Most Popular Authors: Drama

August 4, 2020

If you love drama or the idea of anything that could give you a ride on a roller coaster of emotions then, you should check out our list of Best Drama Books listed below...

"What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out".     

—Alfred Hitchcock

1 Hoopte Gobbledygook

Hoopte Gobbledygook

Sebastian Livaracci | Drama


It is 2 AM in the dead of the night. The residents of Swington should be fast asleep. There is a curfew in place due to the flu pandemic. It should be another routine night. Except it isn't. The immigrant Rukus siblings have other plans. They have woken up the whole neighbourhood. Dawn is fast approaching. And they are not making any sense.

2 The Downtown Massive

The Downtown Massive

Austin Mitchell | Drama


Errol Douse went to prison for slashing up Shorty Paul. Now that he has paid for his crimes, will these men leave him in peace or will they force him to join Bobby Deacon’s syndicate and take up the gun again?• Bobby Deacon was running a thriving syndicate when he was forced out by Coltrane and betrayed by Shadow. He’s now lying low as he builds up his forces for a push on Coltrane and take his revenge on Shadow for his treachery. Shadow, the former top-ranking Don, lost his hold on power when he allowed Coltrane to operate freely in his areas. Now he’s sliding down the ranking ladder, can he find a way to regain his hold on power? Jamaican gangs are locked in a battle for control of the protection business in Downtown, Kingston.

3 Psychodick


Bryan Murphy | Drama


Paul Rand was destined to be England's next Prime Minister. Until a bullet in the brain stopped him. Can Micah Shaymo, psychic detective, bring his killer to justice?

4 Good Girl

Good Girl

Norman Hall | Drama


Twenty-three-year-old Jessica Anne Khalid, alone and penniless, thinks she has reached rock bottom. But within forty-eight hours things will go from bad to worse. In the face of extreme adversity, she summons up the courage to take back control. Abandoning what little she has left, including her identity, she sets out to seek a better life. Elsewhere, lonely widower and retired army officer Peter Jeffries, stricken by grief and racked with guilt, contemplates his limited future alone. When their paths cross, she discovers a kindred spirit, he sees his last chance to make amends, and together they learn the true meaning of unconditional love.

5 Liberation's Garden

Liberation's Garden

DJ Rankin | Drama


A work of fiction from the frontline of the socio-ecological revolution. Miles is lost in a world he doesn't believe in. Paralyzed by the enormity of our situation and resigned to a life of inaction. Then a brief moment sparks his exploration into the folds of the Great Mystery. He learns what it means to live in a good way, how to carry abundance in his heart while shedding the illusion of scarcity, and through the journey, becomes an active participant in his own life. This book has it all. Action. Adventure. Comedy. Romance. Water Protectors. Deep philosophical meanderings and mystical nonsense. Plus frybread. The weights of the world are heavy, there's a lot of work to be done, let's get to it already.

6 Eye Of A Doughboy: 28 Grams

Eye Of A Doughboy: 28 Grams

ExcuseMe Legend aka Doughboy Wee | Drama


Jamal, the neighborhood drug dealer, took 28 grams of dog food and built himself an EMPIRE! He hoped to never look back... Sounds like a plan, but that plan comes to an abrupt halt when the FEDS show up at his doorstep. The FEDS came to him bringing up troubling events from Jamal's past...Murders and drug deals look even worse when caught on tape!But, that's not the only problem Jamal is facing.For Jamal, death always seems to be parked right around the corner. He tries his best to stay a step ahead. Twists and turns make it hard for Jamal to stay focused, so hard that the FEDS and their tapes become the least of Jamal's problems!

7 Death In Love

Death In Love

Zin Murphy | Drama


A compelling story of everyday death, life and love in a time of war.

