Howl at the Moon: Wolves Book List

October 12, 2018

With Halloween around the corner, we have created this list with our Top 10 Wolf-Theme Books,  terrifying stories to enjoy this October. Consider bringing along one of these great books for the night - just be careful of reading them during the full moon. These titles are sure to leave you howling for more.

Here are also a few non-scary books to help you get in the trick-or-treat spirit.  

1 The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild

Jack London | Fiction Classics


A dog named Buck is stolen and forced to work as an Alaskan sled dog, fighting, stealing, and killing in order to survive.

2 The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling | Children's Classics


After getting lost in the jungle, Mowgli is adopted into a family of wolves where he learns Jungle Law, the importance of loyalty, and survival skills.

3 Dracula


Bram Stoker | Horror Classics


Count Dracula is a vampire who terrifies the countryside in his quest for human blood, but the residents soon learn his real identity and vow to destroy him.

4 Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe | Children's Classics


When Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked on a deserted island , he builds a house, grows crops, and saves the life of a native.

5 Devil's Eye

Devil's Eye

Kait Nolan | Free Previews


Trouble. That’s what wolf-shifter Mick thinks when a beautiful woman appears in his New Orleans bar with a hurricane at her back. His first impression is confirmed when Sophie starts asking questions about his missing waitress, Liza. Mick will do anything to rescue a member of the pack he’s made for himself, including forming an unlikely alliance with a woman with a badge.

6 Devil's Secret - Universal Secret (Book 1)

Devil's Secret - Universal Secret (Book 1)

Deepz Ca'aul | Romance


The first book in the Devil's Secret Trilogy. James is am a guardian, born to protect Katherine from the dark evil that wishes to kill her and take over the world. His family was already gone before he could understand the world. He grew up in the largest wolf pack in America. He was raised by one of the first werewolves on earth. This man taught him about life, and under his guidance he grew up to be strong. He lives on after many die, but his only concern is Katherine. Her mortal body needs constant protection from the hounding dogs that haunt her. Lucifer wants both of them dead. His lust for power and revenge push him to the edge of craziness. He wants blood and death all over the world. Katherine and James visit every continent in search for a way to destroy Lucifer and to hide from him. The whole story runs a length of three books as the secret is revealed. By the end the story has taken many turns and it finishes on a high note.

7 Fatal Moon

Fatal Moon

L. E. Perry | Sci-fi Fantasy


When the full moon rises, Carl turns into a wolf, and it's killing him. Literally. Carl, a sixth-year med student, has lycanthropy, and he's losing a lot of weight. He hires Jordan, a surly former classmate, as personal trainer, as he struggles to find a cure. Book one of "Moonphase", an Contemporary Fantasy series that focuses on the challenges of being noble werewolves, creatures left over from alien inter-species gene-splicing experiments. NOTE: new edition as of 5/9, second pass copyediting completed. Also, original copy of book two was "Blood Moon"; the book has been renamed "Kindred Moon".

8 Chronicles of Caledon - Sword of Souls

Chronicles of Caledon - Sword of Souls

Douglas S. Taylor | Free Previews


The Sword of Souls is the first book of the mystifying Chronicles of Caledon. The book introduces the reader to the Caledon world (Caledon Prime) and a brief history of the planet,and how it came to be up to present time is briefly written in the introduction. However, you must read into the book where there are dark passages that clues the reader into more of the rich history adding to the ominous ambience of the series. The book also introduces the people and kingdoms of this distant world as well as setting the stage in a powerfully rich and dynamic saga. The Sword of Souls, named after the very powerful translation of "Talquardez-Solstas" from the language of its mysterious maker that men will literally be driven to madness by their own lusts for power. The Sword of Souls launches just after the fall of the Ramadan tribes by the merciless red bearded Tarvas who invade sparing only the women and the young children in their brutal endeavors of destruction. The book also introduces the main character of the book, a young orphan called Lithius. Lithius manages to miraculously escape from the bondage of the Tarvas warriors and journey down through the Catanbar Mountains down through the highlands along the Thunder River. The young boy travels through the Southern Steppes of his very homeland beforeentering the kingdom of Gwarvarik through the aid of a Najarian Druid in the form of a great black wolf who befriends the young boy. Together, the two enter the Forbidden Temples of Adajahara where the druidic wolf departs the young boy, leaving him in the charge of a small flock of sheep. In Adajahara, Lithius recovers the very powerful weapon, the Sword of Souls, and many secrets of both the sword and the region around him. Alone, he begins to uncover the dark secrets and the historical horrid violence of the past. Young Lithius begins to master the sword and begins to wield it strength only to realize that there are others who will literally kill to obtain it. Lithius realizes through events that he is not alone, that his escape from the Tarvas bondage and the discovery of the sword has all been "arranged" through the architect of his destiny. Lithius then travels to the dark isle of Draccus on where he grows to become a man and formidable sorcerer-warrior sent to go after the evil tyrannical Pitah (Draccian for King) Morderra-Atrauis, a being more supernatural than not. Morderra-Atrauis has a few dark secrets himself and comes to know about Lithius and his intentions. The stage is set, the battle between the two sorcerers begins, and Draccus is thrown into a civil war. The Sword of Souls is nothing more than an amazing introduction to an incredible world of sorcery, magic, and high adventure that literally kicks off the Chronicles of Caledon and a must for anyone entering this realm of reading entertainment of spectacular blend of both the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre!

9 Dark Matter the Wolf Warrior: the Heart of Warriors

Dark Matter the Wolf Warrior: the Heart of Warriors

Amelia F. Lopes | Sci-fi Fantasy


Through years of war throughout the galaxy, this dark warrior will soon face a new war against the dead.