Poetry Book Collection For Free

January 19, 2023

Now is your chance to get this collection of poetry books for free. The selected titles are carefully curated to inspire and influence. These are the best of the best for people who love great writing, language and thought.

1 Poetry is Life

Poetry is Life

Donna M. Solitario | Religious


"Poetry is Life" is an inspirational collection of Poems to Motivate and inspire hearts and souls.

2 Poetry for Africa Book 1

Poetry for Africa Book 1

ScobaXL | Poetry Classics


Poetry should be the most enjoyable subject in the school curriculum. It develops the spiritual and emotional side of our nature, it is not meant to teach us alot of facts, but it is meant to awaken our feelings.

3 Poetry in Spoken Word

Poetry in Spoken Word

Tracy Kocsis | Poetry


Poetry in Spoken Word. Better than devising some convoluted title for this book of poems, I decided to keep it simple. I couldn't place these words under "love" or "inspirational" poetry. Poetry is pain. It is facing one's emotions and extracting them for mass consumption. Alcoholism, divorce, and discovering my faith, are all things I attempt to capture in many of my poems.

4 Poetry Narrates-Thơ Kể

Poetry Narrates-Thơ Kể

Khe Iem | Poetry


Poetry does not have to capture the pleasant, but rather the essence and soul of the everyday experience. The poetry herein leans toward the philosophical and deeper meanings in every day life.

5 Poetry Beside Rippling Waters

Poetry Beside Rippling Waters

K. E. Ward | Poetry


A collection of poetry written over the course of a few years. Along the theme of God and husband, this poetry attempts to describe the conflict between religious vocation and traditional marriage. Although "modern" and "gothic" are usually two words that do not mix well, the author weaves both together. The emotional undertone is that of a heart breaking, crying out for mending, and the mending of it. Poetry Beside Rippling Waters answers the tormented question of unrequited love, comforts the reader like a mother rocking her child, and allows one to hear the voice of God. The poetry combines romantic love with nature, as is typical of the author.

6 The Rising - Poetry and Paintings

The Rising - Poetry and Paintings

Candice James | Poetry


Poetry and paintings by poet laureate, Candice James. A collection of surreal mystical and spiritual poems.

7 The American Dream Poetry Collection

The American Dream Poetry Collection

Kelly Darrow | Humanities and Arts


A new short collection of the latest poetry by the American poet and novelist Kelly Darrow.

8 The Poetry of BTA

The Poetry of BTA

Brian Thomas Armstrong | Poetry


Dark poetry from author and artist Brian Thomas Armstrong. Brian Thomas Armstrong is a literary traveler of life, love, and the pursuit of blissfully beautiful and exotic surroundings. He is 53 years young, and is currently retired after being a commercial construction contractor for 20+ years. He joined the Army at 17 and was stationed in Germany during the beginning of the 1980’s. Mr. Armstrong was deployed in a military mission escorting a convoy of Nuclear Missiles to the East/West German border (“Iron Curtain”), when U.S. President Reagan was shot in an assassination attempt in 1981. His unit was not pulled back until the president was taken out of surgery and expected to live. This experience changed his life spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually forever.

9 Poetry to Make You Feel Good

Poetry to Make You Feel Good

Matt Phillips | Poetry


A collection of original short poems to put a smile on your face.

10 Longest Book Written by a Mortal - Collected Poetry

Longest Book Written by a Mortal - Collected Poetry

Nikhil Parekh | Poetry


This Book approximately has 1.15 million words, is of 4417 pages in the Microsoft Word Document Format and has a Print Length of 5254 pages, on the Amazon Kindle . The Poetry Collection contains thousands of Nikhil Parekh’s poems on - GOD, Peace, Love , Anti Terrorism, Friendship, Life, Death, Environment, Wildlife, Mother, Father, Children, Parenthood, Humanity, Social Cause, Women empowerment, Poverty, Lovers, Brotherhood. This Book has nearly 2160 differently titled Poems authored by the Indian Poet and almost a 187000 lines in it.

11 Free Poetry E-Book

Free Poetry E-Book

Nikhil Parekh | Poetry


Download this Poetry E-Book which has 62 differently titled Poems on - GOD, Peace, Love, Anti-Terrorism, Friendship, Life, Death, Environment, Wildlife, Mother, Father, Children, Parenthood, Humanity, Social Cause , Women empowerment, Poverty, Lovers, Brotherhood. This E-Book which is for the victorious promotional sake has been published by Poemhunter.com - The World's Poetry Archive.

