Great Books for Commuters

July 6, 2018

Most people hate their commute, some experts say that people with longer commutes have higher blood pressure and bigger waistlines. That's awful, right?

The solution is simple: allow yourself to be lost in the pages of a good book. It will drastically improve your commute and will make your journey fly by!

We've created this list with some of our best short stories for your enjoyment. Stay alert, you might miss your stop!

1 A Family of Three

A Family of Three

Rosina S Khan | Short Stories


This book is about a family of three that undergoes hardships to maintain stability and make ends meet. How this family survives and thrives starting from a rural area and finally to the city is amazing. The mother of the family takes giant leaps and the daughter, Tina, learning from her mother, takes even greater strides in life, towards a life of growth, fulfillment and happiness. So how does Tina manage it all so brilliantly? This story is about her and her families of three- both original and her own. Wouldn’t you like to know more? Interested? Go ahead- hit the download button!!

2 The Legend of the Ring

The Legend of the Ring

Alina Udrea | Short Stories


This is the story of an orphan girl who finds a ring which heightens her skills and improves her reflexes. If you want to find out more, read and enjoy.

3 A Bridge of Letters

A Bridge of Letters

Duncan James | Short Stories


An estranged father and son, who have kept in touch for years through an exchange of letters, unexpectedly meet in Hong Kong. A near fatal meeting .... but suddenly they are thrown together in a desperate attempt to get back to England. Their background, their reunion and their escape make fascinating reading.

4 My Past Life

My Past Life

Alina Udrea | Short Stories


This is a short fiction about a young man who gets shot on Christmas Eve and goes to heaven. Then he is given a second chance and he is reborn. Read to find out more!

5 Fire in the Valley of Flowers

Fire in the Valley of Flowers

Srinwanti Paul | Short Stories


A young woman's world turns upside down after her daughter's suicide. But what was the cause for her drastic step? Read on to find out....

6 Eternity


Taylor Alexander | Short Stories


Warning Profanity.Eternity is the original stand alone Science Fiction, Romantic, Short Story that begins the adventures of Jefferson Norton and his encounter with three warring alien species. From frustrated, numb, fighter pilot to political leader, Jefferson's on-the-job training leads to many rewarding experiences in love, death, and life's wonders. This short story also serves as the introductory chapter to Volume 1 of the epic series, 'The Rowdizian Chronicles Pride.' and is available on The final edit of Pride resulted in over 13,000 added words for a total 194.000 Over 30.000 downloads later, readers are hooked and looking forward to the next 4 Volumes of the epic. Volume 2 'Blood Fued' is over 55% complete and due out sometime by the end of August or September 2012.

7 The Wheel

The Wheel

Chrys Romeo | Short Stories


"The Wheel" is a story about finding the meaning of life, the mystery of the universe, the relevance of love and the freedom of the spirit in a fantastic bike ride experience. It is a journey you can participate to, as you are taken along and offered a glance into a relative reality that shifts with the spinning wheels and the changing view. The story is about something more, something much greater than just a bike ride, yet included in this central symbol; it's about a mysterious answer that life gives us - an existential revelation brought by the presence of love and the endlessly rolling wheel.

8 And When I Die

And When I Die

Wunmi Ibukun Sanyaolu | Short Stories


a nigerian romance novel

9 Accounts from an old Ledger

Accounts from an old Ledger

George Loukas | Biography


A series of short memoirs starting from my very early school years,(G.P.S.) through secondary education, (Delinquents), through university studies in London, England,(3, Wetherby), through my many, intimate, precious and not so precious friendships, through my life and occupation in Cairo, Egypt, through my many professional difficulties and the "Vortex" of my final business failure and lastly, a memoir of a business trip to a town in northern Greece called Katerini.

10 Letter to an Angel

Letter to an Angel

Chrys Romeo | Short Stories


Do you believe in angels? Here is a story that will make you believe.

11 Our Different Paths

Our Different Paths

M.B. Mohan | Short Stories


"Our Different Paths” is a tale of friendship, adventure, and majik! We are introduced to Mike, a 7-year-old boy who’s managed to sustain love and courage despite the horrors of abuse inflicted by his own father. “Sometimes we have to live even when we have lost everything,” are the words young Mike lives by.A day before his fourteenth birthday, an act of kindness towards John, a homeless boy, transforms his life dramatically when together they discover a mysterious power Mike has come to possess.Join us on a journey to new surroundings where hope and love are the guiding forces. Mike and John encounter new places and people on their road home. Will the obstacles the two friends face become too much to bear? Will Mike’s power take him down a road of self-destruction?

12 Snapshots


Natalie | Short Stories


A collection of short stories, 'Snapshots' lets us discover brief and sometimes even magical moments in different lives. Courage and love, hope and despair - everything life is made of. # Braving The Storm # Try The Door, John # Despairing Hope # Live # The Glass In Between  BONUS: Excerpts from BLUE MOON RISING and THE HUNT IS ON, the first two books in the Patroness Series

13 For My Wife

For My Wife

Greta Krafsig | Short Stories


The story of a man's first and only love.

14 A House of Haunted People

A House of Haunted People

Alan Combes | Horror-Gothic


The title story, itself a novella about a strange house in my village, leads into a collection of modern ghost stories in unusual, often cosmopolitan settings. 'Mia' is about putting down a much-loved dog. 'Going to the match' is about a supernatural presence amid the crowd. 'The make of sticks' concerns a mysterious character who is mistaken for a good Samaritan. 'Overcoat' tells of a haunted garment. 'Dr Singh' is the worst kind of doctor; one who ignores his patients' pain. 'Ginny Spring' tells of a mysterious local pond...

15 Once Upon a Coffee

Once Upon a Coffee

Kait Nolan | Short Stories


A blind date and a case of mistaken identity just might lead to love...After a long series of stinkers, when a respectful match from an online dating site asks to meet Avery Cahill in real life, she agrees. Invoking her favorite romantic comedy, they arrange to meet in a local coffee shop with a flower and a book.Under a serious deadline to finish a group project for his MBA--solo--the only thing Dillon Lange wants is peace and quiet. When a beautiful stranger sits down in his booth at the coffee shop, he knows he ought to say something about not being who she thinks he is, but he can't resist her smile or her engaging conversation.How long can he keep up the charade? And what will happen when her real date shows up?A short story of approximately 7,500 words.

16 24:01 One Minute After

24:01 One Minute After

Eric Diehl | Short Stories


Can you imagine what your world might be like, One Minute After? A blurring of reality that transcends rational bounds; where every frame of reference has been turned on its head, and visuals are but reflections in a hall of mirrors? Venture, then, if you dare, into this anthology of horror, science fiction and fantasy; some dark and some light, but all a challenge to your imagination. We will begin with an experiment in nano-biotechnology gone very wrong, and, if you do not perish in transit, end in a desperate alternate reality on Olde Aearth; emerging with a glimmer of hope ~ justified or not. In between, in those shadowy alcoves and interstitial chambers throughout, you might experience dragons, wizards, hurricanes, or even misadventures in space.