Best Books: Q2 2021 Update!

August 19, 2021

It's been a little while since June ended, but here are our Best Books of the 2nd Quarter of 2021. It has been a great few months for reading and we’re excited to share our favorites so far. Excellent works in both fiction and non-fiction titles for you to enjoy!

1 Earning Money with Facebook - Using Facebook to Turn Your Business into a Money Magnet

Earning Money with Facebook - Using Facebook to Turn Your Business into a Money Magnet

Angelia Griffith | Business


Facebook Marketing surpasses all other Social Media Marketing as being on the must do list for Internet Marketers. Whether you are selling a product or service or promoting a network marketing or affiliate program, Facebook has the largest audience of active users and buyers.Not only that, Facebook Marketing offers many unique opportunities to target your audience down to the last details, age groups, gender, nation, interests and that last one is a doozy. It allows you to be so specific in terms of what and who you like. Did you ever wonder why you are getting the particular little ads on the side of your screen. If you click on one them, rest assured you will get a lot more of the same type.

2 My Ola

My Ola

Boygene Borice | Romance


Love has a way to touch our hearts. This is a book for the girl that knows how to love... my Lovely Ruth F

3 How To Be Healthy During A Pandemic

How To Be Healthy During A Pandemic

Kevin Nnochiri | Health


During the lockdown, it was gathered that the increased time people had to spend with family andto be idle couples with the lack of gym facilities and an upset to fitness routine intensified eatingdisorders in some persons. Some persons could not access their prescribed diet and had to rely onfood that was not compatible with their health. Vegetarians found it hard to stay with their diet andsome on a strict diet fell short of their standard. Most person's emotional health got wrecked byanxiety and depression and as such, some of them got into emotional eating. For most people, whenthings get tough or stressful, they tend to find comfort in food. Some people overeat or binge-eatseveral times a week to suppress negative emotions or fill a void.

4 The Secret Cave

The Secret Cave

Ruth Reins | Sci-fi Fantasy


A compelling time travelling romance novel. Shirley meets, falls in love and marries Jeffrey. Shirley however, has a secret will Jeffrey discover it? He becomes very suspicious of her strange behaviour and comings and goings. Thinking she is having an affair he follows her to The Secret Cave. This is an emotional and exciting Science fiction tale full of twists and turns.

5 A Willing Heart to Please the Father

A Willing Heart to Please the Father

Leonard M. Lacroix | Biography


The amazing true life story of Dr. Andrew C. Stenhouse, MD, who began having supernatural encounters with God at a young age and received a very unique calling when he heard God's audible voice to become a medical doctor. Because of his willing heart to please the Father, he went on to serve as a physician on four continents over a period of fifty-five years, published several significant studies in various medical journals, and received numerous academic awards. He also experienced God's supernatural protection, guidance, and faithfulness, as well as unusual, divine results in the patients he cared for with a very special compassion that he had for people.

6 The Unread Book Of Words

The Unread Book Of Words

Roy E Parker | Short Stories


An exciting and unusual book of spellbinding short stories that twist and turns.

7 Book Of Poetry

Book Of Poetry

CW | Poetry


This book is a collection poems I have written. My poems are about my life, my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, and poems about things I love. I love to write poetry it's a favorite hobby of mine. I express my feelings and emotions through my poems.

8 From Fat to Fit - How to Jump - Start Your Metabolism and Get Amazing Weight Loss Results!

From Fat to Fit - How to Jump - Start Your Metabolism and Get Amazing Weight Loss Results!

Angelia Griffith | Fitness


Weight loss is one of the hottest topics ever. Everyone seems to be trying to lose weight nowadays. Most diet programs are about weight loss and body weight is often used as an indicator of fitness progress. But, this is an incorrect approach.Your ultimate goal should always be to lose fat and reducing excess body fat is what you should be concerned about. Weight loss and Fat loss is NOT the same thing! Many people confuse the two terms, often believing that they mean the same, when in fact weight loss and fat loss are very different from one another.

