Bathroom Reading

July 20, 2016

Hey we didn't invent "Bathroom Reading." Heck, you can even buy toilet paper stands with built in book racks. The fact is, many enjoy these moments of solitude with a good read. However not all titles are suitable. Trying to finish War and Peace, for example, might take some time. As such, our Editors recommend the following bathroom buddies.  And don't forget; always wash your hands! 

1 Famous Quotations

Famous Quotations

Dave Mckay | Youth


Over the years many people have said many wonderful things... some of them funny, some wise, and some to make us think. Here's a book that you'll need to read slowly, and repeatedly until these sink in.

2 Art of War

Art of War

Sun Tzu | Self Teaching


As ruler of the throne, there are no better places from which to strategize your next attack! 

3 Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

Unknown | Miscellaneous


A classic collection of over 300 Did-you-knows. Fascinating & Mind bogglingg!

4 365 Affirmations to Absolutely Gurantee a Record-Breaking Year

365 Affirmations to Absolutely Gurantee a Record-Breaking Year

John Di Lemme | Self-Improvement


An easy way to incorporate these daily affirmations which might just change your life!

5 Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas

Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas

Pardu Ponnapalli | General Non Fiction


Ideas range from how to modify the game of chess to pursuing space exploration in a way that captures the imagination of the public. New and innovative viewpoints on practical methods to building a space elevator, designing a method to cope with cat litter and some simple ways to conserve energy are presented. 

6 Colonel's Book of Jokes and Trivia

Colonel's Book of Jokes and Trivia

Alok Kumar | Humor


Don't worry; no one will think anything of it if they hear you cracking up from the bathroom.

7 Incredible & Crazy Stories From History

Incredible & Crazy Stories From History

David Barrow | History


Hundreds of Incredible and Crazy Stories from History are retold here in an amusing and entertaining way. 

8 The Big Book of Tips

The Big Book of Tips

Max Diamond | General Non Fiction


A 'packed' encyclopedia full of useful tips about most anything! If you have ever needed some quick pointers and advice on a range of subjects, this is the book for you! 

9 A Short Story Collection

A Short Story Collection

Peter Stone | Short Stories


A collection of historical, sci-fi, and other short stories. All quick reads you can easily go through in one sitting. 

10 Stories of the Supernatural

Stories of the Supernatural

Mary Wilkins | Horror Classics


How does the expression go? "Scared _________?"