8 Goodbye, Padania

Goodbye, Padania

Bryan Murphy | Drama


A young woman strives to break free of her grim past and avoid a bloody future. Amid the death agonies of a pariah state, Daria Rigoletti transforms herself from contract killer to people-smuggler to cult leader, but circumstances combine against her attempts to break free of violence. Will the mysterious Mercurio help her – if she doesn’t kill him first? Can anyone else reignite her human feelings and her passion for love and life?

9 A Diet To Kill For

A Diet To Kill For

Bryan Murphy | Drama


A riveting tale of a not-so-distant future in which what you eat is who you are. And loyalty depends on sharing or refusing to share, blood. Literally. Dark Future, good reading.

10 Deadly Sin

Deadly Sin

Magali Fuentes | Drama


Hayley has dedicated her life to destroying the life of her stepson Noah Spears. She made it so that his kids would get taken away. Can Noah get his family back before its too late?

11 Tommo Records

Tommo Records

LenaHarrysAngel | Drama


What happens when Louis Tomlison, CEO of Tommo Records, meet one of the new trainees? What happens when Harry encounters a long-gone person? What happens when Louis' Girlfriend tells him some unexpected news?

12 Revolution Number One

Revolution Number One

Zin Murphy | Drama


1970s Portugal. As revolution turns the world upside down, Ed loses his wife, his business and his money. Then an evil cult takes his best friend. Ed is desperate to get them back. Can he do it? At what cost?

13 Madeleine's Drug

Madeleine's Drug

Bryan Murphy | Drama


The future: work is a luxury, mating a duty and sex a drug. What will you take to survive?

14 For the Love of Freedom

For the Love of Freedom

DJ Vallone | Drama


The foundations of American freedom are shaken in this story about politics and journalism in Michigan. Chip Halick, a journalist on the political beat, discovers secrets about the popular governor that can potentially destroy his reputation, and put his "New Freedom" agenda at risk. Faced with the possibility of having his past indiscretions detailed in the newspaper, the governor launches an attack in a manner completely contradictory to his public image and platform. Having made a career out of championing the cause of freedom, he is suddenly snared in a trap of his own making. DJ Vallone is an author of contemporary fiction. This is his second novel.

15 Uptown Lovers-Book Two

Uptown Lovers-Book Two

Austin Mitchell | Drama


Morgana is on the verge of returning Stewart's engagement ring to him and Bobbette has announced marriage plans. Stewart doesn't mind those setbacks in his love life as April has returned home and he has just found a new young girl.

16 Undercover Soldier Part One

Undercover Soldier Part One

Austin Mitchell | Drama


Bendoo is sent on a mission to Wareika Hills, to infiltrate a gang of wanted men hiding out there. On his way there he intervenes in a quarrel between Lorena, the daughter of a drug kingpin, Gus Mc Creed and his foster son, Fred Billings. He is hardly there long enough when he realizes that maybe the mission is beyond him. But the word fear or danger has no meaning in Bendoo’s vocabulary. That’s why he was sent on this deadly mission.

17 Yesterday, Starring A Woman Named California Red

Yesterday, Starring A Woman Named California Red

Joseph Robinson | Drama


A Drama and Dark Comedy in Two Acts. California Red has just been struck by the hideous news that her older brother, George, has just gunned down forty people at his place of work. He kills forty people and then himself. This story follows the life of California as she comes to terms with this nasty event in human history.

18 Offshore Islands

Offshore Islands

John Francis Kinsella | Drama


Forces driven by market frenzy and the explosion of Internet technologies created phenomenal wealth in virtual money. At the same time inconceivably large sums of money were derived from crime and drugs with criminal organisations laundering their ill gotten gains via the world’s banking and financial institutions. Virtual reality was never so real and never so ephemeral as on offshore islands, amongst them Ireland and Cuba, where Tony Arrowsmith and his Irish cousin, Pat Kennedy, are drawn into an incontrollable situation.