9 The Spurgeon Mission

The Spurgeon Mission

Ruth Reins | Sci-fi Fantasy


An alien spaceship crashes to earth with only two survivors. The survivors Captain Kith Ulka and one other crew member Veltz Rultza, who is on her maiden voyage. Having investigated and found that the conditions were suitable for them to breathe. They began walking away from the wreckage. They were confronted by a local farmer Jack Johnson who presumed them to be foreigners as they could not speak english. Jack thought they must have had a car accident and he took pity on them and took them home to recover and get them help, however the family soon discovered that they were in fact aliens from another planet. They befriended the pair and continued to hide them from aurthoriies, putting themselves at risk. This is a tale of love and friendship and is sometimes funny and sometimes very sad.

10 Perceptions of Reality Book Two

Perceptions of Reality Book Two

Annette de Jonge | Body & Spirit


Book One touched briefly on Quantum Mechanics and the widely accepted theory that what we see as our reality is illusion. We are now challenged to extend our perceptions with the paradigm of thought that the reality of the life we live can be seen as little more than a computer game, with us as avatars living out a game play of a reality specifically chosen by each of us prior to inception in order to enhance personal growth. This book, the second in the series Other Perceptions of Reality, further enhances the explanations offered by the group of spirit teachers in Book One on the part we play in our consciousness reality and the opportunities this presents for growth and understanding in these exciting times of unparalleled dimensional changes.

11 We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

Annette de Jonge | Body & Spirit


The Earth has been visited for eons by various species of aliens, recorded by many cultures through legends and ancient art. Reading this book you may wonder have I, the reader, had an encounter that has been blocked from memory? This book offers clues, ways to find out.Alien implants, nocturnal visitations by extraterrestrials were part of Annette's life from childhood. There are early memories of a tall Praying Mantis, the aliens called 'the Grays', the mysterious Men in Black and a terrifying encounter with a Reptilian.However, not all experiences were frightening. A friendly ET took Annette to  two unknown planets; one without life and another home to an unknown specie and two separate visits to an alien base somewhere on Earth where they watched humans working with aliens.

12 Warren Buffett Predicts the Future

Warren Buffett Predicts the Future

Bill Murphy Jr. | Economy


What’s a “Ubook™?” It’s a short ebook—but it has a few other features. The “U”is to remind people that it’s associated with the “U” also stands for “updated.” Because these books are never really finished. Instead, they’re continually revised.This Ubook™ runs almost exactly 12,000 words, which probably worksout to roughly 50 minutes of reading time.You’ll also notice that it’s formatted to make it easy to read on a smartphoneor tablet, hopefully without downloading any other apps.You’re free to share this with anyone you like, as long as: (a) you share it for free, (b) you send the entire thing, unedited, and (c) you don’t do anything like remove the author’s name, the cover, the branding, etc., or pretend that you wrote it instead of me.

13 Rise From the Bottom to Profits

Rise From the Bottom to Profits

Leonard Sotelo | Educational


Welcome Internet marketers/entrepreneurs and or startup men and women. Here is an AMAZING eBook written for those who can use some strategies, tools and most IMPORTANT TRAFFIC SOURCES. There are 50 plus bonuses I included for you to grab and use for your journey. I know what it's like to not have help on traffic sources then there you are on YouTube watching video after video, it gets overwhelming.So don't wait no more here it right in front of you.

14 Passive Income Streams - The Master Key to Wealth Creation and Financial Freedom

Passive Income Streams - The Master Key to Wealth Creation and Financial Freedom

Angelia Griffith | Business


Any income where the individual does not have to physically earn is called passive income. This of course is a very attractive way of earning an income and indeed those who are lucky enough to make a decent living this way are quite happy. Passive income is generated when our investment earns because of our timely decision. In this type of income, we are paid for the decision we make and for the risk we take. When we become afraid of investing, we tend not to make any decision. Consequently, nothing happens to our money. To generate passive income, we should make the right decision on what and when to invest and not decide about not investing. We must also calculate the risk - the higher the risk, the higher the return.



Ezekiel Millinga | Romance


Leo Felix is a young man whose life became miserable at the age of five. He grows up as a gambler… full of anger, grief, vengeance and regrets─ his life is in darkness. He’s forced to attend the music school where he bumps into a girl and fall for her on first sight. He is not alone… there is a tough rival after the girl too. He is determined to win the girl’s heart for he believes love can get him out of darkness─ it once did. As he gets closer to the girl, his first and only lover who disappeared years ago reappears. He has to make a decision. What decision will he make? Will the decision take him to light or lead him deep into darkness?

