Short Stories Book Collection

December 31, 1969

Embark on a journey through the captivating realms of imagination with our curated collection of short stories. From heartwarming tales that tug at your emotions to mind-bending adventures that challenge reality, our book collection transports you to diverse worlds in just a few pages. Immerse yourself in the art of concise storytelling, where every word carries a world of meaning. 

Whether you're seeking a momentary escape or a quick dose of inspiration, our short stories will leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind. 

1 Short Stories

Short Stories

P. June | Short Stories


My first book of short stories. Several short stories of various themes including spiritual, fantasy, romance, and horror. The titles included are: All This and More, The Road, In the Forest The Argument, The Piano,Haunting,Memories, The First Kiss Blind Love,

2 Short Stories from Carlos Salinas

Short Stories from Carlos Salinas

Carlos Salinas | Short Stories


A collection of short feel-good and love stories by new author, Carlos Salinas. Short Love Story: The Girl at the Bakery Shop by Carlos A sweet surprise waits for a girl working a bakery shop from a complete stranger. Short Love Story: I Love Dragons by Carlos Salinas A young man has a surprise with love in a number of hours. A hopeful story about young love. Short Love Story: A Thousand Poems by Carlos Salinas A young man looks for the perfect gift for a girl he loves and finds that the simplest gift is best. Short Love Story: What These Old Eyes Saw by Carlos Salinas A man's observations about a young couple in a restaurant. A Fable: The Ant, the Bee, the Firefly, and the Worm by Carlos Salinas A group of insects discuss their abilities, but only one is wisest. Short Story on Courage: Victim or Fighter by Carlos Salinas A short dialogue on courage. Short Story on Courage: The Voice by Carlos Salinas A short dialogue on determination and conquering fear. Short Love Story: Love in a Hopeless Place: The Diary of Calantha Mora With no love around her, a young girl%u2019s diary tells the story of her struggle between the love of her dreams and the %u201Creal world%u201D. Short Story: The Writer by Carlos Salinas The need to write in the moment of inspiration cannot be ignored. Short Story: Gold or Aluminum? by Carlos Salinas Even though it may be attainable, not every person wishes for the most precious things in life. Short Love Story: The Oven Light by Carlos Salinas Who knew a 25-watt light bulb for an oven could mean so much?

3 The Case of the Deadly Ring: An Alexander Steele Investigation

The Case of the Deadly Ring: An Alexander Steele Investigation

Larry J. | Short Stories


The Case of the Deadly Ring lures Philly private detective Alex Steele into the secret world behind the scenes in the Vatican. Follow Steele as he attempts to solve this baffling case while preserving old traditions and avoiding a major scandal in the church. A man who holds a powerful secret has been found murdered in the middle of the night on the steps of the Philadelphia Library downtown. He has no ID,no phone not even a watch. Steele's only clue a teaspoon tucked inside his sock. Case of the Death Dealer is the next book in this series.(Book is 13 Pages)

4 The Girl Who Dropped In

The Girl Who Dropped In

Warren Griffiths | Humor


Jonathan Theodore lived an ordinary life in a common suburban street in a suburb so much like every other as to be not worth describing. Very little out of the ordinary ever happened to Jonathan until one day when a partially clad girl happened to drop in and change his life forever.

5 Short Stories of the 21st Century

Short Stories of the 21st Century

Prescott Fry | Short Stories


This is the first official publication by Prescott Fry. It features a wide range of stories.... One story represents a historical fiction of a haunted house in a small town in Maryland... Other stories are offshoots of sci-fi, horror fiction with undertones of spirituality, and seasonings of tecnophobia... Fry\'s style is hard to define... It is Classic, but Contemporary... Simple, but Deep... At its core, Fry\'s style is: Short Stories of the Twenty-First Century meant to raise thought-provoking questions about American and Global societies walking into a new century of info-revolutionary times. DNA. Quantum Computers. Super-Viruses. All these things have enormous impacts for future civilizations within the next 100 years. And Fry introduces these questions into these stories...

6 JUNK and Other Short Stories

JUNK and Other Short Stories

Duncan James | Short Stories


This collection of twelve short stories, with subjects ranging from sci-fi to spy thriller, from humour to history and from family to finance is written by the author of the trilogy of novels Cashback, Their Own Game and Motorbike Men, also published by Free-eBooks.

