Fictional Book Collection

April 11, 2023

From epic fantasy to thrilling sci-fi, spine-chilling horror to heartwarming romance, these books will transport you to enchanting realms, mysterious worlds, and gripping adventures. Join courageous heroes on epic quests, unravel ancient secrets, explore distant galaxies, and unlock the power of imagination. Lose yourself in the pages of these captivating tales and let your imagination soar! Get ready to embark on a literary journey that will transport you to new realms and captivate your imagination. Don't miss out on this diverse collection of fictional masterpieces!

1 Phantoms: A Collection of Dark Poetry and Fiction

Phantoms: A Collection of Dark Poetry and Fiction

Kelvin Bueckert | Horror-Gothic


What was that? That noise out there in the hallway? That high-pitched you hear it? It's coming closer. I don't know. Should we take a look? Hmmm...Perhaps some things are better left buried...then again...perhaps those things are the most interesting... What will we see as I pull open the door and peer out into that darkened hallway? Who knows. What we do know is that Phantoms is a collection of previously published science fiction, fantasy, and horror-themed poetry. The first-person tales, Devil in a Bottle, Personal Judas, Ol'Zeke, and Flirting With the Enemy are also included. With that said, let's open that door, shall we? I mean, what could go wrong?

2 Family Fiction

Family Fiction

Richard Hall | Gender Studies


The Shays of New Rochelle, N.Y., would seem to be a ``good'' family. Judd, the father, works in the lucrative family business; Margaret, the mother, is active in the Episcopalian church; Mag and Harris, the kids, do well in school. But their little secret is their original name: Schanberg. What becomes of lives built on such ``family fictions'' is the subject of Hall's unswerving novel about discovering Jewish roots. Starting in the '30s, Margaret, driven by feelings of inferiority, begins making alterations (a move from New York City to the suburbs; joining the church), which culminate in the name change. Hall's relentless and unsentimental exploration shows wasted potential and shattered lives. Although Mag and especially Harris, whose sexuality prompts him to come to terms with his identity, still have a chance for happiness, it's in spite of their sad birthright: ``pent-up hatred, ancient enmities

3 When the Stars Disappeared: (Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Fiction)

When the Stars Disappeared: (Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Fiction)

Henrijs Zandovskis | Sci-fi Fantasy


Post-apocalyptic fantasy fiction.In a world where darkness speaks, an orphan girl and her hero try to survive after humanity has mysteriously disappeared... But how long can they go on?Voices twisted and shapeless mock them each night, imitating them and others. Voices that hide from all light; they whisper in their ears and their hearts.Those few that remain have lost their minds. They travel barren America in search of hope and light, dealing with people desperate and people lost.Delve deep into a realistic and horrific post-apocalyptic world with Sam and Nura, in a journey of love, hope and friendship amid unimaginable darkness and despair.Author's Note: This is a long excerpt. The full version is on Amazon. If you enjoyed it, I'd love to read your review! :)

4 Flash Fiction Collection No. I

Flash Fiction Collection No. I

Peter Stone | Short Stories


A collection of flash fiction stories. The stories include speculative fiction, historical dramatisation, sci-fi, adventure, etc.

5 Science Fiction

Science Fiction

John Hallam | Short Stories


Ellis Hunt had been blown out of Sharm System and made a wonderful discovery. Now he needed to get back there or the System would be lost to the invaders!

6 HGH Fact vs Fiction

HGH Fact vs Fiction

Amy Wells | Health


Discover the truth about human growth hormone and the benefits and disadvantages of using HGH. Find out how to benefit from the anti-aging properties of HGH without incurring health risks.

7 The Musketeers of Haven: a Science Fiction Story

The Musketeers of Haven: a Science Fiction Story

M S Lawson | Sci-fi Fantasy


When Earth's one and only off-world settlement, dedicated to non-violence, is overrun by sword and spear-wielding creatures, a reservist soldier and a rag-tag group of ex-cons are shanghaied to fight them and find that to win they must rediscover Earth's violent past.

8 What You Don't Know

What You Don't Know

Airplane | Erotica


Fictional story about Rapunzel after her rescue. *** NOTE: Parental guidance is suggested ***

9 Izmir


Mac S. Pope | Free Previews


Fictional drama with US Air Force and Diplomatic workers based in Turkey, presented through a clever mix of intrigue and humor, with African Americans and others up to their necks in international intrigue.

10 A New Reality

A New Reality

Michel Poulin | Fiction


A New Reality is the sequel of my science-fiction novel 'A Minor Glitch' and is best classified as an alternate history fiction novel. In the year 1930, Tasha Lenoir and her three friends from the year 2624 are continuing to propel their country of adoption, France, to the forefront of nations, via technological and social progress. However, bigotry, intolerance and war will continue to stand in their way.

11 Will Katie Unite With Jack?

Will Katie Unite With Jack?

Rosina S Khan | Short Stories


This short fiction story is about a stunning pair, who continue to chase each other in pursuit of love but yet cannot settle down. They meet each other several times but do not remain together for long. A lovely unwinding story leads the reader along the way keeping in suspense if the girl and boy will ever unite. Excited enough? Go read the whole story to find out if there will actually be a happy union of the two or things will go drastically otherwise.

12 I/Tulpa: the Seven Year Girl

I/Tulpa: the Seven Year Girl

Ion Light | Sci-fi Fantasy


When you're a magician, sorting out the differences between reality and fiction can be seriously challenging. It doesn't help matters when your real life is suddenly immortalized in fiction. Jon Harister is forced to confront is oldest friend and worst enemy: Hollywood. IN doing so, he discovers the line separating fiction and fantasy doesn't exist, and he finds himself thrust into a mission to save one of his most beloved, childhood characters: Willy Wonka.

13 I/Tulpa: Casey Sensitive

I/Tulpa: Casey Sensitive

Loxy Isadora Bliss | Sci-fi Fantasy


This is the perfectly modern, after school special. This is a coming of age story for humans and tulpas alike. This story is for anyone who ever wrote something that wasn’t meant to be shared, and yet it was discovered and went viral. This is a love letter that wasn’t mean to be read. This is a ghost story that isn't. This is the unraveling of a real person’s life’s fiction. This is us. Small victories, big losses. This story is dedicated to Heath Ledger and Robin Williams.

14 Sing The Blues

Sing The Blues

Tina Collins | Horror-Gothic


From the offbeat mind of Tina Collins, Sing The Blues is an assortment of horrific accounts of fictional beasts and demons. These stories are not told with a sense of goodwill or pleasure. This is true horror; the kind of lives you wouldn't even wish on your mother-in-law.

15 I/Tulpa: Pokémon Go NY

I/Tulpa: Pokémon Go NY

Ion Light | Sci-fi Fantasy


Though this is a Pokemon fan fiction, it is also more. This is a wonderland, and Loxy Isadora Bliss is a Tulpa. If you can imagine Pokemon Go mixed with the humor from the movie "American Pie" then this could be a great live action film, but not just fluff. It has esoteric evolution that reveals being a 'mystic' might just be more majestic than one thinks. This book begs the question: 'how old are you?'