16 Resonance with the Self

Resonance with the Self

Martin Euser | Philosophy


This book is designed to help you better understand yourself. How do you see yourself? How is your self-image? You can learn to connect with the spirit or Self within. Time-tested exercises will assist you with this process.

17 The Thrill of the ROSE

The Thrill of the ROSE

Remy Joyeiux | Drama


Jason and Raquel met on the internet. It took no time forthem to be friendly. They connected like live wires. Friendlycordial chats at first. And after a few days they couldn’t wait tosee each other sign on to their social media accounts. Sharingabout their experiences, their expectations, lifeacquaintances, life skills, likes and dislikes. More importantlythey shared the romantic feelings they had about each other.Jason was alluring but Raquel matched him with herdaring and descriptive imagery. Jason used his skill as well ashis sense of humor mixed with sensational and bold language.Raquel refused to be out done by him. She connectedseamlessly with her brief but alluring responses.

18 Quest & Crown

Quest & Crown

Marie Seltenrych | Romance


Garty must find the princess or suffer the consequences of failure after a five year mission.A fortune teller enters his world and takes him on a precarious ride. The beautiful Joanne is guarded by her despot brother and he must now find her urgently. Will be be distracted and fail in this mission? Not if Mrs Bouchee has her way... Will the now frustrated, broke and injured Knight retain his honour and his word? Twists and turns move this story into its final climax when everything will be revealed.

19 Power of Meditation

Power of Meditation

Ayush | Self-Improvement


Introducing The Power of Meditation. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about meditation and success, meditation for the modern life, how meditation increases success, making meditation work for you, the benefits of meditation, the benefits of meditation for business owners and entrepreneurs, corporate meditation and employee morale, the benefits of meditation for personal well-being, the practice of meditation, preparing body and mind for meditation, the meditative posture and meditation exercises.

20 Hack Your Sleep- A Beginner's Guide to Enjoying Quality Sleep

Hack Your Sleep- A Beginner's Guide to Enjoying Quality Sleep

MRR | Health


Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about biohacking briefly explained, what is biohacking, what should you focus on, banish blue light, invest in a sleep app, seek out the sun, use a light therapy box, sleep-friendly food hacks, acupressure mat hack, how does an acupressure mat work, binaural beats and music therapy, how do binaural beats work, aromatherapy, how to use essential oils, helpful sleep tips and so much more!

21 Profit Streams- 21 Powerful Ways to Make a Living Online

Profit Streams- 21 Powerful Ways to Make a Living Online

MRR | Business


Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about freelance writing, write and submit, article marketing, graphic design, logo and design contests, web design, web development, interview and sell affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing via videos, sell other's products, sell your own product, sell stock photos, blogging, blog management and so much more!

22 Relationships Maintenance

Relationships Maintenance

Siddharth Sharma | Self-Improvement


Introducing Relationships Maintenance. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about relationship resolutions basics, take care of yourself first, learn how to have the benefit of the doubt mentality, change your “blame them” mentality, learn more about the projecting mindset, build compassion, change your mindset thinking before you speak, maintain your own boundaries, use affirmations to stay on course and the benefits of your relationship resolution.

23 Making Money By Investing In Real Estate

Making Money By Investing In Real Estate

U-PLR | Business


Discover the astonishing secrets of how to make massive profits in real investing. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about 5 questions you must ask yourself before you make your first investment - failure to do this could result in a lot of heartache and frustration later on! How to make your first profitable real estate investment in just 5 easy steps - even if you have absolutely no investing experience whatsoever and so much more!

24 'Paranorma 3 Horror Short Stories

'Paranorma 3 Horror Short Stories

CW | Horror-Gothic


This ebook is the last and final sequel to my Paranorma series and is a collection of short stories I wrote and put together.

25 How To Make Your Relationship Strong

How To Make Your Relationship Strong

Angelia Griffith | Self-Improvement


Anyone who has been in a relationship knows how hard it is to keep things afloat. It takes a lot more than feelings of affection and attraction to keep the flame alive. If there is one thing you and your partner can count on, it is the fact that there will be many relationship problems along the way. With so many colossal disasters befalling couples everywhere, it's not a bad idea to seek out different ways to make your relationship stronger. Think of these are relationship tips that will ensure you last long beyond the honeymoon phase. Of course, every couple has their own way of navigating down the route to a healthy relationship. But with these in your arsenal, you should be able to keep your relationship strong.

