Best Christmas Book Collection

December 6, 2022

Winter comes close to everything with snow and cold weather. But Christmas can bring joy and great moods, so it is important to have e-books that will allow you to unwind after such a long event.

1 Christmas Bear

Christmas Bear

Mary Rincon | Parenting/Children


Christmas Bear works in a Nursing Home, As a nursing assistant She finds it very rewarding at times, listening to stories an seeing her friends daily, she has a very busy schedule, but interesting. Come and walk down the halls with Christmas Bear as she cheers the people and stuff. Download to your Kindle (eBook) Author Mary Rincon Christmas Bear works in a Nursing Home, As a nursing assistant She finds it very rewarding at times, listening to stories an seeing her friends daily, she has a very busy schedule, but interesting. Come and walk down the halls with Christmas Bear as she cheers the people and stuff Kindle Edition

2 Christmas Love

Christmas Love

Austin Mitchell | Flash Fiction


Three years ago Chanella Pearson and Debra Deacon were fooled by two men at around Christmas time. They seemed to be falling into the same trap yet again.

3 Christmas with Dr. Luke

Christmas with Dr. Luke

Glenn Pease | Religious



4 Christmas Treasures

Christmas Treasures

Glenn Pease | Religious


Table of Contents Chapter 1: His Wondrous Nam was based on Isaiah 9:1-7; Chapter 2: Waiting for Christmas was based on Haggai 2:1-9; Chapter 3: Christmas Secrets was based on Matt. 1:18-2:12

5 Christmas in Sicily

Christmas in Sicily

M. R. Zanone | Flash Fiction


A delightful children's story by Michele Ruby Zanone, with focus on Christmas in Sicily.

6 Christmas Holidays or a Visit at Home

Christmas Holidays or a Visit at Home

Anonymous | Short Stories


The stage coach stopped at the door of the Academy in Abington, an hour later than the expected time, and Howard and George Barrington ran forward with eagerness, as school boys are wont to do, when they are going from a retired part of the country into the city, at the Christmas Holidays.

7 The Christmas Bishop

The Christmas Bishop

Winifred Kirkland | Short Stories


Christmas morning, blue-black, pricked with stars against the Bishop’s window panes. Westbury lay asleep beside its curving river, the great old houses with gardens that ran terraced to the bank, the churches, the college, even the new teeming tenements at the bending of the water, all lay asleep in the Christmas dawning.

8 Rumors of Christmas

Rumors of Christmas

Kelvin Bueckert | Romance


Christmas was in the air! However, Adam, a young doctor, was struggling with an illness. Specifically, love-sickness. He had long wanted to ask Evelyn, a local schoolteacher, to court him. Which was alright, since Evelyn had long dreamed of the day when he would summon up the courage to ask her. However, Adam was much too shy to make the first move. Anxious to see these two fine folks get it together, Simon, a local farmer, tried his hand as a matchmaker. For a while it seemed that these two people would be brought together through his homespun wisdom. However, at the very moment of triumph, a tribe of vigilant citizens revealed a sordid secret that sent everything crashing down. Literally. Would this Christmas be a happy one...for anyone in Gladstone?

9 Beasley's Christmas Party

Beasley's Christmas Party

Booth Tarkington | Fiction Classics


The classic book, Beasley's Christmas Party, by Booth Tarkington.

10 Christmas Snow and Other Poems

Christmas Snow and Other Poems

Alasdair Gordon | Poetry


A small collection of poems, published in 2013.

11 11 Special Christmas Dessert Recipes To Make for Family and Friends

11 Special Christmas Dessert Recipes To Make for Family and Friends

Angie Baker | Food/Recipes


In this Ebook you can find 11 Christmas desserts which are very easy to make even if you’ve never baked before.Enjoy

12 Plet: A Christmas Tale of the Wasatch

Plet: A Christmas Tale of the Wasatch

Alfred Lambourne | Poetry


A tale from out my western life you say? Something to while the Christmas Eve away; And something, too, to suit this festal time, With two old bachelors, long past their prime, Who as they sip in solitude their wine, Are filled with memories of Auld Lang Syne? Well,—I grant it. Yet why did you add, Something to suit the time? I shall be glad—But was the last a tongue slip? Let it go. Still, why I asked, the tale will clearly show. As I proceed and still you care to hear, You'll find it suits this night of all the year. Oh, yes! to fill your wish I'm full inclined, I need but voice the thoughts within my mind, And then the task's completed. All comes back On every Christmas Eve, I never lack Of food for thought.

