but the seedy underworld is real. Find out in the first book in the Beach Mystery Series.

27 Eternal Vows

Eternal Vows

Chrissy Peebles | Romance


Genre: Paranormal romance and fantasy adventure *** BOOK TRAILER: *** Warning: Mild language, sexual innuendo, and adult situations *** Never marry a stranger...even if he is a drop-dead gorgeous immortal king. Never pretend to be a princess. And most importantly...never slip on an ancient wedding ring you know nothing about. Sarah Larker returns to a cave where her sister disappeared ten years earlier. She walks through a portal and is mistaken for a runaway princess on the run by a dangerous immortal king in medieval times. Her plan is bold as well as daring—become this princess, wed the king, and slip on an ancient wedding ring that will unlock the portal back home.

28 Penetrate the Soul with a Kiss

Penetrate the Soul with a Kiss

Tracy Montgomery | Romance


Download this FREE e-Book, and discover how to use your five senses to make anyone fall in love with you by using real seduction to penetrate your dream mate’s soul. (Artwork by Krums). Download it now!

29 The Sun Sharer - Free No.1 UK Chart Best Seller

The Sun Sharer - Free No.1 UK Chart Best Seller

David Edwards | Romance


A tragic story questioning the meaning of love within marriages, affairs, friendships and ultimately with Sun Sharers. It exemplifies true love, bad love and unrequited love where the gray areas of the dubious spiritual world color what is considered to be 'Real Life'

30 Healing Desire

Healing Desire

Janet A. Wilson | Romance


Healing Desire is a novella of a divorcee, who has overcome all obstacles out of her life, renewed with her children, success in love and money. Money, love, romance and drama all in giving love a second chance

31 Bridge Burned: Bridge of the Gods Book 1

Bridge Burned: Bridge of the Gods Book 1

Elliana Thered | Romance


Iris is Alfar, the only race that can open bridges between the Nine Worlds. On the morning she first meets Heimdal, Watcher of Asgard, she is smitten by his golden good looks and charmed by his quiet confidence. When tragedy strikes her world, she is forced to flee with him to his. Heimdal is sworn to protect Asgard but soon struggles to take his duty as seriously as his growing feelings for Iris. And Loki? He can't decide whether to let Iris redeem him or punish her for trying. Swept up in a decades-old conflict, Iris is caught between a god she might love and a friend who could be either victim or villain. With her heart and possibly her life on the line, she must learn to discern truth from lies—because trusting the wrong person could destroy entire worlds.

32 24:01 One Minute After

24:01 One Minute After

Eric Diehl | Short Stories


Can you imagine what your world might be like, One Minute After? A blurring of reality that transcends rational bounds; where every frame of reference has been turned on its head, and visuals are but reflections in a hall of mirrors? Venture, then, if you dare, into this anthology of horror, science fiction and fantasy; some dark and some light, but all a challenge to your imagination. We will begin with an experiment in nano-biotechnology gone very wrong, and, if you do not perish in transit, end in a desperate alternate reality on Olde Aearth; emerging with a glimmer of hope ~ justified or not. In between, in those shadowy alcoves and interstitial chambers throughout, you might experience dragons, wizards, hurricanes, or even misadventures in space.

33 Enma


Alex Hughes | Sci-fi Fantasy


Orphenn is an orphan, and he was beginning to think that that was all he would ever be. So when a strange woman who calls herself his sister spirits him away and hurls him into another universe, he feels absolutely overwhelmed. Family, friends, and allies await him there—three things that were beyond an orphan’s wildest dreams. Only afterward does he find the truth about his family: that his twin sisters began as triplets, and that the third sister, who murdered their parents, was leading a comeback to conquer the world of Aleida. With their squadron, the White Herons, and Aleida’s mutant army, Orphenn and his companions must overcome his sister’s conquest and destroy her nation. But how can they destroy their own sibling?

34 Lost Among The Stars

Lost Among The Stars

Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


The year is 2319. The colony of Koorivar refugees from the destroyed planet Shouria has been established for two years now on Vancouver Island, on Earth. The top physicist from that Koorivar colony suddenly has a stroke of genius which will change the future of Humanity forever. Now able to fly between the stars, the mighty space cargo ship KOSTROMA and its captain, Tina Forster, will then leave the Solar System for a desperate search and rescue mission among the stars.

35 Pygmalion


George Bernard Shaw | Drama Classics


Based on the classical myth, Pygmalion plays on the complex web of human relationships in a social world. Download it now!

36 The Doctor's Dilemma

The Doctor's Dilemma

George Bernard Shaw | Drama Classics


By Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw. Take a look at the ongoing dilemma faced by medical doctors between the need to care for their patients; and the need to practice often unnecessary operations on them in order to earn their livelihood. Download it now!

37 A Man's Woman

A Man's Woman

Frank Norris | Fiction Classics


After a failed attempt to reach the North Pole, explorer Ward Bennett falls in love with a beautiful nurse, and he must choose between love and his desire to explore.

38 The Return

The Return

Walter de la Mare | Horror Classics


This FREE e-Book features one of the best occult classics by famed English author, Walter de la Mare. Download it today!

39 Dark Hollow

Dark Hollow

Anna Katharine Green | Mystery Classics


The small town of Shelby is shaken when a man by the name of Etheridge was found beaten to death.

40 The Moonstone

The Moonstone

Wilkie Collins | Mystery Classics


Franklin Blake gives his beloved, Rachel Verinder a moonstone gem which soon disappears, but Franklin resolves to solve the mystery of the missing gem.

41 Peter Ruff and the Double Four

Peter Ruff and the Double Four

E. Phillips Oppenheim | Mystery Classics


After a life of crime, Peter Ruff decides to use his knowledge of the underworld and become a private investigator.

42 Daniel Deronda

Daniel Deronda

George Eliot | Romance Classics


Gwendolyn falls in love with Daniel Deronda, a bright and thoughtful young man, who is troubled by the discovery of his Jewish ancestry.

43 Ethan Frome

Ethan Frome

Edith Wharton | Romance Classics


Ethan, a farmer tethered to his farm, his helpless parents, and his hypochondriac wife find himself drawn to his wife's alluring cousin.

44 Scaramouche, a Romance of the French Revolution

Scaramouche, a Romance of the French Revolution

Rafael Sabatini | Romance Classics


Through a procession of vocations, the hero constantly opposes a villainous nobleman, the Marquis de la Tour d'Azyr. First as a lawyer, then as an actor, a swordsman, and finally a revolutionary politician, the hero finds himself confronted by d'Azyr, and finally faces an astounding revelation that changes his life.