26 Excellence in Parenting - Parenting Tips For Healthy, Effective Parenting

Excellence in Parenting - Parenting Tips For Healthy, Effective Parenting

Angelia Griffith | Parenting/Children


The child-parent relationship has a major influence on most aspects of child development. When optimal, parenting skills and behaviors have a positive impact on children’s self-esteem, school achievement, cognitive development and behavior.Parents differ in the degree to which they respond to children’s signals and control their behaviors. High quality care giving, characterized by a sensitive, cognitively stimulating, and moderately controlling approach, is crucial for children’s development and safety. Indeed, many of the skills children acquire during the early years are fundamentally dependent on the quality of their interactions with their parents.

27 Cut Out Negativity

Cut Out Negativity

SIMEN LOVE | Psychology



28 Book One of the Heroes of Legend: The Archer, The Princess, and The Dragon King

Book One of the Heroes of Legend: The Archer, The Princess, and The Dragon King

L. A. Hammer | Sci-fi Fantasy


This is a fantasy novel that blends Robin Hood, King Arthur, Cleopatra, all fighting Dracula, in a world growing out of research of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Joseph Campbell. Studying the Heroes Journey of Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces on which I wrote my Master's thesis with this story as my creative exegesis.This novel is the one that will lead to a warm welcoming by thousands of readers in my lifetime. I hope it is appreciated as a work of art, expressing human cultures, spiritual beliefs, archetypes and psychoanalysis, but most importantly, that it is a story that readers can enjoy stepping into. That it makes the reader feel comfortable, exhilarated, interested, and emotionally engaged in the story telling that is heartfelt.Kind regards,L. A. Hammer

29 Mighty Nostromo

Mighty Nostromo

Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


The year is 2324 C.E. Tina Forster and her mighty giant cargo ship KOSTROMA are busy carrying heavy and ultra-large cargo loads between the Solar System and the new Human colonies established in other star systems close to our system. Carrying complete city-sized structures at a time, the KOSTROMA is in high demand in the interstellar cargo-carrying business and Tina has thus placed an order for a new cargo ship, to be called the NOSTROMO, to supplement her KOSTROMA. Then, an alien threat of a truly monstrous nature appears in the space occupied by the Drazts, which are friends with Humans. Tina Forster and her KOSTROMA will have to risk it all to face that alien threat and save billions of lives.



PorTroyal Smith | Sci-fi Fantasy


This is a superhero story of the comic book variety adapted to the novel form factor. It seemed odd to me that even in our most recent (and very well done) variations of the superhero saga, the format hasn’t changed too much. I wanted to write a compelling and realistic (well, as possible) series of books that follows what being a superhero might actually look like in our world. Spider-Man would be hard-pressed to maintain any sort of secret identity when swinging around a city with a smartphone in his pocket. This is only the first book so the world-building has just begun, but I hope to give you a glimpse into a vision that explores the difficulties that having extraordinary abilities might incur; as well as explore how powers that be might not simply let such a person be free.

31 Covenant of Blood

Covenant of Blood

H.R. van Adel | Sci-fi Fantasy


On Thayria, the brutal Sarasinian League dominates. Yet beneath its arrogant façade, decades of corruption, neglect and incompetence have left it weakened and vulnerable. Even as its subject peoples yearn for freedom, the League, preoccupied with violent expansion, shows astonishing complacency in the face of impending revolt.Against a backdrop of relentless bloody battles, a provincial governor chooses a path that could change the course of history. A group of military cadets faces an increasingly dire future. And a jaded research assistant sets out to recover an object of immense power and dreadful consequence.In the centre of this gathering storm stands an improbably long-lived and immensely powerful figure whose hatred of the League knows no bounds…

32 Far Flung

Far Flung

Steve Hertig | Sci-fi Fantasy


Asteroid miner, Tecton Chadeayne finds himself and his amorous geobot, Ruby, flung outside the Milky Way by a freak convergence of gravity waves. Their struggle for survival is filled with danger as well as surprises! Far Flung is an Illustrated Fractime story!