12 Grammar of Life, Poetry of Living

Grammar of Life, Poetry of Living

Santosh Jha | Psychology


If you feel, honesty is musical, simplicity is sweet, reality is multidimensional and life-living is experiences optimization process; this eBook is for you. However, it is only half a book; remaining half shall happen after you shape up its emergence. Melody, rhythm, verve emerge, as you willfully orchestrate them. Magic awaits you in 2022; beyond. Grammar and poetry have been laid out. Step in.Exhausted, bitter; probably a bit down, after prolonged stretch of chaos and gloom! You are looking for novel, alternative life-living experiences, choices! The current madness is deep; remedial wisdom is complex and clarity of insight mired in mist of fake realities. This eBook is a process of simplifying solutions in melodious, lovable ways, with a magical togetherness, never engineered before.

13 Patrick's Dark Poetry

Patrick's Dark Poetry

Patrick A. Walston | Poetry


This is a small collection of my Dark Poetry. I wish I could tell you life is all cheerful but then I would be lying to you. This is the reality in which I see the world. You can love it or you can hate it, but the fact of the matter is that it’s out of my hands.

14 Book Of Poetry

Book Of Poetry

CW | Poetry


This book is a collection poems I have written. My poems are about my life, my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, and poems about things I love. I love to write poetry it's a favorite hobby of mine. I express my feelings and emotions through my poems.

15 Poetry Collection

Poetry Collection

Angela K. Brown | Poetry


Anthology of literaruture about culutural issues in today's society.

16 Stones Before The Ocean | A Worship Poetry Anthology

Stones Before The Ocean | A Worship Poetry Anthology

Various - Edited by Daniel Paul Gilbert | Poetry


Stones Before The Ocean is an anthology of poetry for use in prayer and worship, featuring over 200 poems from modern and classic poets.

17 eBook of Poetry

eBook of Poetry

Reagan | Poetry


This are some of my original poems!

18 Other Poetry

Other Poetry

Khe lem | Poetry


Khe Iem often deals with the reliability and indefiniteness of the narrator and the reliability of what is being narrated. This experience, partly is the result of the blurring of boundaries in our media-saturated age. It is a central theme in the Khe Iem’s work done seriously and sometimes even comically, as in his poem about a Budweiser beer commercial, which illustrates the attempts of advertisers to enter our unconscious. Poet Frederick Feirstein

19 The Heart And Mind Presents: Speaking Images

The Heart And Mind Presents: Speaking Images

Jorge Robleto, Jennifer Husen, 7, Katy Mendez, Sam | Poetry


Poetry has the power to ignite sparks in the heart and mind. To open the mind to exploration and imagination. To soften the heart to emotions and feelings, and to create a world where there are no limitations. Alongside every poem there is an image provided by some of the most gifted photographer’s around. It is this collaboration of poetry and photography that makes this book unique. We hope you enjoy it. May it inspire you to create your own art and expand your mind. -The Heart And Mind

20 World Stories _ The Sun and the Moon

World Stories _ The Sun and the Moon

Theodora Oniceanu | Classic Literature


This book has been written in 2020 an is a result of the (Covid-19) pandemic restrictions. Not having much to do with boredom but with ways of entertaining our brains, ourselves and why not extract some wisdom and knowledge, I thought nice a try to create a collection of myths and legends, folk-stories and not only to which to add a special section of poetry on the sun and the moon. Hopefully you will enjoy this collection and, why not, use it for your own researches. *This collection gathers information found on the internet. Each source was cited and linked. **Poetry of my own was included. © All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu

21 Poems for the Free

Poems for the Free

Robert Henryson | Self-Improvement


Dr. Henryson is a retired physician and an avid student of physics and astronomy.In his earlier years, he put himself through school giving planetarium lectures at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. It was the encouragement of his wife and his son, Dean Henryson, that these verses came to fruition on these pages.All too seldom a poet newly arrived on the literary scene will spark in his readers a sudden and surprising flame of déjà vu, of “Ah, yes, I’ve been here, felt this way before!” Here in the pages of Poems for the Free, Robert Henryson’s second published collection, you too will discover stimulating and evocative poetry by so rare and gifted a wordsmith, verses that elicit introspection and its ample rewards.