Summer Food Recipes

December 31, 1969


From light and refreshing salads bursting with colorful produce to mouthwatering grilled dishes that capture the essence of outdoor dining, our recipes are a celebration of the sun-kissed months. Indulge in the vibrant tastes of ripe fruits, crisp vegetables, and perfectly grilled meats that come together to create a symphony of summer on your plate. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, planning a picnic, or simply seeking culinary inspiration, our Summer Food Recipes are your go-to source for delectable dishes that embody the joys of summer dining.

1 142 Barbecue Recipes

142 Barbecue Recipes

VJJE Publishing Co. | Food/Recipes


Loads of DIY Bar Be Cue Recipes

2 50 Favorite Summertime Recipes

50 Favorite Summertime Recipes

Robinson | Food/Recipes


One of eBay's brightest star Robinson's 50 favorite summertime recipes.

3 43 Great Cocktails

43 Great Cocktails

Recipe Masters | Food/Recipes


A great party needs great drinks, and serving wine and beer isn’t always enough. Step up your bartending game with this collection of 43 distinctive cocktails, from tried and true to new and innovative, that will enhance your reputation as the perfect host.

4 German Comfort Food Recipes

German Comfort Food Recipes

Peter Gau | Food/Recipes


A collection of more than 40 authentic German recipes from meat dishes to side dishes, fish, vegetarian, hits with the kids, cakes and cookies.

5 Kids' Fun Recipes

Kids' Fun Recipes

Recipe Masters | Food/Recipes


Kids love to help Mom and Dad in the kitchen, and teaching them to cook can provide valuable bonding time. Kids’ Fun Recipes is a great tool to help families get started with simple recipes for foods children like to eat and can take pride in creating.

6 71 Raw Food Recipes

71 Raw Food Recipes

Shaundra Ray | Food/Recipes


Enjoy a wide variety of raw food breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We make raw food easy.

7 Insider's Recipes Master Edition

Insider's Recipes Master Edition

Recipe Masters | Food/Recipes


If you’ve ever wished you could prepare the amazing food from your favorite restaurants or cooking shows, this book is for you. Insider’s Recipes Master Edition includes both classic dishes and innovative new ones your family and friends will love.

8 101 Food, Fruit and Kitchen Hacks

101 Food, Fruit and Kitchen Hacks

Delicious Food TV | Food/Recipes


If you’re an avid cook like me, then you are always on the look out for tips and shortcuts that speeds up meal preparation or saves you time in the kitchen. These hacks will help you do just that. The tips are categorized into 8 categories.

9 Smoothies for Athletes

Smoothies for Athletes

Ryan Lee | Food/Recipes


Download this FREE eBook with over 120 quick and easy smoothie recipes that will give you more energy and stamina! Just whip up one of these yummy smoothies whenever you need an energy boost. Download it today!

10 Rock Star Recipes (The Celebrity Diet)

Rock Star Recipes (The Celebrity Diet)

Anand Bhatt | Food/Recipes


Low Carb, Low Fat, Vegetarian/Vegan, Seafood, High Protein, Snacks, Drinks and more are featured in this award winning book from Hollywood Celebrity Anand Bhatt. ROCK STAR RECIPES offers celebrity recipes and lifestyle tips that everyone can use to stay fit, healthy, and indulged! Rock Star Recipes are quick, easy, and effective no matter how busy you are.

11 450 Vegetable

450 Vegetable

Recipe Masters | Food/Recipes


Entrees are usually the centerpiece of the meal, but often it’s the side dishes that really make it special. Well-cooked, beautifully-seasoned vegetables add color, texture, and nutrients, and this book gives you 450 options for preparing them.

12 The Grill Master

The Grill Master

Recipe Masters | Food/Recipes


Summer is the traditional time for outdoor cooking, but let’s face it. Some people throw on a coat and fire up the grill all year long. Either way, The Grill Master lives up to its title, offering hundreds of recipes and tips to help you make the most of your grill.

13 The Art of Grilling - Mastering the Rules and Different Methods of Grilling

The Art of Grilling - Mastering the Rules and Different Methods of Grilling

Angelia Griffith | Food/Recipes


Grilling is just like any other kind of cooking, it is a learned art. It is a form of cooking in which dry heat is applied directly to the surface of food. There is something about grilling which brings out the best in foods. Nothing can quite compare to the smoky, toasty and delicately charred taste of foods which are hot off the grill. In “The Art of Grilling” you will discover:Basics Of GrillingChoose thе Grill Thаt'ѕ Right fоr YоuThе Rules оf GrillingDirect And Indirect Methods Of GrillingSearing-The Secret Tо Thе Perfect SteakRubs - Enhancing Thе Flavor Of Yоur MeatsTips tо Improve Yоur Grill CookingAnd Much More ………

14 Cocktails – How to Make and Enjoy Them!

Cocktails – How to Make and Enjoy Them!

Barry Lear | Food/Recipes


Uh oh! Now you've done it. You opened your mouth and agreed to host the next neighborhood get together. Unlike Sunday football and a cooler full of beer, this is your first real "grown-up" party. It's no wonder your spouse isn't speaking to you! Judging by some of the parties your neighbors have hosted you'd best get a crash course in how to tell the difference between a "martini" and a "mimosa." Does it matter? You bet it does! Especially when your guest asks for one or the other! If you want to make your party the best the neighborhood has ever seen, help is as close as a click. "Cocktails - How to Make and Enjoy Them" is just what you need to insure your success.