7 The Book of Children Short Stories

The Book of Children Short Stories

Stephanie G Wallace | Short Stories


Please enjoy these great stories, fairy-tales, fables, and nursery rhymes for children. They help kids learn to read and make excellent bedtime stories! We have hundreds of great short stories for kids to enjoy. Hello I am looking for the name of a children's/young adult book which had a collection of stories/fairy tales in it, one which is about a woman in a cloak walking.

8 Classic Fairy Tale Short Stories

Classic Fairy Tale Short Stories

Stephanie Wallace | Short Stories


Classic Fairy Tale Short Stories is a collection of beloved fairy tale stories especially chosen for children.It is an interactive site that has kids printable fairy tales crafts, activities, games and coloring pages for many of your favorite fairy tales. You can also watch a wide collection of fairy tale movies online.

9 Victorian Short Stories: Courtship

Victorian Short Stories: Courtship

Various | Short Stories Classics


This book contains five short stories by various authors. The stories are about courtship.

10 Victorian Short Stories: Successful Marriages

Victorian Short Stories: Successful Marriages

Elizabeth Gaskell, et al. | Short Stories Classics


Victorian Short Stories Successful Marriages by Various authors.

11 Victorian Short Stories: Troubled Marriages

Victorian Short Stories: Troubled Marriages

Various | Short Stories Classics


This book contains five short stories by various authors. The stories are about troubled marriages.

12 Jon Hersey - Industrial Spy

Jon Hersey - Industrial Spy

Leo N. Ardo | Short Stories


Alone, is how Jon Hersey feels after the death of his ... soul-mate Jon is a very successful business analyst, whose reputation for quick adaption to changing business environments has saved many deals from disaster. It is this talent, and his shortened Navy Seal training, that has him targeted by Zeta Consulting Group - a secret organization known to only six people ... A chance encounter with a business consultant, might bring about the new spark he has been seeking since Alissa's death. Stepping out of the jet-way, Jon sees his new friend Daryl Alexander sitting in the waiting area. Daryl has his phone in his lap and a thin cord dangles from his right ear - "the check was good? ... Good! ... Please stop harassing me about the time, it is going to be fine ... Then I'll have to terminate the - "agreement" ... " ............ On a flight with his new friend, Jon finds out things are not always as they appear ...

13 Aesop Updated

Aesop Updated

Barry Daniels | Short Stories


Fables for the new millennium. Short Stories with a moral, like Aesop's fables, but in this case a moral relating to life and work in the twenty first century. Amusing and entertaining stories which will leave you with something to think about.

14 Anti-Supernatural Assault Team- Book 1- the Seal of Solomon- Parts 1-5

Anti-Supernatural Assault Team- Book 1- the Seal of Solomon- Parts 1-5

Michael Keyth | Fiction


Imagine being responsible for saving the world from its inevitable end. Everybody would be watching you as you use your skills to save mankind. What would that feel like? An enormous burden for sure! Let Michael Keyth take you on a journey where you meet Arthur, Tokutei, Lian, Surya, Jason and Dan, who will soon learn exact experience what it feels like to be placed in such a position of importance. Where book 0 was about meeting each character individually, this story introduces you to seeing them in action. And what an action that is, as their task turns out to be not an easy one! Read the adventures and endeavors of these six characters, who have been trusted to find the five pieces of the Seal of Solomon.

15 Our Miss Engel

Our Miss Engel

Lauren Scharhag | Horror-Gothic


In 1909, Clara Engel, a young school teacher, gets a job at a Catholic girls' boarding school, only to find that her students are not what they seem.

16 The People That Time Forgot

The People That Time Forgot

Edgar Rice Burroughs | Sci-Fi Classics


The People That Time Forgot, first published in book form in 1924 as the sequel to The Land That Time Forgot, is one of Burrough's most thrilling science-fiction adventure stories.

17 Undine


Friedrich de la Motte Fouque | Horror Classics


Despite misgivings about Undine's supernatural powers, a nobleman still wants to marry a water nymph whom he finds living in the forest with a poor fisherman and his wife. Download it now!

18 Another World

Another World

Chrys Romeo | Short Stories


The universe has so many realms unknown and unseen, yet existing in time with us, invisible. There is another world, a deeper layer of reality to be discovered any moment.