19 Murder By Suicide

Murder By Suicide

Bryan Murphy | Drama


A gripping, illusion-free look at people we license to kill. A rare visitor to a hospice near Rome draws out macabre reminiscences from inmate Franco Tira, whose life changed when the day-to-day business of disposing of dissidents got personal. Who is the mysterious visitor, and what is his purpose? Has the former secret agent's past caught up with him at last?

20 The Plan

The Plan

John Francis Kinsella | Drama


With the euphoria of the American elections past and the world struggling to come to grips with the financial panic, which seemed about to overwhelm it, Pat O’Connelly returns to Dublin. The contrast between the city's bleak landscape and the bright skies of Miami could not have been starker. As his taxi made its way through the city center, the Christmas lights, which still decorated the streets, gave off a strange glare in the early evening fog. The driver sniffed and mumbled that they ‘would do little feckin good for the working man, with jobs melting away like good Irish butter on toast’.

21 I Am Not My Brother's Keeper

I Am Not My Brother's Keeper

Amelia Bradford | Drama


This is a true story about children hurt by their own parents. It's about not doing the easy thing, the common thing, and turning away, and it's about the long, hard, expensive fight to do what's right. It's a success story, too, (if that's the right phrase) about a family torn apart, about parents prosecuted, convicted and jailed and children given another chance. It's the story of a flawed justice system that, for all its errors, all its faults, in this case, did what we hope it will. It's about what the words - family, love and responsibility - really mean, and, most of all, it's an example for those of us who care about kids enough to do more than talk about it.

22 Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series

Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series

T.M. Nielsen | Drama


Chevalier, Chief Enforcer of his heku faction, the Equites, is sent on a mission to find why Emily, a beautiful rancher from Montana, is being plagued by blood-thirsty attacks from his kind. Her startling family history and headstrong personality sets the world of the haiku on end as their love grows and the tension between factions intensifies.

23 The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom

Rigby Taylor | Drama


Set in sub-tropical Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, this FREE e-Book is a nail-biting thriller, and a love story in which two young men discover that love is about more than sex. At his new school, Robert has trouble conforming to the expectations of his peers and is severely provoked by a fellow student-- an acolyte of the fundamentalist Headmaster whose dogmatic Old Testament beliefs have led him to the brink of insanity. Relationships, morality, values, courage, friendship, and what it takes to be a “man”, are but some of the themes explored in this gripping tale. When he falls in love, Robert's life falls into place. Until attempts on both young men’s lives force them to take extreme measures, the consequences of which pose an ethical dilemma. Download this FREE e-Book today!

24 Lewis Philips Signature Books - Book 1 - Past Present Future, Book 2 - Image of the Past

Lewis Philips Signature Books - Book 1 - Past Present Future, Book 2 - Image of the Past

Lewis Philips | Drama


In 1973, in Australia, a group of surfers gather for another day of adventure, friendship and adrenaline. This community of testosterone - amped surfers and bikies live on the dangerous side of the law, both by choice and by necessity. But what happens the next day has nothing to do with surfing. A chance discovery is about to change their lives - and end a few of them. Their quest for understanding takes them on a four-decade journey of exploration around the world. Mysticism, spiritualism, drugs, sex and violence are but distractions in their quest to save the Scroll. In the year 2010, the Scroll will give up one of it's many secrets.To read the final chapters download the retitled book - I AM the 0ne - Lewis Philips @ my website.

25 Sebastian


Rigby Taylor | Drama


Sebastian is an enigma. Everyone likes him, but no one knows anything about him. He wears clothes only under protest, but no one seems to mind. To say his home life is unusual would be like saying the Amazon is a stream. Bizarre doesn't even begin to describe his upbringing. He doesn't know who his father was, he's used as a therapist for broken youths, and yet he's managed to remain a 'normal' and thoroughly nice guy; if one is prepared to see beyond his penchant for nudity. In this fast paced tale of criminal intrigue, abductions and mayhem, Sebastian and his boyfriend, Reginald fight for their lives against the big moneyed bad boys. WARNING: Adult Content

26 Dust Bowl Days

Dust Bowl Days

Jamey Nyberg | Drama


Where was Baby Face Nelson after he escaped from jail in Chicago? In this short novel, he is in Oklahoma looking for the Native American who took his loot worth $70,000. Join the search for the twice-stolen money in this story set in Depression Era America. Download it now!

