Serial Killer Books

May 31, 2018

There’s something darkly fascinating and intriguing about serial killers that always catch our attention, there are lots of fiction and non-fiction books written on this subject, and we have highlighted some of our favorites in our library.

Check them out and enjoy! 

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1 October Runs Red

October Runs Red

Scott Donnelly | Mystery


Inspired by the whodunnits of Agatha Christie and modern day slasher films, "October Runs Red" (Book 1 in 'The October Trilogy) tells the gruesome tale of The Harvest Slasher, a serial killer stalking the cold October nights in Stewart Hollow, Oregon. On the first of the month, the local Sheriff's Department receives a bone-chilling poem in the mail, forecasting a month-long killing spree. The Harvest Slasher doesn't disappoint. Can you put the clues together?

2 The Feathers

The Feathers

Rcheydn | Fiction


A serial killer is terrorizing London – but not the normal serial killer. This murderer is experimenting – just how long can he control his victims, torturing them in the most unusual way, before they die? He is getting better with the feathers each time – but that does not mean he will stop. Detective Inspector David Maguire and his partner are on the trail of the killer, but it is a trail that has baffled them from the start – what is the killer trying to prove? What is his aim? At the same time investigative reporter Zack Tighe is following the story closely – perhaps a little too closely – and is proving to be far from helpful.

3 Untamed


Steven Jeral Harris | Sci-fi Fantasy


This gripping tale follows the life of a young woman named Iva Hill. Due to many ongoing health conditions, she has lived a life of hopelessness. Everything changes when her uncle, Detective Frank Lancaster, is investigating a series of gruesome murders. Unfortunately, Iva gets herself tangled in the middle. The serial killer is no other than a demonic being known as The Hellhound. Strange events leads Iva on the brink of death as she comes face to face with the hellish creature. Just before Hellhound is able to rip her apart, a powerful black lion saves her in the nick of time. A lion that calls himself Mane. Although death can come for her at any moment, she realizes with the help of her newly found friends, that it's never too late to hope and pursue happiness. Prepared to be taken on t

4 When Nightmares Become Dreams

When Nightmares Become Dreams

Bob Miller | Mystery


It seemed like Vincent, the 7th grade math teacher, was starting out the perfect life. His students at Saint Mary's Middle school adore him and are extremely docile. Eventually Vincent becomes bored with his perfect students and takes a pay cut to teach at a public middle school in the badlands of Baltimore city because he wants a bigger challenge. Will this be the biggest mistake of his life? What do the students have in store for him? Do they turn him into a monster? This story is about revenge and just how far a math teacher will go to become the country's most feared serial killer. Who is the Gadget Man?

5 Govicide: Comply

Govicide: Comply

Edward Dentzel | Fiction


Homicide Detective Michael Locke is an obedient subject of the Masses. However, after an interrogation with his latest catch, the serial killer Hamilton, and being promoted to Govicide Agent, Locke starts to suspect all is not as it seems within the One World Government.

6 Number 5

Number 5

Si-Anne Botha | Horror-Gothic


This is a South African based crime thriller about two brothers. One is a serial killer, that leaves daisies next to each victim, as well as taking a body part of each victim to keep as a trophy, and his brother, who is the cop that is investigating the serial murders.

7 Briery Knob

Briery Knob

Jerry Nelson | General Non Fiction


“Briery Knob” is the story of a double murder in the backwaters of West Virginia, a town which closed ranks around the slayer and a serial killer who hatched a plan to get the real perpetrator freed and pocket $2 million of West Virginia’s money. Nineteen-year old Nancy Santomero and twenty-six-year old Vicki Durian were two “hippie chicks” who hitchhiked to West Virginia’s Monongahela National Park in southeast West Virginia for a gathering of the “Rainbow Family.” Picked up by strangers in a white van, the two were given marijuana and alcohol. When they found out they were expected to ‘pay for’ the moonshine and pot with sex, they refused and were killed.White supremacist and serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin was executed in 2013.

8 Death Perception - Murder In Mind's Eye

Death Perception - Murder In Mind's Eye

Barbara Bretana | Sci-fi Fantasy


My name is Cale Snowden and I'm the seventh son of a seventh son. My sisters are twins and I am one of another pair of twin brothers. Even my Mom and Dad were twins. My sisters were crazy tweeting about our physical powers of social media and attracted the attention of a serial killer who was interested in all things paranormal. I was a 'special order' on an internet site devoted to perverted sex offenders. The FBI and Special Agent Deleon said they could keep me safe after my whole family was murdered but they were wrong.

9 Happy Criminal Returns

Happy Criminal Returns

Jean Marian Lewis | Mystery


Brian now calling himself Michael was a serial killer serving life in a British prison. He has managed to escape to France where he starts to kill again. Can he outwit the police or will he be apprehended and sent to a hospital for the criminal insane?

10 Irony (Book 1) The Animal

Irony (Book 1) The Animal

Robert Shroud | Mystery


Detective Reginald Thomas Williams was on the fast track to promotional success. Now, subsequent to the shooting, he is a man barely holding on. His wife left him. He’s two steps away from being a full blown alcoholic, and there is a serial killer nicknamed The Animal loose on Bay City’s streets. Can he hold it together long enough to get his man and reclaim his life?

11 The Terry Hill Butcher

The Terry Hill Butcher

Zetoon | Short Stories


The Town of Terry Hill is under attached from a serial Killer. The police are investigating but their lead hits a dead end. The butcher keeps on killing.. Will he be caught?