Black Friday Reading List

November 24, 2020

Thanksgiving is here, and with it -the kickoff to the holiday season for shoppers- Black Friday. However, this year is anything but normal, and thanks to the ongoing novel Covid-19, we advise against unnecessary trips to the store.

So, think about it: Why get pushed around by strangers and get sick when you could stay cozy at home with a good Book? Sounds good, right? 

Shop online, enjoy reading our Books, stay safe and far away from the Black Friday crowds! 

1 Vanishment & Tribulation

Vanishment & Tribulation

Neal Fox | Drama


A future mass "Vanishment" of people is described in the Bible, called the Rapture. This novel is closely based on Bible prophesies about that "Rapture" of the Church and the seven year Tribulation which follows. In that sense this is not a work of fiction. However, fictional characters and situations are intertwined with the actual order of prophesied Biblical events to make those events come alive and be more understandable to the Reader. The primary purpose is to inform about what the Bible says, but it is also meant to be interesting and entertaining, because the Bible is not boring.

2 Peace: When the Monkey becomes a Monk

Peace: When the Monkey becomes a Monk

AiR-Atman in Ravi | Body & Spirit


We human beings are enveloped in the deep darkness of ignorance. We seek Peace of mind but we don't realize that Peace is not an external thing. It is our original state. It is our own mind that steals our Peace by constantly jumping from thought to thought. It craves and desires and we lose our Peace. Unless we tame the Monkey Mind and make it into a Monk, we will never be able to experience true Bliss. This book will show us the way.

3 Life Manual: How to live Life

Life Manual: How to live Life

AiR-Atman in Ravi | Body & Spirit


We all know how to use and make the most of our gadgets and gizmos because we read the Operating Manual of each device or appliance that we buy. Unfortunately, we have not read the Operating Manual of Life. We don’t realize what Life is all about, and before we know it, life is over. We are left with regrets that we did not do what we wanted to do. Instead of living a life of Joy and Peace, we suffer in misery and sorrow. This book can change all that. It is a Life Manual that has guidelines on how to make the best of our life. It inspires us with 'the do's and the don'ts,' as it discloses what this product called ‘Life’ is all about. Each chapter investigates an important aspect of life that will help us, and lead us to enjoy every moment that we live. The ‘Troubleshooting Guide’ and

4 Eternal Grief

Eternal Grief

Marcelo Hipolito | Sci-fi Fantasy


From the vastness of outer space to the streets of contemporary America, tales of fantasy, suspense, science fiction and horror, written for intelligent people who seek out strong emotions for both the mind and soul. With “Eternal Grief”, nominated for Best Short Story of 2003 by the Preditors & Editors Readers´ Poll.

5 Boring is good

Boring is good

Sam K Benjamin | Drama


Jemima and Mark seem to have it all until she loses their baby then misunderstandings, lack of communication and unhappiness lead to an affair, a stay in intensive care and a pushy American who won’t take no for an answer. From the West Country to Cairo and San Francisco can broken trust be repaired? Who gets a happily ever after? Love, romance, sex, and the value of friendship run through this story.

6 Lucifer - The First Angel

Lucifer - The First Angel

Marcelo Hipolito | Sci-fi Fantasy


'Lucifer - The First Angel' is a brutal epic about how and why the greatest hero of God fell to darkness. From the dawn of creation up to the ruin of all existence, it reveals the true nature of Good and Evil, the meaning of Life and Death, and that even in Hell it is possible to find honor and sacrifice. The author carried out an extensive detailed research on archaeological discoveries and teachings of Taoism, Buddhism, Jewish Christianity, Islam, Brahmanism, among other ancient beliefs and philosophies.

7 Cursed


Peter Gray | Horror-Gothic


It's Halloween weekend, and Sara and her friends decide to go out into the wilderness to stay at Blackthorn Campground. When they arrive the campsite is eerily quiet, and the only lodger living there is quite adamant that they should leave. Sara and her friends choose to stay at the camp site, forcing them to face the consequences of their own actions.

8 The Story of Stella

The Story of Stella

Stella Ciarlantini | Biography


Stella Ciarlantini lives the ordinary life of a ten-year-old girl. She spends her days talking, laughing, and gossiping with her friends, and her nights studying for tests and exams and doing homework. But when something completely unexpected happens, it turns Stella’s world upside-down. Suddenly, her ordinary life seems like something so sacred and special, and she starts to wish she had appreciated it more. Stella has to stay strong in isolation, but she soon realizes that even though she is alone, she really isn’t alone. Feel Stella’s pain, listen to her cries, but more importantly, see her strength. Stella will soon understand that she really isn’t suffering in silence because she has a whole audience of people rooting for her and cheering her on until the end.

