Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment!

March 25, 2021

All our lives have been dramatically changed by the coronavirus pandemic. As we face the challenges of an uncertain future, finding inspiration to nourish your soul and balance your emotions is more important than ever, but sometimes you simply don't know where to start.

The easiest and best way to begin is by reading the right books. They have the power to inspire, heal and change lives. 

With that in mind, we have gathered our Best Books to achieve awakening and enlightenment in your spiritual journey. Learn from the experts through words of wisdom and holistic mindfulness.



1 My Ever-Present Help

My Ever-Present Help

Aaron Robinson Jr. | Religious


My Ever-Present Help is an Anointed Book of Emergency Prayers & Confirming Scriptures... Along with Powerful Declarations of Faith to Validate and Encourage Yourself in Every Situation! Plus, God's Promises of LIFE – HEALTH and PROSPERITY, Positions of Gods Generosity, and How To Get Favor With God...

2 Angel of Grace

Angel of Grace

Donna Solitario | Religious


Donna Solitario is the Author of six Poetry books Website: https://outskirtspress.com/apoetsheart Her newest book, "Angel of Grace" was written recently during the 2020 Pandemic/Covid19 by Gods grace. Included are Inspirational poems, Prayers, Relationships, Addictions, Adversities, Nature, faith, hope, love and peace

3 Spiritual Empowerment - Learn How to Be In Tune with Every Spiritual Aspect in Life No Matter What  Belief, Religion or

Spiritual Empowerment - Learn How to Be In Tune with Every Spiritual Aspect in Life No Matter What Belief, Religion or

Angelia Griffith | Religious


Experiencing true spirituality means that our consciousness is awakened to the truth. This awakening enables us to see and accept ourselves as we are. We then see and embrace who we can become, our greatest version of who we are, the spiritual reality of who we are. We become aware of our capabilities and of our own intrinsic worth. Feeling confident and strong, we know what actions to take and we easily take them.

4 Our Great High Priest

Our Great High Priest

Jim Rooney | Religious


The book of Hebrews in the Bible has remained somewhat of a mystery. This commentary will enable the reader to easily understand this book and see how God has provided an atonement for the forgiveness of sin and salvation to everlasting life.

5 Jesus, a novel

Jesus, a novel

M. C. Ingraham | Religious


Previously published under the pen name, Francis Wolfe. Written from a Catholic perspective; the book examines in novel form, the human spiritual growth of Jesus alongside his divine nature as the Son of God. Like Job, Jesus undergoes trials to perfect his human faith. Calamity hits, and Jesus ends up working off his debt as a caravan camel herder. He uses the time to perfect his soul, which is the only thing remaining. Honor, wealth, future have all be stripped from him. Jesus even loses his foster son. After five years as a caravan worker, Jesus enters an Essene monastery (they really existed). His mission in Galilee is just his domestic Essene mission, with one new bit of doctrine...the Messiah is now in Israel, and it is he!

6 Freedom For All

Freedom For All

Neville Goddard | Religious


Having laid the foundation that a change of consciousness is essential to bring about any change of expression, this book explains to the reader a dozen different ways to bring about such a change of consciousness.

7 Discover Your Calling

Discover Your Calling

Kingsley Kelechukwu | Religious


DISCOVER YOUR CALLING: The plan of God for your life is for you to DISCOVER YOUR CALLING on earth and to fulfill it. Your calling is your way. Your calling is your truth. Your calling is your life. When you Discover Your Calling, you've discovered your destiny. When you Discover Your Calling, you've discovered your VOICE and MESSAGE to the world. When you Discover Your Calling, you've discovered your authority, power and area of influence and dominion. When you Discover Your Calling, you are empowered to make the plan of God a reality in your world. When you come into your calling, you automatically become the responsibility of Heaven.

8 BIBLE: Happines, Prosperity & Long Life

BIBLE: Happines, Prosperity & Long Life

Win Verses LLC | Religious


Bible Verses promising Happiness, Prosperity & Long Life. Obtaining your dreams, anti-aging, a beautiful glow, energy, peace, and real estate also included.   Sample verses include: HAPPINESS Psalm 69 [32] The humble shall see this, and be glad; and your heart shall live that seek God. (KJV) Psalms 149 [5] Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds. PROSPERITY Proverbs 3  [9] Honor the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase: [10] So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine. Malachi 3 [10] Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the win

9 Prayer


Ellen G. White | Body & Spirit


Prayer is the breath of the soul. And yet many find it hard to pray. Prayer is the secret of spiritual power.” The atmosphere of prayer and devotion throughout the day is an important part of spiritual life—especially in these last moments of Earth's history. If you are uncertain if God hears your prayers, and want to know the secret of effective prayer, you may read these pages to understand. This book provides keys to enrich and deepen your prayer life and communion with God.