33 The Green Millennium

The Green Millennium

Fritz Leiber | Sci-fi Fantasy


Hugo and Nebula award-winning Fritz Lieber is a science-fiction grand master with an unparalleled ability to discern the stranger side of the universe. The Green Millennium is set in a futuristic human society based on our own. The regimented, regulated and bureaucratized lifestyle led by the misanthropic Phil Gish leaves him feeling vaguely dissatisfied and emotionally cut off from other people. He is surprised when a pure green cat appears in his room, a cat who makes him feel happier and more alive than he has ever felt. Phil decides to call the cat Lucky, hoping his life will take a turn for the better. If you consider different as change for the better, then Gish really has got something in Lucky -- something that everyone else wants -- including the Mob, the FBI, some nude aliens, and a gorgeous mystery woman. When Lucky seems to vanish into thin air, Phil will do anything to get him back, even if it means challenging the very powers that rule his world.

34 Trent's Last Case

Trent's Last Case

E. C. Bentley | Fiction


On Wall Street, the mere mention of the name Sigsbee Manderson is enough to send a stock soaring—or bring it tumbling back to earth. Feared but not loved, Manderson has no one to mourn him when the gardener at his British country estate finds him facedown in the dirt, a bullet buried in his brain. There are bruises on his wrist and blood on his clothes, but no clue that will lead the police to the murderer. It will take an amateur to—inadvertently—show them the way.Cheerful, charming, and always eager for a mystery, portrait artist and gentleman sleuth Philip Trent leaps into the Manderson affair with all the passion of the autodidact. Simply by reading the newspapers, he discovers overlooked details of the crime. Not all of his reasoning is sound, and his romantic interests are suspect,

35 The Real Law Of Attraction Code

The Real Law Of Attraction Code

Archi Mackfly | Body & Spirit


What Really Is The Law Of Attraction? - How The Law Of Attraction Works. - Overcoming The Default Process. - Opportunities And Luck. - Applying the Law of Attraction Step by Step. - Money And Wealth Manifestation With The Law Of Attraction. - How To Handle Challenges And Failure. - Balancing Your Inner And Outer Self. - Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Everybody. - Best Practices For Developing Your Law Of Attraction Code. - Plus so much more...

36 Herbal Healing For Everybody

Herbal Healing For Everybody

Paul Herb | Health


Introducing Herbal Healing For EverybodyTapping Into The Natural Healing Properties of Herbs to Restore Your Body! Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about herbal healing basics, how to treat wounds with herbs, how to treat acne with herbs, treating anxiety and depression with herbs. herbal assistant for cancer treatment, body detox with herbs, herbs for headaches and tension, herbs for helping lung conditions, top 5 herbs to keep on hand and what you need to know the cautions about using herbs.

37 Conflux: The Lost Girls

Conflux: The Lost Girls

Jordan Wakefield | Mystery


IT’S A BAD, BAD WORLD OUT THERE – Two teenage girls who don’t even know their own names. A nightmarish town that wants to eat them alive. When fate brings them together, will a murderous town full of sin and psychotic criminals pull them apart?This book doesn’t pull punches. Packed with tension and betrayal, horror and triumph, Jordan Wakefield’s CONFLUX: THE LOST GIRLS follows two teenage runaways with pasts shrouded in darkness as they navigate a world ruled by drugs, violence, and dark conspiracies. With police, human traffickers and sexual deviants on their tail, they must make it out alive together. But when you don’t know yourself, can you trust the person next to you?First in the Conflux series, THE LOST GIRLS will push you off the edge of your seat and have you begging for more

38 No More Sleeplessness - Your Guide to Enjoy Quality Sleep

No More Sleeplessness - Your Guide to Enjoy Quality Sleep

Angelia Griffith | Health


Insomnia or sleeplessness is one form of a sleeping disorder that doesn't enable the person to sleep or stay asleep for long. Insomnia can strike any one, at any age group, at any given time. Fortunately, insomnia can be cured. There are conventional and alternative treatments in the market which can help one get back his sleep. insomnia natural remedies and a change of sleep habits and lifestyle can often help relieve insomnia. If you are not sure the right treatment for your insomnia, then seek advice from a specialist. The most important thing is to know insomnia symptoms and take action to stop insomnia sleep disorder.