Best Books: All-Stars

June 20, 2016

Our Top 40 Best Books period as rated by you, our readers. In order to qualify, books needed to have over 5,000 downloads and 50 reviews or more. They're ordered in a descending fashion by highest start rating (out of 5). They're all available here FREE of charge as always. Enjoy this All-Star lineup! 

1 The Janitor

The Janitor

Adam Decker | Fiction


Roman Swivel is a seemingly meek and mild mannered transfer student that joins the ranks of Collingston High School's senior class and works as a student janitor. Hounded by his former mentor Agent Johnson, and a shadowy government agency known only as the NN, Roman seeks refuge and normalcy in this peaceful Midwestern town, where he'll unexpectedly find friendship, love, and belonging. Unfortunately, unbeknown to our hero, his choice of towns will also set him on a deadly collision course. 

2 The Fox

The Fox

Arlene Radasky | Fiction


A First Century Druid, Lovern, and his wife, Jahna, have a deep belief in their faith and family. A difficult decision is made, and a life sacrificed. Now, an archaeologist, Aine MacRea, is piecing her life and theirs together, as she reveals buried secrets. 

3 Home Made Recipes for Natural Beauty

Home Made Recipes for Natural Beauty

Nick Mutt | Beauty & Fashion


Homemade Recipes for Natural Beauty is serving up some great natural beauty tips that will help make your hair and skin glow! 

4 Ogatu


J Barrett | Sci-fi Fantasy


What is the secret of the Green Planet and why no communication with outside worlds? Who were these people? Commander Duncan Wayside is about to find out: a possible threat to Earth's continued existance.

5 All is Mind

All is Mind

David Samuel, The Entrepreneur Monk | Psychology


A practical way to sort out conflicts we experience daily. This book is about understanding the human mind and personality. Why do we do what we know is bad for us yet do not do what we know is good. What the basic nature of the mind is, how it came to be in its current condition and how any defects can be corrected for it to function according to its potential rather than sputter through life.

6 Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series

Heku : Book 1 of the Heku Series

T.M. Nielsen | Drama


Chevalier, Chief Enforcer of his heku faction, the Equites, is sent on a mission to find why Emily, a beautiful rancher from Montana, is being plagued by blood-thirsty attacks from his kind. Her startling family history and headstrong personality sets the world of the haiku on end as their love grows and the tension between factions intensifies.

7 On the Verge of Madness

On the Verge of Madness

George Wilhite | Horror-Gothic


My name is Arthur Chaldeon, and the narrative that I offer is the journal of my nephew, Victor. His own disappearance occurred nearly three years after that of his wife. She was presumed dead, but was never found; and that event set into motion, the bizarre series of circumstances that are recounted in his journal.

8 Dawn, The Planet

Dawn, The Planet

Sam Goldenberg | Sci-fi Fantasy


A glorious summer day turns into a nightmare for 27 office employees in downtown Toronto. Mushroom-like creatures descend into their office building through a wormhole in space, capture and transport them to a life of slavery on a faraway planet. The odds against them are great but can a rift between the two species that make up their oppressors be used to their advantage? 

9 Courtship of the Recluse

Courtship of the Recluse

Linda Louise Rigsbee | Romance


Cindy accepts a housekeeping job on a remote West Texas ranch working for its stoic owner. Respect and admiration spawn love that sends their relationship out of control in fuzzy stages. A heartwarming love story.

10 A Place Called Zero

A Place Called Zero

Jonathan Christ | Psychology


An extraordinary story of bouncing back at life from nothing.

11 A Cultural Paradox Fun in Mathematics

A Cultural Paradox Fun in Mathematics

Jeffrey A. Zilahy | Science


Math can be fun! Ideal for students who need a little push to get motivated. Also great for scientists and those in the math community who like to stay abreast on relevant and current topics. Perfect as supportive text to any science course or class. 

12 The Death of Amelia Marsh: A Sally Nimitz Mystery (Book 1)

The Death of Amelia Marsh: A Sally Nimitz Mystery (Book 1)

Mary Jo Dawson | Mystery


In a cozy little Midwestern town where nothing exciting ever happens, Amelia Marsh lies murdered in her own home. When Sally Nimitz discovers the body of her charming eighty-year-old neighbor, she is devastated by how close violence has come to the quiet life she leads as mother, grandmother, and nurse. With the help of a close male friend and a quirky older lady, Sally begins looking into the life and past of her neighbor and soon discovers there was much more to Amelia Marsh’s life than anyone had ever guessed.