10 An Amateur's Guide to Spirituality

An Amateur's Guide to Spirituality

Ella Roberts | Body & Spirit


So you have been into Spirituality for a while now, but instead of doing something about it, you have been scratching your head, wondering where to start and what to do, who to go to, or indeed what lies out there. Well, lucky for you there is Ella, the not so best-selling, non award-winning author of The Run: London’s Secret. She was once in the same boat as you, and knows what it feels like to be lost and weird (some say that she still is). A devoted spiritual practitioner since the age of 15, Ella knows what she is talking about when it comes to what works, and uses her experiences to help others deal with depression, low self-esteem, selecting the wrong men, and never finding the right job. An Amateur’s Guide to Spirituality is a fresh take on an ancient practice, with tips on how to balance your chakras just by accessorizing, healing a broken heart by singing love songs to yourself, and curing your mindset of the Beauty and the Beast Syndrome (if you have it of course). Learn how to incorporate growth into your home, work, and relationships while having fun everyday of your life. Spirituality is no longer just sitting in a darkened room drowning in candles and sniffing incense; it has been brought into the 21st Century and de-mystified for everyone!

11 Spiritual Health and Healing

Spiritual Health and Healing

John Holland | Religious


“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hos 4:6 All of our spiritual blessings relate back to the cross of Christ, and in this case the healing He procured for us by bearing our sicknesses, pains, and infirmities in His own body on the cross. Being spiritual in nature, this healing is laid up for us in heaven. This booklet explains how we may receive practical healing and health in our bodies by the word of our testimonies.

12 Spiritual Wisdom: Moving Beyond Religion

Spiritual Wisdom: Moving Beyond Religion

Mike Burke | Body & Spirit


Humanity no longer trusts the ancient, archaic religious doctrines that have failed so miserably to bring them out of today's chaotic world. Being a spiritual person has nothing to do with religion. God is not Catholic, Hindu, Baptist, Muslim, Protestant, Buddhist, Jewish, or whatever. Those and all other religions are creations of man, not of God. The majority of humanity is now ready to evolve to the next level of future spiritual existence by using innate God-given abilities. Those abilities are explained in this FREE, ready-for-download eBook, for those who have grasped the limitations of religion, and are now ready to evolve to the next spiritual generation that God intended for them. World Peace may seem unattainable, but by breaking down the barriers that separate humanity, namely all of the misguided religions, it can be attained. Also included are God's answers to such questions as abortion, crib death, AIDS, teen suicide, and more.

13 Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

Dickson Olabiyi Adelusi | Religious


The reason for the harsh realities of our lives is because Satan (once upon a time a good angel, but now full of evil) is the Prince of this earth. Satan has but one goal which is to capture as many souls as possible. Satan is an aggressive enemy of mankind who is overseeing the killing of many innocent people including children around the world. Sometimes, Lucifer causes deadly sickness and disease, famine and economic depression among others. This book enlightens the reader on spiritual warfare, how humans are trapped in such warfare and how to effectively overcome it using the right spiritual weapons. The challenges of life have spiritual side; you need to read this spiritual book and be enlightened.

14 Spiritual Growth Manual

Spiritual Growth Manual

Michael Youngblood | Religious


This is a helpful guide for anyone seeking to growth spirtually inthe Lord. There are many question in life that christians struggle with each day like: How do I know the diffrence between my feeling and the Holy spirits leading? Or what is true spiritual prayer? This guide shows you how to deal with these and many more needed issues.

15 Daily Spiritual Practices of Love for Everyday Life

Daily Spiritual Practices of Love for Everyday Life

Carla Goddard | Body & Spirit


Daily Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life bring the fast paced world to a slow for five minutes to bring Spirituality back into daily life.

16 The Small Ones, the Spirituality in School

The Small Ones, the Spirituality in School

José Cruz | Religious


One day I was invited to give a talk about Spirituality in a school before I accepted this generous offer as always with an open heart, and totally free of charge as always I returned to school, not as a student I was. But to explain some of my experienced knowledge that developed over several Reincarnations, and now I bring this last bare life. I felt that most of the students were very spiritual.

