Founder's Favs

December 31, 1969

From time to time, we'll be asking your beloved team for their Staff Picks. To kick things off, we've asked the founder, Nicolas Gremion, for some of his favs. Admittedly, as he spends all day reading non-fiction (emails, reports, news, etc), he prefers  to open up an 'easy-reading mystery' to unwind and enjoy in the evenings.  Here are his recommendations:

1 The Landlord

The Landlord

Ken Merrell | Fiction


Five young girls are dead in a small Utah community. Their long, dark hair is the only common element. Officer Rick Stacy and his K-9, Sig, are determined to stop the mayhem; but they get set-up by a powerful and dangerous man who leaves them helpless to save the next victim. Don Rodriquez has less than 30 days to find a job and a home for himself and his 12-year-old daughter, Christina; or finish a 90-day stay in the county lock-up. One more explosion of his volatile temper will ruin everything. Melvin Brigs, a friendly landlord makes Don and Christina an offer that they should have turned down. Don knows that the previous tenants moved out in a hurry--he just doesn't know why. Download this FREE e-book today!

2 The Identity Check

The Identity Check

Ken Merrell | Fiction


When a crazy, seemingly harmless old woman pilfers private information, she sets in motion a chaotic, far-reaching chain of events. Before long, a treacherous game of identity theft unfolds that could change the country's laws forever. Download this FREE e-Book today! Watch the new test movie @

3 After the Facts: An after Coffman Mystery

After the Facts: An after Coffman Mystery

Vincent M. Lutterbie | Mystery


The town of Hustle has a new private eye, and his name is After Coffman. His first case, and After is finding it anything but business as usual. He has no client, no money, and too many suspects. In line for After's scalp are drug lords, gun runners, and the Hustle Homicide Department. Each wants a piece of him, but After's greatest foe may be an old black cat named Soot. Download this FREE e-Book today!

4 Desperate Choices

Desperate Choices

Jeanette Cooper | Mystery


Rochelle Rathbone flirts with danger when she accidentally meets Tobias Chandler, Miami drug czar; thus, setting the stage for horrors she never knew existed until after they married. Innocent and vulnerable, she becomes his prisoner. She devises a desperate plan and successfully escapes, despite his threat to kill her if she does. She meets and falls in love with Michael Matheson, knowing Tobias will come after her. She realizes there are only two things that will stop him from pursuing her—her death or his...

5 Out of the Shadows (Akira and Deane Thriller Series Book 1)

Out of the Shadows (Akira and Deane Thriller Series Book 1)

Tim Jopling | Mystery


Nothing is ever what it seems. Don't turn your back on anyone or anything. Akira is a dangerous man, a man who has lost everything and has nothing to lose. Fuelled by the death of his beloved wife Madeline and desperate to seek revenge on those who took her from him. Akira is on a mission, a mission to rid the world of the corrupt West and everything it stands for and he has one man set in his sights. Thomas Deane, a fiercely loyal MI6 agent and one half of an elite partnership he is everything Akira despises - a patriotic man devoted to the service of his country, no matter what the cost. Assisted by the brave S.U.C.O. agents (Special Undercover Covert Operations) the elite MI6 team, are completely unaware of what lies ahead. Will they succeed in bringing Akira out of the shadows?

6 The Lamp (The Lamp Series, Book 1)

The Lamp (The Lamp Series, Book 1)

Jason Cunningham | Mystery


This is Book One of the Lamp Series. THE LAMP is a fast-paced dystopian thriller. They called him Levi the Leveler because of his frightening power. A terror in the boxing ring, most of his opponents didn't make it past the first round. But after a careless decision sends him into exile for seven years, Levi returns to a life in ruins: his fiancé has split, his friends and money gone. Once a notable figure with more money than he could ever spend, Levi must now contend with life as a regular citizen, trying to make ends meet doing menial labor as a handyman in a downtown apartment building. He soon befriends a smart teenage grifter and a spunky tenant in his building who remembers his former glory days. But not everything is what it seems, and dangers lurk in the shadows.