13 Jimsy: The Christmas Kid (1915)

Jimsy: The Christmas Kid (1915)

Leona Dalrymple | Fiction Classics


The classic book, Jimsy: The Christmas Kid (1915), by Leona Dalrymple.

14 The Animals' Christmas Tree

The Animals' Christmas Tree

John P. Peters | Short Stories


Once upon a time the animals decided to have a Christmas tree, and this was how it came about. The swifts and the swallows in the chimneys in the country houses, awakened from their sleep by joy and laughter, had stolen down and peeped in upon scenes of happiness, the centre of which was always an evergreen tree covered with wonderful fruit, bright balls of many colors, and sparkling threads of gold and silver, lying like beautiful frost-work among the green fir needles. A sweet, fairy-like figure of a Christ-Child or an angel rested high among the branches, and underneath the tree were dolls and sleds and skates and drums and toys of every sort, and furs and gloves and tippets, ribbons and handkerchiefs, and all the things that boys and girls need and like; and all about this tree were gathered always little children with faces oh! so full of wonderment and expectation, changing to radiant, sparkling merriment as toys and candies were taken off the tree or from underneath its boughs and distributed among them. The swifts and the swallows told their feathered friends all about it, and they told others, both birds and animals, until at last it began to be rumored through all the animal world that on one day in the year the children of men were made wonderfully happy by means of some sort of a festival which they held about a fir-tree from the forest. Now, of course the tame animals and the house animals, the dogs and the cats and the mice, knew something more about this festival. But then, they did not exchange visits with the wild animals, because they felt themselves above them. They were always trying to be like men and women, you know, putting on airs and pretending to know everything; but after all they were animals and could not help making friendships now and then with the wild creatures, especially when the men and women were not there. And when they were asked about the Christmas tree, they told still more wonderful stories than the swifts and the swallows from the chimneys had told, for some of them had taken part in these festivals, and some had even received presents from the tree, just like the children. They said that the tree was called a Christmas tree, because that strange fruit and that wonderful frosting came on it only in the Christmas time, and that the Christmas time was the time when men and women and little children, too, were always kind and good and loving and gave things to one another; and they said, moreover, that on the Christmas tree grew the things which everyone wanted and which would make them happy, and that it was so, because in the Christmas time everyone was trying to make everyone else happy and to think of what other people would like. This they said was what they had seen and heard told about Christmas trees. They did not quite understand why it was so but they knew that the Christmas tree, when rightly made, brought the Christmas spirit, and they had heard men say that the Christmas spirit was the great thing, and that that was what made everyone happy.

15 The Story of Zephyr: A Christmas Story

The Story of Zephyr: A Christmas Story

Jeanie Oliver Davidson Smith | Short Stories


The Story of Zephyr: A Christmas Story by Jeanie Oliver Davidson Smith

16 A Christmas Carol in Prose; Being a Ghost Story of Christmas

A Christmas Carol in Prose; Being a Ghost Story of Christmas

Charles Dickens | Misc Classics


The classic book, A Christmas Carol in Prose; Being a Ghost Story of Christmas, by Charles Dickens.

17 The Night the Llama Saved Christmas

The Night the Llama Saved Christmas

David Wing | Youth


When Santa's reindeer fall foul of the common cold, it's down to Blitzen to take a rag tag bunch of Llamas and whip them into shape to save Christmas for all the boys and girls of the world. The Day The Llamas Saved Christmas is a seasonal tale following the unexpected occurrence of an outbreak of the common cold in the North Pole and the resulting lack of reindeer to pull Santa's sleigh one Christmas. Beginning with an Elf, barging into Santa's office- most perturbed and informing Santa that the vast majority of his team are laid low with the sniffles, Santa rushes to his friend's sides, only to hear sneezing and coughing, resulting in the drafting of a substitute reindeer- Gerald (an over-eager youngster) to replace the stalwart Dasher and the rest of the 'deer having to make do and try their hardest to make the entire journey around the world in one night.

