Book Collection For Gardening

March 24, 2023

Our book collection for gardening is designed to help you create an immense green space in your home. The range of books, each featuring beautiful images and detailed descriptions of their content, are ideal companions to any outdoor experience; from learning about the best trees for shade and sheltering areas, to exploring how to landscape with containers and mark out beds.

1 Elizabeth & Her German Garden

Elizabeth & Her German Garden

Marie Annette Beauchamp | Romance Classics


Trapped in her circumstances, a dutiful wife escapes into her garden where through her eyes we see the seasons and the new events that each season brings to that site.

2 Organic Gargening Without Having A GreenThumb ~ Vegetable Gardening Ideas for Beginners

Organic Gargening Without Having A GreenThumb ~ Vegetable Gardening Ideas for Beginners

Terry D. Clark | Self-Improvement


Learn a simple step by step when to plant your garden and to grow your own food for your family healthy well-being. Read more inside today.

3 Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Emmanuel Mwesige | Recreation & Hobby


This book takes the reader through the concept of container gardening. The author believes that even with limited space (this is true more especially for city/urban dwellers) an individual can still grow some of the food the family can eat. In this book, we further showcase the different possible containers one can use to plant his/her plants.

4 Organic Gardening Tips

Organic Gardening Tips

Elena Gilbert | General Non Fiction


Occasionally, the urge to garden could be stomped out by other considerations, like living arrangements or space constrictions. If you live in an apartment, you can’t truly operate a full garden, simply because you don’t truly have a yard! I think that among the best solution for this issue is to grow plants in containers. You may hang these, or simply arrange them on your terrace, window sill or balcony. Simply a couple of baskets or pots, and your whole living area will look much classier and nicer.

5 Going Green Starts with Your Garden; Organic Vegetable World of Gardening for Beginners -14 Critical Tips

Going Green Starts with Your Garden; Organic Vegetable World of Gardening for Beginners -14 Critical Tips

Terry D. Clark | Self-Improvement


Are you interested in organic gardening? Discover the best kept secrets for beginners to growing your own homegrown vegetable, fruits right in your backyard. A fresh healthy garden you can be proud of -- read more inside my eBook today.

6 How to Create a Garden Pond

How to Create a Garden Pond

Not Found | Tutorials


A garden pond, with the right planning and stocked with the right kind of aquatic plants and fish, will be a marvellous asset to your garden, attracting a great many wild animals and eventually becoming a miniature nature reserve. It is possible to have a pond which is self sustaining, requiring only occasional maintenance to keep it in good condition.

7 My Rose Garden

My Rose Garden

Yvette Benjamin | Poetry


My Rose Garden is a collection of inspirational poems by Yvette Benjamin. The poems in this book have been praised by readers for being spiritually and socially uplifting. The title, "My Rose Garden", speaks of a special place in each of us where there is beauty, a sweet aroma but also a few thorns. Even with the thorns, the experience is unforgettable. Readers are invited to share in a glimpse of thoughts, lessons learned, and dreams offered by the author.

8 The Weekend Gardener

The Weekend Gardener

Victor K. Pryles | Recreation & Hobby


Meet Fred. He used to spend every daylight hour on Saturday and Sunday doing back breaking work in his garden. Dirty, disheveled and perspiring he was not a happy camper. By the time Monday rolled around, Fred would drag his aching back and muscles off to his job and prepare to do the same thing all over again when the next weekend arrived. Sound familiar? The really sad part about his story, is that even after putting in all that hard work, his yard really didn't look all that great! You see Fred isn't any different than most property owners. Just like you, he wanted to have a garden that would bring pleasure and satisfaction. The only problem is time. . .the lack of it!

9 The Garden Party and Other Stories

The Garden Party and Other Stories

Katherine Mansfield | Short Stories Classics


This Norton Critical Edition includes thirty-five of Katherine Mansfield's short stories with explanatory annotations. With the exception of the first four stories, all were written within a period of ten years. These stories, and the letters following, reflect the urgency of a writer who knew her time was limited.

10 Backyard and Garden Makeovers

Backyard and Garden Makeovers

Billy Bristol | Recreation & Hobby


Download this FREE e-Book that features a collection of 49 useful ideas and tips to help you turn your outdoor space into your own heavenly getaway. Download it now!

11 Natural and Organic Pest Control

Natural and Organic Pest Control

Andrew Lopez and Invisible Gardener | Miscellaneous


First written in 1972, Upgraded every year. Now in 72nd edition and now it's free here! Covers How to Control Ants, Flea and Ticks, Flys, UnderGround Pests, Termites, Many Fruit tree pests , various tree pests, Rose Pests, Lawn Pests, Home Pests. Also covers some diseases. Links to resources and Charts. Everything has been developed by me, The Invisible Gardener, over the many years I have been running my own 100% Organic services. Also I provide Links to my Radio shows which will help you too. The Radio shows are free.

12 Simple Organic Vegetable and Herb Gardening Made Easy

Simple Organic Vegetable and Herb Gardening Made Easy

Simon Staub | Free Previews


Gardening made easy with no hoeing, digging, weeding, watering, application of fertilizer needed, chemicals, hard Work, or costly equipment. Just follow "Mother Nature’s" design to grow your own tasty and nutritious fruit, vegetables and herbs. Whether you have just a few square meters o a deck or several acres, our eBook explains how to make a fantastic low maintenance worry free effortless and inexpensive garden that will produce the very best natural organic produce in an ongoing sustainable and efficient way.