Easter Books

March 30, 2017

Below is a list of 12 free eBooks following the theme of Easter. There are various titles for children, plus more traditional looks at Easter as well as some unique takes and perspectives. No matter your outlook, Janine di Giovanni said it well: "Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and a new life."  

1 The Story of the Cross

The Story of the Cross

Don Randolph | Religious


A story about the Passion of Christ told from the viewpoint of the Cross. The story begins on the Mount of Olives outside of the City of Jerusalem and ends with the Resurrection of Christ. It is a story of sorrow, forgiveness and the undying love Jesus has for all mankind.

2 The Nature of His Love

The Nature of His Love

Jason Tax | Religious


His Nature is Love! Get ready for an adventurous journey into the mysteries and secrets of the radical nature and attributes of God’s love! During this incredible journey of love we will also be going over other major revelations like: All things were created from, through, in, and for love. What it means that we are sons & daughters who are one with His love. 

3 21 Easter Activities for Kids

21 Easter Activities for Kids

Teresa Evans | Parenting/Children


21 Easter Activities for Kids includes Easter crafts, Easter games, Easter puzzles, Easter cooking and more! These are fun, educational activities that are suitable for school or for home. Keep kids busy and happy this Easter with this great selection of kid's Easter activities.

4 Jesus' Book: Fear Not

Jesus' Book: Fear Not

Mary Rose | Religious


The book is written by Jesus using a human instrument. The book also contains paintings that Jesus created using the same human instrument. Jesus comes to humanity in his book, professing his eternal and unconditional love to each and every human that has ever lived on this planet.

5 The King James Bible

The King James Bible

King James | Religion


The King James Bible

6 Psalm 22 (A Song of Easter, the End Days, and Eternity)

Psalm 22 (A Song of Easter, the End Days, and Eternity)

Rich Cooley. | Religious


This is a new, literal translation of Psalm 22 with a new brief commentary. Psalm 22 is an amazing prophecy of the first coming of Jesus Christ when he suffered on the cross and of the future fruits of that event at his second coming. This booklet is written from a fundamental Christian viewpoint and includes comments from Barnes, Spurgeon, Gill, and others.

7 Easter - Yesterday, Today and Forever

Easter - Yesterday, Today and Forever

Freekidstories Publishing | Short Stories


A collection of Easter stories for children. This book includes legends and allegories about the true meaning of Easter, the fascinating story of the First Easter and more. Ideal for kids ages 8 on up.

8 Discovering Faith - Daily Devotionals for Lent

Discovering Faith - Daily Devotionals for Lent

Freekidstories Publishing | Religious


The 40 daily devotions in this fully illustrated booklet help children understand the true meaning of Lent and Easter. Topics covered include Jesus' love for all mankind, salvation, prayer, forgiveness, love for our fellow man and Heaven. "Discovering Faith" is ideal for children ages 8 on up, although younger kids are likely to enjoy the short devotionals when read together with parents and other family members.

9 Jesus: The Final Journey

Jesus: The Final Journey

Robert E. Macklin | Religious


The perfect antidote to The Da Vinci Code. A unique, up-close and personal look at Jesus during His last year on Earth, written by an actor who has assumed His character over 300 times in his one-man play--The Little Book in Search of the Truth-- or simply, The Little Book. Gain insight into His mindset, a “why-dunnit”, and discover the reasons for Jesus' actions during those turbulent days. Immerse yourself in this historic journey. Slip on His sandals and rub elbows with Him on an adventure unlike any other experienced by man. 

10 The Bible in History

The Bible in History

Robert B. Waltz | History


A study of the history, folklore, and occasionally even the mathematics underlying the Bible. In addition to discussion of historical figures in the Bible, it looks at the peoples who influenced Biblical history, such as the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans.