Mother's Day Reading List!

May 6, 2021

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This special day, you can give your mom chocolates and flowers, that's a lovely, but sadly a temporary present. This Mother's Day, consider gifting your mom a Book. Books are gifts they can open over and over again!

To help you on your quest, we've compiled a list of Book recommendations from fiction and non-fiction to celebrate the astounding miracle of motherhood. These titles also feature some of the most unforgettable mothers from the world of literature. Some of them are endearing and loving, while others are downright manipulative, cold and cruel. Either way, these stories will make you want to hug your own mom and thank her. 

1 Her own Daughter

Her own Daughter

Lacey Ann Carrigan | Sci-fi Fantasy


In the near future, a wealthy baseball player's wife will go to any lengths to experience motherhood. With her husband's reluctant help and the aid of the mysterious organization Lifewind, she is cloned and another woman carries her baby to term. But should some things just never be? Suella nearly drives her daughter Natalie to the brink of insanity through her attempts to live vicariously through her. In the end "Her Own Daughter" asks the question: can someone be sued for wrongful birth?

2 Mom Letters

Mom Letters

Jack Brackitt | Humor


This comedy novel reports on a Chicago family’s life in one year. It’s funny, but not insipid. Well, maybe it's three percent insipid. Anyway, you will learn a lot about living in Chicago--what it’s like to ride an L train, walk through the Loop, eat at hole-in-the-wall restaurants, etc. If you like Chicago and kids, you’ll really like Mom Letters. It's FREE, and ready for download now!

3 Love Letters

Love Letters

Shirley Sehorn | Religious


One woman's experience of God.

4 Mom Knows

Mom Knows

Samuel Ufot Ekekere | Parenting/Children


This is one book every parent want their children to read. Your child wants to know about you and this book reveals everything about a great mom. You are a mama, your child must read this.

5 Mom's Letters

Mom's Letters

EKEKERE SAMUEL UFOT | Parenting/Children


This book is for every great mom. If you value your child, you must read this. It is the one stop letter book that reveals all the things your child wishes you knew. Read it with zest.

6 Mom's Favorite Family Recipes

Mom's Favorite Family Recipes

Recipe Masters | Food/Recipes


Nobody cooks like Mom, right? Close your eyes and you can almost taste those familiar childhood dishes, and now you can recreate them yourself! Mom’s Favorite Family Recipes is filled with dishes that will send you on a free trip down memory lane.

7 Mother


Owen Wister | Short Stories Classics


It was for this reason that we all yearned in our middle-aged way for the tale of love which we expected from young Richard. He, on his part, repeated the hope that by the time his turn to tell a story was reached we should be tired of stories and prefer to spend the evening at the card tables or in the music room.

8 Kangaroo Mothering

Kangaroo Mothering

World Health Organization | Psychology & Culture


Recommendations for mothering in poverty situations

9 River Mother

River Mother

justin spring | Fiction


RIVER MOTHER: the Face of the Sphinx is a fictional autobiography of an extraordinary Nubian female shaman/leader whose face becomes the face of the Sphinx. The story is set in the Proto-Egyptian Mother Goddess period c. 6000 B.C. and is told by River Mother herself. She begins by describing her birth and early life in a hunter/gatherer tribe in Nubia and then the shamanic training and prophetic visions that eventually drive her to journey to the Nile delta where she becomes a great visionary leader whose impact on the lives of the delta’s inhabitants eventually bring them to honor her as a living Goddess by carving her face on a cliff in Giza.

10 A Mother's Guide to Clean Living in a Dirty Universe

A Mother's Guide to Clean Living in a Dirty Universe

Maïa | Miscellaneous


This highly controversial, imaginary "handbook/guide" for any with determination enough to combat EVIL with an exclusively GOOD-doing life is, I’m "told," intended as a primer for a single-gendered species of female sentient beings (or the surviving half of a previously 2-gendered race), who somehow know of it and are awaiting its completion. Supposedly, to be in time for their exodus to a pristine planet where they will be enabled, with this Guide’s help (how acquired, I’ve no idea!), to establish a way of life that EVIL cannot taint. Suspend your disbelief for a bit and see what a peaceful world could be like, if single-genered humans of the female persuasion were running it. Love and hugs, maïa

11 Journey Untold My Mother's Struggle with Mental Illness

Journey Untold My Mother's Struggle with Mental Illness

Yassin S. Hall and Loán C. Sewer | Youth


Journey Untold will make you laugh, make you cry, and most importantly spark a conversation about how people can cope with life’s challenges. Do you need motivation? Dealing with mental illness, depression, sexual assault, domestic abuse, divorce and life struggles, be inspired to keep on going and becoming a success.

