The Best Books on Peace

September 20, 2018

September 21st, is the International Day of Peace. We celebrate by sharing these amazing books with a message of peace, kindness and hope that can help to plant a seed in everyone's heart.

"History is usually studied and written from the perspective of war. It can look very different when viewed from the perspective of peace".

—John Gittings. Author of The Glorious Art of Peace.

1 Millennium Chronicles Book 1

Millennium Chronicles Book 1

Anthony Perry | Sci-fi Fantasy


The world's fears have come true. Global warming, solar flares, and gamma rays have devastated the earth. Unable to correct the unbearable conditions, scientist and researchers genetically change life to survive in the new and chaotic world. A division arises between the new manufactured human beings and those unable to afford the genetic treatments for their children. Joshua finds himself in the middle of this situation as the Upperworlders second in command, and as the leader of the Underworlders who are fighting for their right to live. The key to the entire situation is an energy project that could force the hand of the world government to live in peace with those who have survived untouched by human made genetic changes. The situation drastically changes when the energy project itself comes to life and sets out to take the world as its own!

2 Keys To Everyday Life

Keys To Everyday Life

Douglas Stutts | Religious


A key's to Everyday Life, written by Douglas Stutts, contains amazingly useful and sensible advice to help people find spiritual happiness and peace with God, with other people, and with themselves. It seems remarkable that Douglas, even before his present age of only twenty-one, has demonstrated such exceptional insight into what the Christian faith is really about. Throughout the book, Douglas makes reference to Bible passages that support his ideas and words of advice. It is apparent that by being an exceptionally diligent listener and a keen observer, Douglas has learned a great deal about life.

3 Ascension or Destruction

Ascension or Destruction

Michael Burke and Alexander Zielinski | Body & Spirit


As the dawn of a new age is upon us, it is with great urgency this message be received by humankind: Stop your hatred! Stop your destruction! Stop your wars, violence, and betrayal! Stop your abuse of the planet and of one another! The powers that be have bought and sold your freedoms and your mind. They have prevented you from knowing the true nature of your existence. The human existence is at a crossroad and we have the opportunity to radiate peace throughout the universe. The time is now to ascend to a higher state of being, or pursue animalistic, violent, materialistic, and destructive goals and allow Mother Nature to release her violence upon us to cleanse her surface. It is time to spread compassion throughout your realm of influence and know the true nature of existence that a...

4 Discover the Incredible you

Discover the Incredible you

Sal Parkes | Self-Improvement


The evolutionary fork in the road has arrived. The challenges of this juncture are being felt on both a collective and personal level primarily in the areas of personal identity, relationships, money & health. In this short eBook, find out how to finally break free from the limitations of a dying paradigm and reclaim your mind from those who stole it. Learn how to master yourself on a whole new level to become the ultimate creator of your reality. Connect to a far more expansive version of yourself. Feel the surge of inspiration & power carry you onto an exciting path of self discovery. After reading this book you will recognise how to finally expereince the peace, happiness and abundance which the majority of people spend an entire lifetime searching for.

5 Solomon Family Warriors

Solomon Family Warriors

Robert H. Cherny | Sci-fi Fantasy


500k words; Originally written as an eight book series, the entire work has been consolidated into a single publication. It follows seven generations of a space traveling warrior family as they attempt to wrest peace from the grasp of war.

6 As The Eagle Cries: Sharon's Journey Home

As The Eagle Cries: Sharon's Journey Home

Carol A. Freeman | Body & Spirit


This is the story of a young woman, misdiagnosed with a bipolar disorder, her accident, and subsequent coma. Her mother begins a quest for answers, questioning her own spiritual beliefs. She finds self-discovery, guidance, and the peace that she desperately seeks in the teachings and traditions of Native American (Lakota) spirituality. It is only through a deep spiritual connection to her daughter in a coma that the family is able to make the final decision to remove her feeding tube. From that tragedy comes forth a greater awareness of the importance of life and death experiences, and the choices each one of us has to make. Download this FREE e-Book today!

7 Coming Home to My Heart

Coming Home to My Heart

Donna Solitario | Poetry


Powerful poems on child abuse. Inspirations on faith, hope, love, healing and peace.