18 Christmas Eve on a Haunted Hulk

Christmas Eve on a Haunted Hulk

Frank Cowper | Thrillers & Horror


interesting horror

19 The Big Book of Classic Christmas Tales

The Big Book of Classic Christmas Tales

Ryan Jolly (Editor) | Short Stories


A collection of Classic Christmas Tales.

20 A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens | Fiction Classics


Scrooge, Tiny Tim and the Ghost of Christmas past in this classic Christmas tale.

21 Top Christmas Toys 2011 Shopping Guide

Top Christmas Toys 2011 Shopping Guide

Carmichael | Marketplace


Some of the top Christmas toys of the year includes descriptions, pictures and customer reviews. Includes sections for boys, girls, toddlers, preschool and specialty toys. Visit the site at

22 The Birds' Christmas Carol

The Birds' Christmas Carol

Kate Douglas Wiggin | Children's Classics


Born on Christmas Day, Carol Bird is special from the start. Her especially sweet disposition and invalid condition develop together in early childhood. As her health declines, her gracious spirit shines stronger and stronger, and is reflected in her sweet temperament toward her parents, brothers, and uncle; as well as in her concern for their poor neighbors, the Ruggleses.

23 How Jesus Crashed a Christmas Eve Mass

How Jesus Crashed a Christmas Eve Mass

Stefan Emunds | Free Previews


What do you think Jesus would have to say if he walked into a church? Would he be able to reconnect with people? Would he get along with the priest? This book presents alternative interpretations of the Bible and Christianity. Reader discretion advised.

24 The Littlest Christmas Angel

The Littlest Christmas Angel

Michael Spoula | Flash Fiction


A short story about how a young angel helped during the first Christmas. Download it now!

25 Creating A Stress-Free Christmas

Creating A Stress-Free Christmas

Martha Darpino | Miscellaneous


Tips & Ideas on Christmas Shopping, Decorating, Kid's Crafts, and More

26 Christmas 200 000 BC

Christmas 200 000 BC

Stanley Waterloo | Science Fiction


prehistorical adventure

27 101 Christmas Decorating Ideas

101 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Casshd | Marketplace


It's that time of the year again! Time to get out the tree, stockings and mistletoe! Don't know where to begin? 101 Christmas Decorating Ideas can help!

28 Detox to Lose Weight by Christmas

Detox to Lose Weight by Christmas

Ceci Lopez | Health


This ebook will tell you HOW YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT by Christmas, and not only would you lose weight, but will end up healthier than ever. Don't make another failed New Year's resolution. ACT NOW! Look good at the office Christmas party. You just need to know how and you just need to take that step.

29 The Best Christmas Gift

The Best Christmas Gift

Ivan Parvov | Youth


It is almost Christmas, and the little fox Bubu is eagerly waiting for Santa Claus. When something unusual falls from the sky, all Christmas gifts are put in danger. Bubu goes on a lonely nighttime adventure to save Christmas, and by accident, he will find the best Christmas gift.

30 After Christmas with Dr. Luke

After Christmas with Dr. Luke

Glenn Pease | Religious


THESE ARE 6 OF THE 36; CHAPTERS. 8. TRIUMPH OVER TEMPTATION Based on Luke 4:1-13 9.; 9. LABOR AND LEISURE Based on Luke 6:1-11 10.;10. DIGGING DEEP Based on Luke 6:46-49 11.; 11. THE DILEMMA OF DOUBT Based on Luke 7_18-35 12.; 12. FOCUS ON FEET Based on Luke 7:36-50 13.; 13. A MOUNTAIN TOP EXPERIENCE Based on Luke 9:28-36 14.