17 The Spiritual Laws

The Spiritual Laws

Vicent Guillem | Body & Spirit


The content of this book is a message of love for all humanity. This message has been written from the heart for the heart, for your heart. It will help you to get to know yourself, awaken your feelings, eliminate your egoistic part, understand the reason why you are here, and the reason why certain things happen to you. It will give you hope, it will help you understand the world you live in, so that you can turn the biggest misfortune into something useful for your evolution in love. In short, so that you are your true self, free, conscious to be able to experience true love, unconditional love so that you are happier. With all my love, for you.

18 Beyond the Word: An Awakening

Beyond the Word: An Awakening

Elizabeth Hugate Hudgins | General Non Fiction


This journal-styled treatise is about a spiritual awakening that the author experienced in 1969 that led her to research biblical text to determine its true nature, even learning Biblical Hebrew to help her in her quest. Her observations and conclusions regarding both physical and mental involuntary nature events are detailed in straight-forward nonfictional prose. A few related events from her growing-up years are included in the 335-page FREE e-Book, that also contains 127 photos and/or other supportive illustrations. Download it today!

19 Life's Way

Life's Way

Metha Metharom | Self-Improvement


A bunch of self help guides compilated into book format for easy reading, on the matter of spiritual awakening. If there is any questions needing answers on this way of life post on http://lifesway.freeforums.org

20 Below the Undoing

Below the Undoing

Alan Ayazyam | Poetry


The Fifth Book of Poetry from Alan Ayazyam, exploring the space after a spiritual awakening when the soul begins to gather together the means to create a new way of life for itself and it's environment.

21 Spiritual Common Sense

Spiritual Common Sense

Dr. Frank P. Ferraro | Religious


Spiritual Common Sense is based on a system of Principles of Christian Living including the Laws of Divine Establishment Principles AND Contemporary Historical Trends – 1976 to 2020. Common sense is NOT inherent but is something which has to be taught and Learned. Common sense is the application of things which you learn in life it is not instinctive. Principles have to be taught and the application of these principles are common sense. This book is a summary, not so short, of WHAT WE SHOULD DO WITH Bible DOCTRINE. When we have common sense principles of the Spiritual Life delineated by Bible Doctrine we will then learn how to Adjust to the Justice of God. This should offset the tendency to become weird in the understanding and application of Bible Doctrine to life.

22 Spiritual Warfare - And The Craft of Deception

Spiritual Warfare - And The Craft of Deception

Don Randolph | Religious


The Bible says that we war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this age, and against spiritual wickedness in high places. We are told to put on the "whole armor of God" which will enable us to stand victoriously against the wiles and schemes of the Devil. Spiritual Warfare And the Craft of Deception is one of the most comprehensive books on spiritual warfare and demonology around.

23 Enlightenment gift one

Enlightenment gift one

Sahar Rezaie | Self-Improvement


We came to the planet to evolve, to reach and touch our highest selves. To reach enlightenment is no easy path, but in the end the only truth that will ever survive. I reached mine, late year 2019. After almost fifteen years of the absolute toughest path. And now I wish you the same. I will try to guide you the best I can, in this small work. Where I only refer to my own spiritual path. The way of life, is something personal to us all. And we can never compare our own personal truths, with the truths of another one. Therefore, I will try to keep it very simple. By explaining the way to enlightenment, through small texts of my own.

24 Book of Faith and Inspiration

Book of Faith and Inspiration

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD | Religion


With pen in hand "I write what God inspires and guides me to write and He has always wanted me to shear it with all People of all Nations so that they would enjoy that which is really Gods. Rev. Sam" and most people like this book This will give you some idea of what I write.This is a collection of poems http://paladinnews1.blogspot.com Dr. Derek Lamar Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS and I are both working to help people discover the Christ within them and to understand the incredible Teaching that Jesus brought to humanity. We must all come to understand the Oneness which comes with realizing that "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within". Richard (Rick) Davis It is an honor to recommend Rev. Samuel Mack His poetry is not only internationally recognized, but is thought provoking, so well craft...

