Best Spy Books

January 10, 2019

When it comes to spy stories, the truth is often stranger than fiction. Here are some must-read stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat!


1 The Return of Seven

The Return of Seven

Kenn Gordon | Mystery


This is part Two of the Andy McPhee Trilogy. Another fast paced and gritty spy thriller, once again fact based and then fictionalised. This time team seven are forced to take on some of the worlds governments in order to stop Neo Nazi's. They will battle around the globe from Scotland to North Korea and from The Faeroe Islands to Iceland. The corruption from the USA and Russia. Unprecedented levels of financial and social injustice. Most of the world turns a blind Eye. Team Seven will have to fight for their very lives. Will they all survive? you will have to read to find out. Please Rate my books after yo have read them. Part Three in this collection is currently being written

2 Big Timmy

Big Timmy

Chris Manson | Sci-fi Fantasy


Chris Manson has a head injury; this is a story on how it affects his family and his world. In his real life battle with his coma, he meets several contrasting characters either good or evil in a multitude of situations. During which he becomes involved in a close to home spy organization. The story’s characters evolve from explosive situations, for which he has to make some pretty harrowing decisions.

3 Mr. Standfast

Mr. Standfast

John Buchan | Fiction Classics


In Mr Standfast (1919), the third of the four novels featuring Richard Hannay, Hannay is brought out of the battlefield to perform the desperate task of tracking down and destroying a network of German spies. Set in the later years of World War I, Brigadier-General Hannay is recalled from active service on the Western Front to undertake a secret mission hunting for a dangerous German agent at large in Britain. He is forced to work undercover disguised as a pacifist, roaming the country incognito to investigate the deadly spy and his agents.

4 Thirty - Nine Steps

Thirty - Nine Steps

John Buchan | Mystery Classics


In this 1915 story--possibly the first modern spy novel--Buchan's perennial protagonist, Richard Hannay, averts the assassination of a world leader. Hanney, an expatriated Scot, returns from a long stay in South Africa to his flat in London. One night he is buttonholed by an American who appears to know of an anarchist plot to destabilize Europe, and claims to be in fear for his life. Hannay lets the American hide in his flat, and returns later to find that another man has been found shot dead in the same building, apparently a suicide. Four days later Hannay finds the American stabbed to death...

5 The Malefactor

The Malefactor

E. Phillips Oppenheim | Mystery Classics


This book considered one of the originators of the thriller genre, his novels also range from spy thrillers to romance, but all have an undertone of intrigue.

6 Greenmantle


John Buchan | Fiction Classics


This novel continues the story of Richard Hannay, taking him from convalescence following the Battle of Loos, back to London for a vital meeting at the Foreign Office, and thence on a top-secret mission across war-torn German-occupied Europe. A classic espionage and adventure novel set during The Great War, featuring the reckless Richard Hannay. Tasked with unraveling a mysterious message, Hannay travels through Germany and the Middle East, searching for the elusive religious leader ''Greenmantle''. Sequel to The Thirty-Nine Steps and precursor to Mr. Standfast.

7 The Owl and the Hawk: An End to Terrorism

The Owl and the Hawk: An End to Terrorism

John Errett | Fiction


Download this espionage thriller about counter-terrorism today!

8 Judgement Day

Judgement Day

Swan Morrison | Humor


When a meteorite destroyed a house in a sleepy, English village. No one could have predicted the chain of events that would lead Swan Morrison and Helen Hargreaves to romance and would ultimately propel them into an epic battle for the very survival of mankind. How can one adequately describe a novel that is (in alphabetical order): an adventure filled; archaeological; comic; crime featuring; dramatic; erotic; espionage laced; horror tinged; political; religious; romantic; science fiction; supernatural thriller with philosophical, satirical and allegorical undertones?

9 Korean Tiger

Korean Tiger

Dave Barraclough | Mystery


Moon Han-Sang is on the brink of bankruptcy when his business partner goes missing. In the search to find him, Moon comes into contact with a mysterious Cuban sailor whose ship has been wrecked off the coast of South Korea. As his investigations into the whereabouts of his business partner deepen he finds himself embroiled in a secret international conspiracy, and the devious world of espionage.

