Biographies: Unknown

August 15, 2016

Interesting lives are not reserved for the famous. In fact, as one of our recommendations below suggests, "An Ordinary Man" (or woman) can entertain, educate and fascinate.  Here are 12 biographies from people you've probably never heard of, but are highly worth listening to. As Yo-Yo Ma well said "good things happen when you meet strangers."

1 Spared


Nastaran Akhavan | Biography


"As I adjusted my eyes going from absolute darkness to the bright lighted street corner, I could see the silhouettes of several soldiers around me. As I was being dragged backwards, I could hear the gravel grind together underneath me and feel the pain of my skin being ripped off as the soldier easily dragged my tiny body behind him. The soldier stopped, turned around, and kicked me really hard in my ribs, taking my breath away, and he said "So you can scream but..."

2 Shooter


Bob Dut | Travel


The story of a Freelance Cameraman who's covered wars and most of the major stories for the last 30 years in over 90 countries for all the major international TV networks. ABC, BBC, CBC, CTV, NBC and CBS. Vietnam, Sinatra, Beirut, Monkeys, Belfast, Haiti, Witch doctors in Ghana, Deported from Kuwait, Christmas at the Savoy, Fall of Vietnam, 10 Downing Street,Martin Luther King and the Peace Prize, John Diefenbaker. Libya, Falklands war, Desert Storm. Near Misses, Danger In a minefield, Panama.

3 I Trusted Him

I Trusted Him

Jennifer Smith | Biography


Teen relationships are often severely misunderstood. In some cases these relationships can escalate into domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV). The more tragic of these cases sometime lead to murder . As was the case for 16-year old Anna Lynn Hurd. This book, "I Trusted Him : The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd," methodically documents the months and days leading up to her gruesome murder, a murder that no one in the small town of Northern St. Paul could have seen coming, or could they?

4 Reborn


Renato Ferreira | Biography


Success and money; that is what Tony Lima was striving to achieve! Those were his only motives. Long ago, after witnessing his parents' struggle with money, he decided that he would achieve success no matter what hurdles lay ahead. Born and raised on a Brazilian farm, he had harbored a desire to be rich since childhood. He took every opportunity that came his way. From those humble beginnings, he emigrated to the United States in his 20's, and from dishwasher to model entrepreneur, he got the job done! 

5 A Book of Remarkable Criminals

A Book of Remarkable Criminals

H. B. Irving | Biography


This is a book that focuses on a group of criminals who the author found to be both remarkable and interesting. Human nature-based, each section details their lives, their crimes, and their fatal ends.

6 Against the Grain

Against the Grain

David Parsons | Biography


As a blogger the short stories and memoirs of David 'Big Dave' Parsons have received in excess 500,000 reads to date. True tales of his time in prison, days as a drug dealer and life post leaving it all behind. The KP team have looked through over 5 years worth of blogs and hand picked the top 40. Each story has been tweaked as well as tidied up for publishing and for those familiar with the blogs of Big Dave there has been new detail added. 

7 ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds

ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds

justin spring | Biography


A fast-paced, sometimes troubling memoir of a seven year period spent by the author and psychic Alice Hickey in trying to unwind a skein of bewildering psychic events that had almost cost the author his mind. This is a totally new look at the roots of human consciousness, the psychic roots of poetry, the early Mother Goddess period, and our constantly evolving consciousness, but even more, it is a moving story about a deep friendship that blossomed unexpectedly on the unruly border between the two worlds.

8 Twiggy in the Home From Hell

Twiggy in the Home From Hell

Nigel King | Biography


Nigel King's story of survival through the child abuse that he endured in a North Wales community; and that the press named "The Home from Hell". Presented in two parts, the first one details the daily suffering, abuse, and isolation that the author endured as a child; and the second part provides facts and information about Mr. Shush. 

9 An Ordinary Man: The Autobiography of Harold Cunningham

An Ordinary Man: The Autobiography of Harold Cunningham

Harold Cunningham | Biography


Most autobiographies are written to make the writer seem more or better than he is. Rough edges are smoothed, frailties glossed over, sins forgotten. Rare is the man who dares write his life for what it was. Rare is the man who dares write as he speaks, without pretension. Rare is the simple story, plainly told, and rarer still is a true story told honestly. Harold's story is both.

10 The Cowboy Chronicles

The Cowboy Chronicles

William Davis | Biography


In May of 1999, Michael Toney was wrongfully convicted by a Tarrant County Texas kangaroo court for the 1985 Lake Worth Texas Bombings and received the death penalty. In November 2000, Michael made the acquaintance of Mr. Bill Davis through the letters to the editor page of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. This book relates the 10 year long struggle of Cowboy Toney to obtain his freedom.

11 I am Me

I am Me

Beth Lambert | Biography


A true life story of abuse and survival.

12 A Bridge Too Far

A Bridge Too Far

Bryan Britton | Biography


An autobiography of one South African's experiences growing up in Apartheid riddled South Africa. Between 1948 and 1994 South Africa was abhorred by the world because of it's dreadful separate development policies. Life however had to go on for South Africa's multi cultured citizens. Here is one man's account of those draconian days.