Chemistry Book Collection

November 2, 2023

Celebrate the wonders of chemistry by exploring our curated selection of books, ranging from the basics of atomic structures to cutting-edge research in the field. Whether you're a student, an educator, or simply curious about the science that shapes our world, our collection offers engaging reads that demystify complex concepts and ignite your passion for chemistry.

Don't miss the chance to enrich your understanding and appreciation for this vital scientific discipline. Celebrate Chemistry Week with us and unlock the mysteries of the elements that compose our universe! 

1 IGCSE Complete Chemistry Notes

IGCSE Complete Chemistry Notes

Abdulla Al Zaabi | Science (Academic)


IGCSE Complete Chemistry NotesNotes for revising for 'O' Levels Chemistry Exam!

2 General Chemistry I

General Chemistry I

John Hutchinson | Science (Academic)


This document on General Chemistry helps learners get a grasp on the basics in the subject, Chemistry. It covers topics on The Atomic Molecular Theory, Relative Atomic Masses and Empirical Formulae, The Structure of an Atom, Quantum Energy Levels in Atoms, Covalent Bonding and Electron Pair Sharing, Molecular Geometry and Electron Domain Theory, Molecular Structure and Physical Properties, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Energy Levels and Energetics of Chemical Reactions.

3 General Chemistry II

General Chemistry II

John Hutchinson | Science (Academic)


This is the second edition of the General Chemistry series. It covers topics on The Ideal Gas Law, The Kinetic Molecular Theory, Phase Equilibrium and Intermolecular Interactions, Reaction Equilibrium in the Gas Phase, Acid-Base Equilibrium, Reaction Rates and Equilibrium and Equilibrium and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

4 General Chemistry Lab Spring

General Chemistry Lab Spring

Mary McHale, | Teacher's Resources


General chemistry referernce covering gas laws, ploymyer, acid, organic reactions, nanorust and otherhelpful subjects.

5 How to Have That One Big Idea

How to Have That One Big Idea

Marc Stewart | General Non Fiction


This book is 19 years in the making. It gives its reader information never before seen, heard or written down before in the history of the world. It gives its promise. Being knowledge of psychology, biology, chemistry, neuroscience and much more all wrapped up in a simple lover of physics and philosophy package. It marks the introduction of one discipline called Consciousness Engineering. It empowers the reader as it gives a positive new original non-fiction gift of never before given information designed to free the world of disease and violence with your help in making a massive quantum entangled thought. It gives the world and everyone in it a chance to be apart of a worldwide chance to bring about a belated Utopia by the alteration of unwanted dangerous for us electricity which as it turns out is not Earth's natural energy system. And also inside the book there is more than one cash prize of 1,000,000 US dollars for proving Marc's invention for free clean positive magnetic energy.

6 Illustrative Chemistry, For Secondary Schools, Forms 1 and 2

Illustrative Chemistry, For Secondary Schools, Forms 1 and 2

John Meshack Mandiga | Science (Academic)


get chemistry for the best knowledge

7 Physical Methods in Chemistry and Nano Science

Physical Methods in Chemistry and Nano Science

Andrew Barron, John J. Allen et al | Science Textbooks


A reference guide to research techniques used in modern chemistry, material science and nano science.

8 Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis Volume 1

Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis Volume 1

Timothy Soderberg and University of Minnesota | Science


A free, open-access organic chemistry textbook in which the main focus is on relevance to biology and medicine. This is a PDF version of a wiki project called Chemwiki at the University of California, Davis. There are also supplementary materials, such as PowerPoint slides and a solutions manual available for this textbook at the Chemwiki website.

9 Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Chrispin Kowenje | Science Textbooks


The course gives a critical look at the Periodic table of elements and why they are classified as such.

10 Legal Chemistry, A Guide to Poisons

Legal Chemistry, A Guide to Poisons

A Naquet | Medical (Academic)


A guide to the detection of poisons, stains and other evidence for legal issues.