Must-Read Memoirs

September 7, 2018

While a great novel can be engaging, there's nothing quite like a true story. Isn't it?

A memoir shares the most personal part of someone's live through their writing. Sometimes these stories are hilarious, heartbreaking, painful, horrifying, or a combination of all. The best can make you laugh, cry, reflect and even learn.

We put together our best books on memoirs that deserve to be on your reading list!

1 Complete Memoirs of Casanova

Complete Memoirs of Casanova

Jacques Casanova de Seingalt | Biography


The biography of famous 18th Century Italian adventurer, Casanova(1725-1798).

2 Memoirs of a Bitch

Memoirs of a Bitch

Twisted Sister Suki | Erotica


If being a bitch was an Olympic sport, Judith Chambers would win gold every time. Stealing other women's husbands comes natural to her, so naturally she's hired a Private Investigator to help her select the perfect candidate. She'll change her look, her accent, her nationality - there's no length Judith won't go to in order to satisfy her twisted appetites. So what dark secrets do Judith Chambers harbor? Some say she's a witch, some say she's made a pact with the devil, and some say she is the devil in female form. The first in a brand new genre called Psycho Romance, Memoirs of a Bitch is erotic, erratic, and downright sacrilegious - unlike anything you've ever read before. Love her or hate her, just don't turn your back on her - EVER! The Sequel, Return of the Bitch, is now available from Amazon and all leading stockists.

3 Lots and Lots of Sugar: A Memoir of South Africa

Lots and Lots of Sugar: A Memoir of South Africa

Mary Wadsworth-Cooke | Biography


Join Maria in her bittersweet telling of a South African woman’s coming of age: Of dawn patrols as a child with her Oupa (grandpa) for rogue lion in the bush veldt; of mischievous boarding school life with its insatiable prankishness; of a hitchhiking tour in cold war Europe, sweet romance, political intrigue and tragedy. Then, back again in Africa, caught in the horror of the Congolese uprising and thence to America.

4 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle | Mystery Classics


The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, originally published in 1894, by Arthur Conan Doyle.

5 Memoirs of the Comtesse Du Barry

Memoirs of the Comtesse Du Barry

Baron Etienne Leon Lamothe-Langon | Biography


A popular courtesan in Paris creates false documents in order to marry into royalty.

6 Cecilia: Memoirs of an Heiress

Cecilia: Memoirs of an Heiress

Frances Burnay | Romance Classics


Part 1

7 Refuse To Be Silenced

Refuse To Be Silenced

Kelsey Purcell | Self-Improvement


Refuse To Be Silenced is a memoir of my personal experience going through finding a great love, then realizing it was all a lie. The man I once knew had been wearing a mask, covering his true character from me and the rest of the world. One night, he takes off the mask to reveal his dark monster. This dark monster subjected me to months of verbal, emotional and sexual abuse until I finally found my escape. This is my story, but I know there are many others who have experienced or are experiencing similar situations, and I hope this book can inspire them to get out and thrive on their own. To other victims out there: know you are not alone and know you can refuse to be silenced.

8 Accounts from an old Ledger

Accounts from an old Ledger

George Loukas | Biography


A series of short memoirs starting from my very early school years,(G.P.S.) through secondary education, (Delinquents), through university studies in London, England,(3, Wetherby), through my many, intimate, precious and not so precious friendships, through my life and occupation in Cairo, Egypt, through my many professional difficulties and the "Vortex" of my final business failure and lastly, a memoir of a business trip to a town in northern Greece called Katerini.

9 The Memoirs of Louis XIV

The Memoirs of Louis XIV

Elizabeth-Charlotte | Biography


Madame Elizabeth-Charlotte's account of the life of King Louis XIV, who reigned over France and Navarre between 1643 and 1715.

10 The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

James Hogg | Horror Classics


This FREE e-Book features a famous tale by famed Scottish writer, James Hogg. It is about Robert, who having committed a series of heinous but supposedly justified crimes, finally takes his own life. Download it now!

11 Reflections of an Artist

Reflections of an Artist

K. E. Ward | Short Stories


Reflections of an Artist is a memoir about my creativity, heartbreaks, mental illness, and recovery. In it you will find memories of broken hearts, my love for the late musician Kurt Cobain, and survival. As a Seattleite I tend to have fond feelings for him, and I believe he was important enough to me to include him in a short reflection of my life story. Kurt Cobain was my greatest love, more than anyone else who has ever broken my heart. I will always love him. He was my truest love.

12 The Idol of Paris

The Idol of Paris

Sarah Bernhardt | Memoirs & Biography


Memoir of the great actress/courtesan

13 Notes from the Underground

Notes from the Underground

Fyodor Dostoevsky | Fiction Classics


Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground is a psychological study of the deepest darkest skeletons in the closet of the human mind.

14 ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds

ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds

justin spring | Biography


ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds is a fast-paced, sometimes troubling memoir of a seven year period spent by the author and psychic Alice Hickey in trying to unwind a skein of bewildering psychic events that had almost cost the author his mind. That effort sends them ricocheting back and forth between Sarasota, Tavernier Key, Panama, Santa Monica, Sedona, and the San Blas Islands and then, finally, back in time to the dawn of the human race. This is a totally new look at the roots of human consciousness, the psychic roots of poetry, the early Mother Goddess period, and our constantly evolving consciousness, but even more, it is a moving story about a deep friendship that blossomed unexpectedly on the unruly border between the two worlds.

15 The Queen's Escape, Memoirs of a Lightworker

The Queen's Escape, Memoirs of a Lightworker

Paula Liebe | Biography


Paula Liebe is a successful Dutch businesswoman who escapes her boring corporate career and boldly moves to the Mexican Riviera Maya to study the Mayan prophesies, become a yoga teacher and start a spiritual center. Paula also escapes the pain from her childhood abuse in continued battles with her addictions. She has traveled to India to learn about the spiritual teachings of yoga. She has traveled to Brazil to study the ceremonial and shamanic use of the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca. Now that she has found her new home in Playa del Carmen, it looks like she is able to tackle her last demons with her therapist. Continuously in search for her true love, it is clear that she needs to reveal the secret about the relationship with her business partner, a secret that holds the key to her healing process. With a raw, sexy and humorous style, Paula Liebe describes her life that reads like a sensual, spiritual and adventurous novel, but is in fact a true story.

16 Against the Grain

Against the Grain

David Parsons | Biography


As a blogger the short stories and memoirs of David 'Big Dave' Parsons have received in excess 500,000 reads to date. True tales of his time in prison, days as a drug dealer and life post leaving it all behind. The KP team have looked through over 5 years worth of blogs and hand picked the top 40. Each story has been tweaked as well as tidied up for publishing and for those familiar with the blogs of Big Dave there has been new detail added. is proud to present; Against The Grain - 40 blogs from Big Dave.

17 Up from Slavery: An Autobiography

Up from Slavery: An Autobiography

B.T. Washington | Biography


Long revered as one of the greatest American autobiographies ever written by the 19th Century African-American businessman, activist, and educator, Booker T. (Taliaferro) Washington. Download the FREE e-Book version today!