10 Spy People

Spy People

Duncan James | Fiction


SPY PEOPLE. SYNOPSIS. In this Duncan James sequel to ‘Motorbike Men’, Russian agents are uncovered at the heart of one of the UK’s most secret intelligence agencies. The spies escape before they can be arrested, and the investigation into how they managed to get away leads inevitably to a hunt for their controller who managed to tip them off. An action-packed tale, with a surprise ending, moves swiftly between England, Switzerland and the Russian capital itself.

11 Spy Squad

Spy Squad

The_B00kw0rm_ | Fiction


When Richie enters a competition to join the CIA, he never expected it to be serious. His average day of school gets transformed into his wildest dream; America\'s greatest team of spies in training. What happens when strength, tactics, intelligence, tech, and memory team up? The Spy Squad. New classes, new friends, and most importantly, new enemies. Did he get more than he bargained for? Will the Spy Squad be able to defeat The Jester or will the world fall into chaos as her maniacal plan unfolds? Find out in this thrilling story of adventure, intrigue, and love!

12 Confessions of a British Spy and British Enmity Against Islam

Confessions of a British Spy and British Enmity Against Islam

Huseyin Hilmi Isik | Religious


Must read for every Muslim! This book Confession by a British spy, translated from the book (Muzakkarat-ul Mister Hempher) which was published in Cairo by (Dâr-ul-kitâb-is-sufi), consists of the memoirs of Hempher, one of the thousands of spies, men or women, send to islamic countries by Ministry of the British Colonies, to demolish the Islamic religion. In this confession, the spy, Hempher, disclosed the lies and slanders fabricated by the Ministry; how he had deceived Muhammad bin Abdulwahhab, the founder of Wahhâbism; how he had strived to divide Muslims into groups and to corrupt their religion.

13 Jon Hersey - Industrial Spy

Jon Hersey - Industrial Spy

Leo N. Ardo | Short Stories


Alone, is how Jon Hersey feels after the death of his ... soul-mate Jon is a very successful business analyst, whose reputation for quick adaption to changing business environments has saved many deals from disaster. It is this talent, and his shortened Navy Seal training, that has him targeted by Zeta Consulting Group - a secret organization known to only six people ... A chance encounter with a business consultant, might bring about the new spark he has been seeking since Alissa's death. Stepping out of the jet-way, Jon sees his new friend Daryl Alexander sitting in the waiting area. Daryl has his phone in his lap and a thin cord dangles from his right ear - "the check was good? ... Good! ... Please stop harassing me about the time, it is going to be fine ... Then I'll have to terminate the - "agreement" ... " ............ On a flight with his new friend, Jon finds out things are not always as they appear ...

14 The Traveller

The Traveller

Duncan James | Fiction


THE TRAVELLER – short synopsis.A daring and dangerous operation is planned to capture details of secret Chinese nuclear weapons research being carried out in North Korea, but the plans unravel when a top British spy finds himself on his own there. Having successfully secured the information, his escape route collapses, leaving him no option but to travel across China. He evades detection, capture and attempts on his life before finally reaching home, where tragedy eventually catches up with him.

15 Havoc


E. Phillips Oppenheim | Mystery Classics


Bellamy King's Spy and Dorward, journalist, known to fame in every English-speaking country, stood before the double window of their spacious sitting-room, looking down upon the thoroughfare beneath. Both men were laboring under a bitter sense of failure.

16 The Memory Man: T14 Book 1

The Memory Man: T14 Book 1

Marcus Freestone | Fiction


In 2014 a massive terrorist attack in London kills 80,000. Ten years later we join T14, the money no object, red tape defying counter terrorist organisation tasked with ensuring that this never happens again. Recruiting from the police, SAS and other agencies, T14 uses the latest technology and a no nonsense approach to fighting terrorism and related crime. Some foreign power is intent on infiltrating or destroying the UK's top research institutes working on brain computer technology. T14 have to cope with internal espionage, assassinations and an ever worsening political crisis in this fast-paced novel which mixes dark humour with intrigue, action, mystery and sci-fi.

17 The Secret Agent

The Secret Agent

Joseph Conrad | Fiction Classics


This is a full and up-to-date bibliography, a comprehensive chronology and a critical introduction which describes Conrad's great London novel as the realization of a "monstrous town," a place of idiocy, madness, criminality, and butchery. It also discusses contemporary anarchist activity in the UK, imperialism, and Conrad's narrative techniques.

18 The Riddle of the Sands

The Riddle of the Sands

Erskine Childers | Fiction Classics


The classic book, The Riddle of the Sands, by Erskine Childers.