New Year Book Collection

December 31, 1969

Discover the fascinating and inspirational stories of famous people from all walks of life. This collection is perfect for new year! 

1 Enter New Year A New You

Enter New Year A New You

Santosh Jha | Self-Improvement


Five simple steps, which can make us a super person, endowed with required skills and personal resources to: Solve our problems; Be a winner in life situations; Be great in love and relationships; Have a personal spiritual wellness model and Accept a worldview that makes us cool and collected, to have a happier and better New Year 2017. The book has been revised and new contents added.

2 10 Life Lessons on How to Find Your Why Now and Achieve Ultimate Success

10 Life Lessons on How to Find Your Why Now and Achieve Ultimate Success

John Di Lemme | Self Teaching


Your Why is your ultimate purpose in life. It's the reason that you get out of bed every morning and face the day. Your Why is the foundation for your life. If you don't know your Why, then you are building your life on an unstable foundation that will crumble when you are faced with adversity and other challenges. This book will teach you how to find your Why and how your Why shapes your entire life. You will be absolutely amazed how finding you

3 Detox to Lose Weight by Christmas

Detox to Lose Weight by Christmas

Ceci Lopez | Health


This ebook will tell you HOW YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT by Christmas, and not only would you lose weight, but will end up healthier than ever. Don't make another failed New Year's resolution. ACT NOW! Look good at the office Christmas party. You just need to know how and you just need to take that step.

4 Maddy Rockx

Maddy Rockx

Rex Johnson | Humor


Kristy Stanford is a nineteen year old girl with plenty of sass. On returning to her hometown of Rivers Landing, from College in Melbourne, she finds her father struggling to make ends meet doing occasional day trips, on his ageing Paddleboat Maddy. Not one to dwell Kristy decides to have a shot at kick starting the business. After convincing her father to renovate Maddy, she organizes an eight day Christmas/New Year’s, Rock n Roll cruise to three river towns along Australia’s Murray River. Little did Kristy realize that the upcoming voyage would surpass her wildest dreams and outdo anything she had hope.

5 Speed Up Metabolism to Maximum Overdrive; Tips, Techniques, and Strategies for Boosting Your Metabolism - Permanent Heal

Speed Up Metabolism to Maximum Overdrive; Tips, Techniques, and Strategies for Boosting Your Metabolism - Permanent Heal

Terry D. Clark | Fitness


Okay, the holidays are over and it's a 'New Year' once again. Time to get down to business... And lose those love handles plus the unwanted pounds. But, how do you find the right healthy weight loss plan that's right for your busy life style? Well, You must first speed up the metabolism. Your metabolism isn't burning calories at a constant rate as it should. The rate can change and you can help to control it! You can easily reshape your metabolism to burn calories at a rate you've never experience before. Do you have a "Slow" metabolism? The truth is, no one has a slow metabolism the way you might think. But there's good news -- anyone can speed up their metabolism and lose the weight the healthy way permanently! Read more inside....

6 Two Dreams and One Call

Two Dreams and One Call

Mike Bozart | Flash Fiction


The amazing one in the Big Apple, Al Nino, calls the pain-ridden, lowly author on New Year's Eve (2018), and launches a zinger-filled inquisition in reference to two bizarre dreams. Are they linked? To whom or what?

7 Love and Sadness (All You Breathed, I Can't Breathe)

Love and Sadness (All You Breathed, I Can't Breathe)

Robert Garcia | Poetry


The Sadness of love. Breathing, coming to an end....with her loving colours. A sad, new year....with no of her loving breath

8 Extreme Health Resolution Secrets, Weight loss secrets

Extreme Health Resolution Secrets, Weight loss secrets

Summiya | Health


Let’s be real about it. Physical fitness may be a battle, in particular when you’re trying to be successful at physical and mental wellness and trying to slim down. And like all battles, to succeed you have to discover the winning techniques and employ them. We have to have support and loved ones to help us along the way. We as well understand that the best success is self discipline. We may concur with all this, all the same at the same time it\'s reasonable to remind you of something more substantial than all those things taken together - your health. Extreme Health Resolution Secrets Resolve To Lose Weight Massively Today!

9 Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Pastor Bobby Keating | Religious


King Solomon, the richest and wisest man to have ever lived gives some very specific instructions for handling conflicts in marriage, business, career, parenting, friendship and every other situation in which we find ourselves.

10 Relationships Maintenance

Relationships Maintenance

Siddharth Sharma | Self-Improvement


Introducing Relationships Maintenance. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about relationship resolutions basics, take care of yourself first, learn how to have the benefit of the doubt mentality, change your “blame them” mentality, learn more about the projecting mindset, build compassion, change your mindset thinking before you speak, maintain your own boundaries, use affirmations to stay on course and the benefits of your relationship resolution.



T.M | Religious


Sometimes, you might wonder if the teachings and lessons of the Bible have meaning in your life today. You might also wonder if you have time a better relationship with yourself, others and with God. This is actually the most perfect time for you to consider empowering your spirituality by starting to live a life with God always in your heart and mind. Always consider the kind of relationship that you have with Him and with the people around you.With regards to resolutions, particularly failed resolutions, most people get caught up in the past mistakes and failures so much that they spiritually paralyze themselves. You have to keep in mind that you are human and you can always make mistake.