25 The Miracle Man

The Miracle Man

Melissa | Religious


Do you need a miracle? Well, you’ve come to the right place! These are true stories of lives transformed by the miraculous power of the Living God! I hope you will imagine yourself in their shoes, and experience the great love of Jesus, the Miracle Man. We’re not going to just fill our heads with information ABOUT Jesus. We are going to plop ourselves right down in the middle of each story. Imagine ourselves there. As if what is happening, is happening to us. As if what Jesus is saying, he is saying to us. What each person was thinking and feeling, and how each one connected with Jesus. Let’s dive in, sink deep, and soak ourselves in these accounts of Jesus reaching out to ordinary people, not so different from you and me. We will get to know Jesus, and receive, I pray, a miracle!

26 Awesome Love

Awesome Love

Bernard Levine | Self-Improvement


Bless someone today with words of kindness Do something nice for a friend Sow seeds of encouragement into a stranger's heart Tell your loved ones you greatly adore them Make someone's day precious and beautiful Give God praise for His greatness Strengthen your companion with fruits of joy Add faith to your neighbor's life Bless someone today and remember - Jesus loves you

27 Overcoming Mental Oppression

Overcoming Mental Oppression

Edison Macusi | Religious


Jesus did not only come to heal the sick or to mend the brokenhearted. He has also come to set the captives free. There is no exception to the kind of bondage that He can set us free. His head was pierced by thorns so that even our mental oppressions and sufferings can be healed.

28 The Soothsayer from Boskoop

The Soothsayer from Boskoop

Johan Smit | Body & Spirit


Johan Smit lives in the town of Boskoop, in the Netherlands. He is the local Soothsayer (psychic) who answers questions dealing with the past, present and future. Many people come from all walks of life to seek information. In this book, Johan's spirit guide, Zelda, shares information on Heart Disease, Cancer, Nostradamus, Multiple Sclerosis, Overpopulation, Diabetes, Jesus and Easter, Inoculations and Vaccines, Extraterrestrials, and Mass Shootings.

29 The Untold Story of the Soul

The Untold Story of the Soul

Cem Ilyas Eker | Body & Spirit


This book is a contribution of Jiva Shakti, a sincere disciple of the enlightened Master, Avatar Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam to all his devotees and followers, to make his entire work user friendly. The Author has put his Intelligence into structuring the content as a real time guide, step by step guide to awaken each dimension within oneself to experience Enlightenment instantly.

30 Talaash - Discover Your True Self

Talaash - Discover Your True Self

AiR-Atman in Ravi | Body & Spirit


This book is about my search for the third peak of enlightenment and the true meaning of life. It is about how I discovered Ananda, everlasting joy beyond the first peak of achievement and the second peak of fulfillment – the bliss that knows no bounds!

31 Life is... Liberation from Ignorance and Finding true Enlightenment

Life is... Liberation from Ignorance and Finding true Enlightenment

AiR-Atman in Ravi | Body & Spirit


What is life all about? Are we meant to just live and die? Is there a larger purpose or deeper meaning to life? Life is Liberation from Ignorance and Finding true Enlightenment is an interesting dialogue between a seeker and his Guru that can help you on your own spiritual quest towards liberation, freedom from all misery and suffering; the realization of the Truth and God-realization.

32 Meditation for Beginners: The Guide to Self Enlightenment

Meditation for Beginners: The Guide to Self Enlightenment

Joe Viltmore | Self-Improvement


You Are Going To Get A Detailed Look At One Of The Most Significant Meditation Guides That Is Available On The Market Today. It doesn't matter if you are just for the first time trying meditation, this guide will get you on the right track to self-enlightenment.

33 Pursuing Enlightenment Also Results in Immortality, Happiness, & Other Abilities

Pursuing Enlightenment Also Results in Immortality, Happiness, & Other Abilities

Martin K. Ettington | Body & Spirit


Enlightenment does not result spiritual peace only. It also results in immortality, true happiness, and other abilities. Since we have to live in this world, we might as well enjoy life to the fullest. We can strive to live beyond what others consider possible, live in true happiness, and acquire additional abilities to improve our lives. Learn how by downloading and reading this FREE eBook today!

34 The Ten Dirty Secrets of Getting Enlightened

The Ten Dirty Secrets of Getting Enlightened

M.G. | Philosophy


For anyone who is fed up with gurus, scriptures, and meditations: Download this FREE eBook for a down and dirty discussion about being enlightened. You may not get anything to cling to or to follow from this book. You may lose your current track of so-called meditations, contemplations, and consolations. You may even dump your masters, burn all scriptures, and lose your identity in terms of who you are. Download it today!