9 Thanksgiving Breakfast

Thanksgiving Breakfast

John J. Fitzgerald | Free Previews


Over the span of fifty years, one close knit group of friends from the small town of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania remain true to their vow to stay connected whether near or far. Because no matter where the road has taken them, they can always come together for Thanksgiving breakfast. A pleasant work of fiction by John Fitzgerald, Thanksgiving Breakfast is the poignant saga that mines the deep bonds, life choices, and emotional revelations of the closest of friends through the best of times and the worst of times. This tender, absorbing story will appeal to anyone who relishes an intimate portrait of Baby Boomers as they parse the past and forge a future.

10 Gobble Gobble: A Tale of Thanksgiving Terror

Gobble Gobble: A Tale of Thanksgiving Terror

Florin Nicoara | Horror-Gothic


Gobble Gobble is a hilarious horror-comedy that will turn your thanksgiving delight into one hell of a day of fright. It is a 'terrible' tale unlike any other you have ever been told. Tread only if you dare because it will twist your mind and lay your soul bare, gobble-gobble!!! Gobble Gobble is the very fictitious story of a group of high school seniors who embark on a field tip the day before Thanksgiving to visit a humane and environmentally-friendly turkey farm for extra credit, but instead discovers a sinister secret government lab where genetic engineering has run a muck and turned the human turkey relationship into a banquet of hilariously frightening insanity. If you thought Halloween was scary, wait until Thanksgiving!!!

11 Holiday Cook Book

Holiday Cook Book

Theresa Newell | Food/Recipes


This heart and diabetes friendly cookbook contains tasty, delicious and easy to prepare recipes. Included are recipes for chicken, turkey, veal and salmon; side dishes, beverages and desserts.

12 I Am Not My Brother's Keeper

I Am Not My Brother's Keeper

Amelia Bradford | Drama


This is a true story about children hurt by their own parents. It's about not doing the easy thing, the common thing, and turning away, and it's about the long, hard, expensive fight to do what's right. It's a success story, too, (if that's the right phrase) about a family torn apart, about parents prosecuted, convicted and jailed and children given another chance. It's the story of a flawed justice system that, for all its errors, all its faults, in this case, did what we hope it will. It's about what the words - family, love and responsibility - really mean, and, most of all, it's an example for those of us who care about kids enough to do more than talk about it.

13 The Taste OF Passion

The Taste OF Passion

Camillion | Erotica


A collection of prose, and poetry put together. Storytelling of passionate emotions, and erotica. Combined with photography from the author herself. These are soul touching writes that will hit your core with every word to be read. When is the last time you really let your soul speak to another person? Now is the time to get lost in some passion lighting a candle to burn.

14 Heretic - The Life of a Witch Hunter

Heretic - The Life of a Witch Hunter

Clifford Beck | Drama


It is one hundred years after the Black Death and with Europe still in ruins, many continue to die. Now, no longer able to feed their only child, Aiden Selwyn's parents are forced to give him up and three days walk through the English countryside, they arrive at an isolated monastery. The abbot takes him in without hesitation, but all is not as it seems and after reaching adulthood, Aiden discovers their true intentions. Having made a daring escape, he wanders the countryside, committed to doing what he believes is God's work. But It is at this point that his life takes a sudden turn when he meets Aelianna, a beautiful black haired woman living alone in the woods. But the evil he has discovered to be inherent in people finds them out. Heretic is a story of resolve and transformation.

15 Africa Sickness

Africa Sickness

Zin Murphy | Drama


After his adventures in Portugal, not-so-innocent abroad Ed Scripps has landed a great new job in Africa. But is his apparent good fortune a leap from the frying pan into the fire?

16 Untakenable


C O Wyler | Mystery


What would you do if your husband was missing, you do not want to be pregnant, you witness a horrific airplane accident, and you learn all babies and young children have disappeared? Twenty-eight-year-old Sarah Colton may think she is in control, but she is far from the truth, not realizing the Rapture has occurred. Enter the writer's mind as she deals with this imminent, amazing event.