12 Mother Knows Best - A Novella

Mother Knows Best - A Novella

Netta Newbound | Mystery


An Edge of your Seat Psychological Thriller Novella All her life twenty-two-year-old Ruby Fitzroy’s annoyingly over-protective mother has believed the worst will befall one of her two daughters. Sick and tired of living in fear, Ruby arranges a date without her mother’s knowledge. On first impressions, charming and sensitive Cody Strong seems perfect. When they visit his home overlooking the Welsh coast, she meets his delightful father Steve and brother Kyle. But it isn’t long before she discovers all is not as it seems. After a shocking turn of events, Ruby’s world is blown apart. Terrified and desperate, she prepares to face her darkest hour yet. Will she ever escape this nightmare?

13 Daughter of the Light

Daughter of the Light

Louise Andersen | Fiction


Never having known quite where she belongs or even who she is, Enilia faces cold terror when she wakes up to find out that Elior left. After all, he is where she belongs, who she is, he is her everything and she has never been without him before. She sets out alone to find him again, never caring that it's quite dangerous for a young woman to ride alone across Laru in these times as the Dark is once again rising. Torn between the human race and the ainatunarit, hiding a secret that might get her brother killed if revealed, Enilia begins an adventure she couldn't have never imagined. She meets the ainatunari whom she always longed to know. Her father's people. Elior's people. Finally, along like-minded people she finds that she still has to find out just who she is, not really ainatunari, not really human. She is a Jani. A half. Falling in love twice in one week doesn't help. First the calm, the perfect one. The man she knew before in many lives...

14 Mom's Guide to Breastfeeding

Mom's Guide to Breastfeeding

| Parenting/Children


Download this FREE e-Book full of useful tips on breastfeeding. Download it today!

15 Top 25 Online Businesses for Moms

Top 25 Online Businesses for Moms

Alycia Cheatham | Business


Today there are millions of mothers who consider becoming stay at home moms. For some families however, it is simply impossible to survive on only one income. Download this FREE e-Book, and discover how it is possible to successfully handle both roles—that of a stay at home mom, while being an income-generating home-based entrepreneur at the same time. Download it today!

16 The Anxious Mom

The Anxious Mom

Mandy Pagano | Religious


Do you struggle with fear for your children? Do you feel anxious? Do you wish you could keep them in a bubble in order to protect them? If you answered yes, allow the scriptural truths of The Anxious Mom to calm your heart and give you perspective about trusting God. Walk step-by-step with a mom who sought out God's Word to calm her fearful heart and remind her of the Truth that God is in control, even when her frantic thoughts feel so out of control.

17 Go With the Fear!

Go With the Fear!

Sally Edwards - My Life as a Mom and Stand-up Come | Humor


"Go With The Fear! - My Life as a Mom and Stand Up Comedian" by clean female comedian Sally Edwards. This is a very funny book that inspires! Sally Edwards overcomes paralyzing stage fright to develop her unique gift of "finding the funny" on the stand-up comedy stage. Experiencing an unsettling childhood, Sally lives her teenage years at an all-girls' Catholic boarding school where she first discovers her gift of humor. The birth of Sally's three children with Zanies' Comedy Club Executive Vice President, Bert Haas, inspires a wealth of funny stories with a positive and uplifting message!

18 Why I killed myself

Why I killed myself

Anne Adefesobi | Fiction


I trusted. I screamed. I pleaded. I was in pain. I called for help. I was all alone I was in pain all alone. I looked at the darkness that surrounded me and wondered if it leveled up to the darkness that lived in me. I wanted peace. I wanted to rest. I had no power on my life any longer because baby Joan was now the one controlling every second of it. Digesting in the darkness that surrounded me for the last time, I silently told Mom how sorry I was and struggled until the life was drained out of me.

19 The Life and Deaths of Crispin Lacey

The Life and Deaths of Crispin Lacey

Barbara Bretana | Fiction


My mom and I ran from my abusive father. On a bus. It crashed into a semi-truck. Everyone died. Including me. But, I didn't stay dead. I met a kid named Crispin. Crispin Lacey and he had been murdered in 1834. reborn and murdered again and again until it was my turn. When I came back, I had to help him break the cycle of our murders in my time so it didn't happen anymore.

20 Finding Me Love's Not Easy Series Book One

Finding Me Love's Not Easy Series Book One

Nicole Rickman | Drama


Aimee Pittman lost her mother as a child and has always dreamed of going to her mother’s home country Neahovia. When she was accepted to Ancaster University in Neahovia, her dream became a reality. She shares a flat with her best friend Piper and six of Piper’s childhood friends. When Aimee decides to do research on her mom’s past she unveils some shocking things about her mom and is clueless about those who are following her and trying to prevent her from finding out her family's secrets. Can Aimee and her friends find themselves amidst the madness that surrounds them? Can they learn the lessons God is trying to teach them? Read and enjoy as Aimee and her friends go in search of Finding Me.