13 Clearwater Journals

Clearwater Journals

Al Rennie | Mystery


Joe Holiday, an ex Metro cop, finds himself dragged into an investigation by Mia, an IHOP waitress. The probing they do into the murder of Mia's sister years earlier turns into a deadly manhunt with Joe and Mia suddenly becoming the targets of a vicious plot.

14 Lucid Dream I

Lucid Dream I

Swati Singla | Romance


Deeply romantic, Lucid Dream I capture the feelings of a 16-year-old girl who stands on the fine line between dream and reality--the extraordinary love story of an average teenager. 

15 Codename: Athena

Codename: Athena

Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


Nancy Laplante, a war correspondent and part-time officer in the Canadian Forces in 2012, is kidnapped by two scientists and used as a guinea pig in time travel experiments. Things however get out of control very quickly and she finds herself marooned in England in 1940. Nancy will then have to survive a brutal war, as well as find her way home.

16 Arantur: Book One of the 'Riothamus' Trilogy

Arantur: Book One of the 'Riothamus' Trilogy

Rosemary Fryth | Sci-fi Fantasy


‘Arantur' is an epic fantasy story and the first book in the ‘Riothamus’ trilogy. Arantur, a young man raised in the small central Andurian town of Leigh and apprenticed to Mastercraftsman Blacksmith Cody has small-town dreams and aspirations. However, Arantur will soon discover that his destiny lies elsewhere. With war looming on the horizon, an enigmatic stranger befriends Arantur, and takes him on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. 

17 After the Facts: An after Coffman Mystery

After the Facts: An after Coffman Mystery

Vincent M. Lutterbie | Mystery


The town of Hustle has a new private eye, and his name is After Coffman. His first case, and After is finding it anything but business as usual. He has no client, no money, and too many suspects. In line for After's scalp are drug lords, gun runners, and the Hustle Homicide Department. Each wants a piece of him, but After's greatest foe may be an old black cat named Soot. 

18 28 Days to Success

28 Days to Success

Tommy Macken | Self-Improvement


A powerful experience in indirect life coaching. Tommy will help you contemplate your life, review your dreams, set goals and design a plan as you move forward in life. He'll help you set S.M.A.R.T. Goals and recommends some ideas in designing a plan as you go forward. 

19 48 Hours in London

48 Hours in London

J. Jackson Bentley | Fiction


“If you don’t pay me £250,000.00 in the next 48 Hours you will die”. The text on Josh Hammond’s BlackBerry was blunt and chilling. Surely it must be a joke, but when Josh is attacked in broad daylight and people around him start to die he knows that his blackmailer is deadly serious. Can Josh raise the money? He has 48 hours to find out. 

20 The Bialien Series - Rise of the Bialiensapien: Human Evolved

The Bialien Series - Rise of the Bialiensapien: Human Evolved

Vlane Carter | Sci-fi Fantasy


Science-fiction series about a young man who is abducted by benevolent aliens, bio-engineered to superhuman levels and sent back to Earth years later to stop an alien invasion. 

21 The Landlord

The Landlord

Ken Merrell | Fiction


Five young girls are dead in a small Utah community. Their long, dark hair is the only common element. Officer Rick Stacy and his K-9, Sig, are determined to stop the mayhem; but they get set-up by a powerful and dangerous man who leaves them helpless to save the next victim. 

22 Dog Robber: Jim Colling Adventure Series, Book I

Dog Robber: Jim Colling Adventure Series, Book I

Robert McCurdy | Mystery


Private Jim Colling finds that the post-war German occupation affords opportunities for significant financial gain to a resourceful American soldier with the ability to speak the local language. Yet, what was supposed to be a simple two-week job turns out to be a harrowing month-long journey of escape across an Eastern Europe that is devastated by War during which Colling’s courage and initiative are tested to the highest degree. 

23 Jovian Uprising - 2315

Jovian Uprising - 2315

Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


Tina Forster inherits the giant cargo ship KOSTROMA from her uncle in 2315 on the moon Callisto, in the Jupiter System. Soon, she will have to face space pirates, as well as an Earth increasingly hostile to Spacers like her.

