Best Books on Learning a Language

March 14, 2019

Learning a language has never been easier than it is today. There are hundreds of apps you can use to talk to anyone around the world: social media, audio books, videos, online courses, etc.

However, reading books is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a new language.  This is because when you read a book, you are contextualizing all the vocabulary and grammar you have already learned.

So, whether you are a teacher or a student, these titles are some of the top Books to help you improve your learning or teaching process, and there is no need to spend lots of money, because our eBooks are free.

1 Basic Spanish

Basic Spanish

Linda Plummer | Educational


Learn the basics of Spanish with this easy-to-understand course.

2 Spanish Tales for Beginners (Cuentos en Español para Principiantes)

Spanish Tales for Beginners (Cuentos en Español para Principiantes)

Dr. Elijah Clarence Hills | International


Este libro electrónico gratis contiene una colección de cuentos y poesías interesantes y fáciles para leer que reflejan la vida moderna español. Escogidos y editados con notas y vocabulario por el Doctor de Literatura y Profesor de las Lenguas Romances en la Universidad de Indiana, Elijah Clarence Hills, la selección también incluye ejercicios de método directo, y cuentos como, «Los Consejos de un Padre», por José Echegaray, «Temprano y Con Sol» por Emilia Pardo Bazán, «El Pájaro en la Nieve» por Armando Palacio Valdés,¡ y muchos más! Poemas incluyen «A Todo Hay Que Gane» por Felipe Pérez y González, «¡Bello es Vivir!» por José Zorrilla, y muchos más. ¡Descargue y disfrute en leer esta selección hoy mismo!

3 Manual English Spanish

Manual English Spanish

Xu Chima Pérez | Gender Studies


Do you need something fast and easy to use to make sense of Spanish? This Manual is a great tool for those who don´t have the time to learn the language.

4 Top 10 Chinese Idioms with Origin Stories

Top 10 Chinese Idioms with Origin Stories

eChineseLearning | Educational


Chinese is a language rich in idioms, owing to its ancient history. Many of them have survived to this day, lucky for us, as they’re full of sound advice that’s guided people for ages. We’ve collected ten of our favorite idioms into a FREE e-book and broken them down into English and Chinese so you’ll better understand the content. Even better, for the first time we’ve also recorded audio for each of the idiom stories. Along with vocabulary and grammar, we’ll show you how to make sense of the pronunciation as well.

5 Chinese Business Etiquette

Chinese Business Etiquette

eChineseLearning | Educational


This Chinese business etiquette e-book offers an in-depth look into the correct way to do business in China. Including many different topics ranging from business greetings to telephone etiquette, as well as which gifts are taboo and the importance of face. Each topic has characters, pinyin and English translations to ensure easy usage and quick understanding. With this e-book, you can avoid embarrassing situations and awkward misunderstandings when doing business in China. Make sure you are up-to-date on the language and culture surrounding Chinese business etiquette! Get the latest eBook on!

6 Spanish Language Booklet - Level 1

Spanish Language Booklet - Level 1

Diosdado Corrales | Gender Studies


This Booklet is intended to help beginning learners of Spanish in their language acquisition. The explanations, videos, exercises, caption recordings and self-evaluation during the learning process are the most useful activities included in this material. The content of this booklet has the following practical aims: • to help learners to get the language skills based on the communicative approach • to develop and consolidate the most frequent structures of Spanish language in present, and future tenses • to introduce to learners thematic units which reflect Hispanic culture and developing skills that are transferable to everyday situations of their own life experience

7 An Introduction to Learning the Chinese Language

An Introduction to Learning the Chinese Language

Avril Canute | Educational


Download this FREE e-Book/Introductory Guide to learning Chinese by using simple techniques.

8 Learning Spoken English in Half the Time

Learning Spoken English in Half the Time

Lynn Lundquist | Educational


LEARNING SPOKEN ENGLISH tells you how to learn to speak English in half the time it would require in even the best grammar-based English training programs. If you live in a country where good English is not regularly spoken, for each hour of study you can learn how to speak in even less than half the time it will take others in your country. This book completely explains this new language study method which is called the Feedback Training Method (also known as the Proprioceptive Language Learning Method). You can now learn English—or any other language—faster and with greater fluency using this new method.

9 Teach Abroad Survival: 23 Hot Tips for Your  ESL Teaching Success

Teach Abroad Survival: 23 Hot Tips for Your ESL Teaching Success

Richard Bienvenu | Career


This FREE e-Book is for teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL), with thoughts about or on the brink of traveling or moving overseas. It offers 23 useful tips for making the transition to another country go smoother; as well as tips for becoming an even better ESL teacher. Download it today!

10 English for the Eager Learners

English for the Eager Learners

Ira P. Boone | Free Previews


This book offers a series of complete, systematic knowledge that a successful learner should possess. It not only explains how real English works but consolidates readers' understanding of the language. Every lesson will deliver some valuable hidden knowledge to the learners, who will find themselves turning much brighter in a short time. Learners of all levels will hence gain complete confidence in writing correct English after reading this book. The author has a blog at:

11 The Free 120 Hour TEFL Course

The Free 120 Hour TEFL Course

Max Diamond | Educational


Teaching English Abroad is Fun, and you Get Paid to Travel The World! In this free book The TEFL University provides a full 120 hour, Internationally recognised TEFL course (Teaching English As A Foreign Language). It covers all aspects of teaching EFL (English As A Foreign Language), in any environment. Students are able to download the course FREE and can take their own time to study all of its modules. They can then take our 'online' TEFL Certification exam if they wish. People can also download and study this course as a simple way to understanding what it is like and what is required of a TEFL trained teacher in the world today.

12 General English Grammar

General English Grammar

Dr. Ramphal Nain | Classic Literature


The book is important for all those who are appearing at or are preparing for various exams like– Bank PO, Bank Clerk, Railway, Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Income Tax, Central Exercise, Insurance, UPSC, NDA, CDS, Air force, MBA, BBA and other competitive exams. Advanced learners and teachers too will find it useful as a reliable reference book. It is hoped that the book will be found useful in many more countries where English is used as a second or foreign language.

13 The Secrets of Successful Language Learning

The Secrets of Successful Language Learning

David Bolton | Educational


If you are learning another language, or are planning to do so, you won’t want to miss out on the sound, practical advice offered in this book. No matter what your target language is, “The Secrets of Successful Language Learning” will show you how to approach, and successfully master, all the essential areas of a language: vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, pronunciation and speaking. There is even a chapter on how to meet people when you are visiting a foreign country. What you will learn here is worth infinitely more than the price of the book, since “The Secrets of Successful Language Learning” is absolutely free of charge!

14 Phrasebook 5 Languages

Phrasebook 5 Languages

Vince Latorre | Travel


Download this FREE eBook that includes a 5-language pocket-sized, color-coded, phrase book that displays Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Portuguese simultaneously in a user-friendly format that you are bound to enjoy. Download it today!

15 Learning a Second Language

Learning a Second Language

Ray Carty | Marketplace


DO YOU FEEL THAT LEARNING A FOREIGN LANGUAGER WOULD BER TOO DIFFICULT FOR YOU? You have the ability to learn - no matter what age you are! LANGUAGES FOR: Employment - Business - Children