8 The Overcoming Peace of God

The Overcoming Peace of God

Edison Macusi | Religious


Learn to overcome fear, stand up and declare God's victory in your life and live as a fortress of His peace during these perilous days.

9 Promises to Our Father

Promises to Our Father

Jeffrey Tad Dodson | Religious


This is a message from our father to his children. That you should listen to what our father is telling his children, for this is a story of you, a story of your survival, a story of your life on this planet, and on the next. My children ask questions of their lives, their souls, their future, and their past, what I am telling my children today should be adhered to. This is a story of hope, peace,love, and acceptance of all that I have created. Show me the honor that you have for me at this time. Follow my words, follow my paths.

10 A Poet's Heart

A Poet's Heart

Donna Solitario | Poetry


A Poet's Heart is a collection of inspirational poems filled with faith, hope, and love. Highly motivational, and empowering, to the heart, and soul. Heartwarming, and poignantly disquieting, to live upon the heart, a lasting presence of faith, wisdom, and love. A Poet's Heart is a gift from God, to foster love and peace in a sign of the times.

11 The Victorious Life in God

The Victorious Life in God

Samantha Paz-Manon | Religious


We live trying to have peace in our lives and we do not understand the things that happen around us. Jesus said that in this world we were going to have afflictions but if we trust Him we will overcome; He also said that if we are tired and loaded to come close to Him and He will give us rest. True victory is obtained when we begin a relationship with God through Jesus surrendering our lives to Him letting Him lead it.

12 Inherited Danger

Inherited Danger

Brian Rathbone | Sci-fi Fantasy


Inherited Danger is Book Two of The Dawning of Power trilogy. Leaving her homeland behind, Catrin Volker goes in search of knowledge and peace, unaware that she will face the greatest evil her world has ever known.

13 World Peace Really: One Mind @ A Time

World Peace Really: One Mind @ A Time

Ronald Medved Gregg Cochlan | Psychology


World Peace Really! takes you on a journey to where world peace really begins-inside your own mind. It applies some of the most profound concepts in cognitive psychology to the cause of peace and challenges you to think about your thinking. Your journey begins with a better understanding of how your mind works. If you walk away with one new learning, make it this: you act in accordance with the truth as you believe and perceive it to be. What are your truths? How did they come to be? What happens if what you believe to be true isn't true for everyone? What happens if you are only partially right...about everything? World Peace Really! asks you to think about your thinking. It's all about creating a better world, one mind at a time.

14 Peace on His Way - Inner Healing

Peace on His Way - Inner Healing

Teresa Lopez Muñoz | Religious


This is a way to be free from destructive emotions with biblical response. In internet since 2002 (Spanish version) Now: Enghish version

15 Help Your Peace, Time Up For Joy

Help Your Peace, Time Up For Joy

Santosh Jha | Self-Improvement


There is over supply of wisdom for every one of us. Everyone is ever willing to offer advice and prescription of ‘shoulds’. However, in contemporary milieus of conflicts, chaos and confusion, for an individual self, there seems no definitive road to happiness. There is but a dependable alternative of personal peace and poise. Milieus cannot facilitate happiness, yet self can live in peace. How?If you accept that your own evolution to peace and lasting wellness must never be energized by random elements of milieus but by planned and controlled elements of higher consciousness, your own aware self, then this eBook has utility and fruition for you.

16 The Rise of Peace

The Rise of Peace

Dr. Hafiz Shahid Amin | Fiction


The Scenario… The Central Theme...>>: A Novel has been written in the context of present day fast changing political scenario of the world. Most important international burning issues have been touched in this novel in the most skillful and careful manner. Shall this peace seeking world ever reach the lasting peace..? There is the destruction of all anti peace world forces in an attempt to convert this world into a peaceful world. All nations live peacefully in the long run. People respect each other’s religious, territorial limits and social taboo. This Novel is an action and adventure based fiction and an attempt to make this world as a joint peaceful global village free of discriminations of caste and race and Islamic and non Islamic likes and dislikes. Author seems to stress upon the fact that discriminations of this sort are very fatal for the restoration of world peace.