24 Dimension Shifter

Dimension Shifter

T. M. Nielsen | Fiction


The dimensions are in chaos, magic is illegal, and water is a rare commodity. Kyrin is running from the law. As a magic user, she’s marked for death, and as a runaway from the Shadowmere, she’s hunted as a weapon. Shifting between dimensions is all that’s kept her alive. 

25 Breathless


Scott Prussing | Romance


Breathless is the first (of 5) books in the Blue Fire Saga, a paranormal romance series set at a small college in present day Connecticut. Freshman Leesa Nyland has been fascinated by vampires since she was three years old. That's when her mom started acting weird, insisting sunlight hurt her skin because she'd been bitten by a one-fanged vampire. 

26 The Tryst

The Tryst

Kim Allison | Erotica


Can anything good come from engaging in a forbidden tryst? With no money and no place to call home, Dominique Harrison enters the Boar's Head to escape a blinding storm. Dire circumstances can create strange bedfellows, and Dominique reluctantly agrees to become the bachelor party gift for Lord Derek Montford.

27 Arise a Hero

Arise a Hero

Wayne Schreiber | Sci-fi Fantasy


The world’s old gods lie dormant, imprisoned in an ageless rift. Yet there are those who seek to change this. Using their gods’ prison as a timeless training ground, their followers gain abilities far beyond that of any normal man. Whike a large crystal and a young lady with a clouded heritage may hold the key to unlock their freedom. 

28 I Can't Do It, Yes You Can (Transforming Fear)

I Can't Do It, Yes You Can (Transforming Fear)

Beyond Timelines | Self-Improvement


This "module" is a practical step by step DIY process of how to identify, unearth, and dissolve all hidden core fear. The module is unlike others in so much it "does not" use traditional methods of mentoring, positive pep talking, life-coaching, or any other form of inspirational coaching. This module describes "Dynamic Techniques of Conscious Transformation.

29 Quatrain


Medler, John | Fiction


In 1557, 16th Century oracle, Nostradamus, published his opus entitled, "Les Propheties"-- a collection of 1,000 four-line, rhyming French verses known as "quatrains". However, only 942 quatrains have ever been found... Until now. Can a cynical college professor and his two rebellious teenagers find Nostradamus' 58 lost quatrains and use them to prevent an impending terrorist attack? And will anyone believe them? 

30 Eternal Vows

Eternal Vows

Chrissy Peebles | Romance


Paranormal romance and fantasy adventure. Warning: Mild language, sexual innuendo, and adult situations. Never marry a stranger...even if he is a drop-dead gorgeous immortal king. Never pretend to be a princess. And most importantly...never slip on an ancient wedding ring you know nothing about. 

31 Never Ever Ever Ever Give Up

Never Ever Ever Ever Give Up

Richard Duszczak | Self-Improvement


A collection of motivational cartoons and quotes that will inspire you to keep going when the going gets tough! 

32 Desperate Choices

Desperate Choices

Jeanette Cooper | Mystery


Rochelle Rathbone flirts with danger when she accidentally meets Tobias Chandler, Miami drug czar; thus, setting the stage for horrors she never knew existed until after they married. She realizes there are only two things that will stop him from pursuing her—her death or his...

33 Spared


Nastaran Akhavan | Biography


"As I adjusted my eyes going from absolute darkness to the bright lighted street corner, I could see the silhouettes of several soldiers around me. As I was being dragged backwards, I could hear the gravel grind together underneath me and feel the pain of my skin being ripped off as the soldier easily dragged my tiny body behind him..." 

34 World of Ryyah: Birth of the Half Elves

World of Ryyah: Birth of the Half Elves

H. L. Watson | Sci-fi Fantasy


When Donovan was twelve years old, his village was raided by barbarians. But the raiders made the mistake of taking their captives through the Elven woods where the Elves killed the slavers and adopted the boys, training them in the ways of the Elven Rangers. When young princess Brandela is taken hostage, Donovan sets out to bring her back. 

35 Mine for Tonight (Book 1) Billionaire's Obsession

Mine for Tonight (Book 1) Billionaire's Obsession

J.S. Scott | Erotica


Adult Contemporary Steamy Romance. Down on her luck, nursing student and full-time waitress Kara Foster get a massive blow to her already desperate financial situation that will surely find her living on the streets. Needing nothing less than a miracle to save her, Kara gets rescued from an unknown, unlikely and overwhelming source as billionaire Simon Hudson makes her an offer that is impossible to refuse.