Summer Recipes

June 5, 2017

One thing I love about the change of the seasons is the variety in the foods we eat. To me, summer brings with her fresh fruits, veggies, outdoor grilling and refreshing drinks. Our family often lingers outside until sunset and then we'll share a meal out in the evening air.  I have such fond memories of sitting around the patio table with our friends and family and hope that this collection of summer inspired cookbooks will allow you to create many of your own. Bon appetit! 

1 50 Favorite Summertime Recipes

50 Favorite Summertime Recipes

Robinson | Food/Recipes


The title says it all right here. One of our favorites! 

2 142 Barbecue Recipes

142 Barbecue Recipes

VJJE Publishing Co. | Food/Recipes


Tons of great DIY BBQ recipes that’ll make the whole neighborhood jealous. 

3 43 Great Cocktails

43 Great Cocktails

Recipe Masters | Food/Recipes


Make yourself the cocktails you like to have at home or anywhere else. By the help of this book. Make home 43 types of different cocktails without any professionals help.

4 Insider's Recipes Master Edition

Insider's Recipes Master Edition

Recipe Masters | Food/Recipes


Ever wish you could duplicate your favorite restaurant’s recipes? Enjoy these amazing dishes without leaving the comfort of your home! Wow you family and friends!

5 450 Vegetable

450 Vegetable

Recipe Masters | Food/Recipes


Cook your vegetable 450 different way by using this book.

6 101 Food, Fruit and Kitchen Hacks

101 Food, Fruit and Kitchen Hacks

Delicious Food TV | Food/Recipes


If you’re an avid cook like me, then you are always on the look out for tips and shortcuts that speeds up meal preparation or saves you time in the kitchen. These hacks will help you do just that. The tips are categorized into 8 categories.

7 Kids' Fun Recipes

Kids' Fun Recipes

Recipe Masters | Food/Recipes


127 fun and delicious recipes for kids.  

8 71 Raw Food Recipes

71 Raw Food Recipes

Shaundra Ray | Food/Recipes


Enjoy a wide variety of raw food breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We make raw food easy.

9 Rock Star Recipes (The Celebrity Diet)

Rock Star Recipes (The Celebrity Diet)

Anand Bhatt | Food/Recipes


Low Carb, Low Fat, Vegetarian/Vegan, Seafood, High Protein, Snacks, Drinks and more are featured in this award winning book from Hollywood Celebrity Anand Bhatt. ROCK STAR RECIPES offers celebrity recipes and lifestyle tips that everyone can use to stay fit, healthy, and indulged! Rock Star Recipes are quick, easy, and effective no matter how busy you are.

10 Smoothies for Athletes

Smoothies for Athletes

Ryan Lee | Food/Recipes


Download this free eBook with over 120 quick and easy smoothie recipes that will give you more energy and stamina! Just whip up one of these yummy smoothies whenever you need an energy boost. 

11 The Grill Master

The Grill Master

Recipe Masters | Food/Recipes


We encourage you to pass along this e-cookbook to a friend ... Show them you have good taste!

12 Healthy Recipes for Your Nutritional Type

Healthy Recipes for Your Nutritional Type

Dr. Joseph Mercola | Food/Recipes


Get Dr. Mercola's Healthy Recipes cookbook for your guide to implementing your Nutritional Typing action plan for optimal health and weight control. Discover how to make meals that are ideal for your individual needs. Includes menu suggestions for breakfast, lunch, & dinner for your ideal fuel mixture.

13 Cocktails – How to Make and Enjoy Them!

Cocktails – How to Make and Enjoy Them!

Barry Lear | Food/Recipes


Uh oh! Now you've done it. You opened your mouth and agreed to host the next neighborhood get together. Unlike Sunday football and a cooler full of beer, this is your first real "grown-up" party. It's no wonder your spouse isn't speaking to you! Judging by some of the parties your neighbors have hosted you'd best get a crash course in how to tell the difference between a "martini" and a "mimosa." Does it matter? You bet it does! Especially when your guest asks for one or the other! If you want to make your party the best the neighborhood has ever seen, help is as close as a click.