21 The Pregnant Women

The Pregnant Women

Terry Clark | Health


If you are an expecting mom, the first trimester is one of the most tiring and stressful periods of your pregnancy and during this portion of your pregnancy (morning sickness, constipation, breast tenderness,headaches, etc.) and various of other pains when pregnant. Discover the best tips and advice all about pregnancy to eliminate discomfort and stress that brings to your body once and for all.

22 Letter to an Angel

Letter to an Angel

Chrys Romeo | Short Stories


Do you believe in angels? Here is a story that will make you believe.

23 Annie's Angel

Annie's Angel

Grace Carberry Froncko | Youth


When tragedy strikes Annie's family, it is up her angel to help her, her family, and community understand the meaning of faith. Sometimes all that is needed is a little help to believe, a whisper in the wind, an invisible hug; or perhaps thousands of snow angels for a whole town to see! Download this FREE e-Book, and witness how one little girl and her guardian angel teach a grieving family and a town to believe; and that all that it takes is a little snow and a miracle to help show them the way.

24 One Thousand Women, None Like You

One Thousand Women, None Like You

Alejandro Mujica-Olea | Poetry


Love poems in two languages-Spanish and English.

25 Little Women

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott | Children's Classics


The March sisters, Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth, survive poverty and the absence of their father during the Civil War.

26 Daughter of the Morning

Daughter of the Morning

Kara Parsons | Sci-fi Fantasy


The story centres around the quest to free a the demon that haunts Windsor Great Park and the search of a young woman to find herself.

27 Wives and Daughters

Wives and Daughters

Elizabeth Gaskell | Drama Classics


The Classic book Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. The manner in which this novel came together is very interesting. First off, the story was published in the Cornhill Magazine in various parts over the course of two years: 1864-1866. Then the author passed away right before it was finished. So a new author, Frederick Greenwood had to complete the story. That which revolves around the young Molly Gibson which is being raised by father.

28 Mother Carey's Chickens

Mother Carey's Chickens

Kate Douglas Wiggin | Children's Classics


The classic book, Mother Carey's Chickens, by Kate Douglas Wiggin.

29 The Pastor's Wife

The Pastor's Wife

Elizabeth Von Armin | Fiction


I was delighted by The Pastor’s Wife by Elizabeth von Arnim, the second book I read as part of Rachel and Carolyn‘s Virago Reading Week. In the hands of any other writer, anyone who lacks von Arnim’s light touch and gift for clever humor, this would have been a tiresome tragedy about a woman stifled by first her father and then her husband before finally being exploited by an egotistical artist. Happily, this is not that book.

30 For My Wife

For My Wife

Greta Krafsig | Short Stories


The story of a man's first and only love.

31 His Unknown Wife

His Unknown Wife

Louis Tracy | Romance Classics


The classic book, Twelve Years A Slave, by Solomon Northup.

32 There Goes the Brainstem: Tales from the Trenches of Early Motherhood

There Goes the Brainstem: Tales from the Trenches of Early Motherhood

Elizabeth Bonet, PhD | Parenting/Children


If you want a motherhood book including the Two Bonus Chapters and want to laugh some AND want to get some great tips (like Thirteen Top Tips!) including how to get your partner to watch the kids without putting up a fuss and my best home-made play-dough recipe (which will save you waayyyyyy more then $5 in the long-run), then download "There goes the Brainstem!" It’s just for fun! But it’s also useful information.

33 Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen | Romance Classics


The beautiful, young Elizabeth falls in love with Mr. Darcy, but he must control his pride while she tries to overcome her prejudice.

34 Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary

Gustave Flaubert | Fiction Classics


Emma Bovary and her reviled husband are at breakfast on the morning of Emma's last day alive. As they bicker, scenes from Emma's past are called to mind and played out with all the passion for which Flaubert's novel is famous.

35 Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina

Leo Tolstoy | Romance Classics


Anna is unhappy with her marriage to a powerful politician, and when she falls in love with a dashing young officer, she must endure the criticism of others.

36 The Railway Children

The Railway Children

E. Nesbit | Children's Classics


The classic book, The Railway Children, by E. Nesbit.

37 Bleak House

Bleak House

Charles Dickens | Fiction Classics


Multiple people compete to become the beneficiary of a will in the court case, Jarndyce v Jarndyce.

38 The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Anne Brontë | Romance Classics


The classic book, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, by Anne Brontë.