27 A Visitor in Time

A Visitor in Time

Sam I Hamm | Drama


Time doesn't exist, but timing is everything! Sam I Hamm, Nostradamus' Third AntiChrist — the same anti-Christ as predicted in the Bible — is learning this the hard way. It's 1998, and he's supposed to be famous as an author of the year 2000 to ring in the new millennium. What to do? It's the Central Intelligence Agency and Einstein to the rescue! President Clinton sends Einstein forward in time to 1998 to help the confused Hamm studying at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government After Einstein meets Hamm's friends from Brazil, China, South Africa, and Northern Ireland, Hamm takes his friends and Einstein to Mardi Gras aboard a used New City bus.

28 Villainous Aspirations

Villainous Aspirations

Paul Weightman | Drama


Computer crime is the ultimate earner for those ingenious criminal minded characters, who see past the opportunity to make a fast buck here and there. Computer crime accounts for almost 55% of criminal statistics. Imagine if some genius came up with the idea of actually making the ultimate robot! One that could not only think for itself, but could also perform the everyday functions of a normal human being. Now wouldn’t that make you think? And what if things went wrong? What if your creation not only tried to manipulate your life, but that of the entire world’s population? Progress is a wonderful thing, but sometimes, even the most beautiful things in life can turn out to be very sinister!

29 The Final Kiss

The Final Kiss

Honey Kiron | Drama


It is the annual fest of their engineering college and all the 3rd year students including Chloe and Hazel are pumped. But things go terribly wrong when Chloe goes missing. The situation is downplayed due to all the preparations and festivities. Will they find Chloe? Would she be able to reveal the ugly truth behind the incident?

30 When the Lamb Hunts

When the Lamb Hunts

Oma Didi | Drama


This story is set in Nigeria, Africa with attention to the twin plagues of the country: child abuse and child trafficking. Like the protagonist in the story, a lot of children especially young girls are sent away from their homes at very tender ages, to serve as maids to wealthy families. Some of these girls end up being abused by their masters and sometimes the young sons in the family. This is how one girl takes the bull by the horns... read and judge!

31 The Execution

The Execution

Sharon Cramer | Drama


Parallel lives are fated to collide in The Execution, a medieval thriller, dark adventure, and tragic love story set in fourteenth century France. A young priest enters the prison cell of a condemned mercenary and is shocked to see the face of this murderer is his own—a mirror image of himself. Unknown to each other until now, the twins form a bond of brotherhood, sealed with their darkest secrets. But with only hours until the execution, the priest begins to question which man should truly be condemned. Should it be the ruthless killer—a boy from an orphanage who suffered the unimaginable—or himself, the man of God whose own tormented desires ended in tragedy? As the sun rises, the young priest knows what he must do. Only one man will die…but two men will be free.

32 A Mssiah

A Mssiah

Gurmeet Mattu | Drama


This stage play script mixes feminism with the Christ mythos. At Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp in England in the 1980's a charismatic figure rises and gathers followers. Who is she? Does she even know herself?

33 The Testimony

The Testimony

Richard Shekari | Drama


A family of five invites their good neighbour over for dinner. Things get ugly as someone decides to teach them a lesson they will never forget.

34 Angels Against Virgins

Angels Against Virgins

Bryan Murphy | Drama


A young man with a mission: to get himself killed, to subvert the established order in the name of the one true faith. What can come between him and the virgins he has been promised, if not the Angels in his heart? Dark humour lightens this tale of teenage longing taken to the extreme.