All About Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

October 24, 2022

If you're looking to learn more about the world of bitcoin, this collection of ebooks is a great place to start. Whether you're new to the space or have been following along with our news since day one, we've curated a list of books which will teach you and inform you on everything from investing to cryptocurrency mining.

1 Bitcoin Profit Secrets

Bitcoin Profit Secrets

T.K.Dissanayake | Business


This guide will give you the background on Bitcoin, how it started, who developed it, why it was developed in the first place, and why it’s so much better than any national currency on earth.Also you will learn how to acquire your first bitcoin, how to mine it, how to trade or invest it, and so much more!

2 Cryptocurrency: a quick guide to understanding cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency: a quick guide to understanding cryptocurrencies

Kynchin Rivera | Crypto & Blockchain


This a 20 page e-book made for all persons who have interest on cryptocurrencies. This is a made easy e-book on how to understand the basics of cryptos summarized in the most understandable way it can be so that layman and normal people who have no idea on cryptos can decide if they will invest or not.

3 Bitcoin Automated Trading Guide

Bitcoin Automated Trading Guide

Eric Wellman | Technology


Are you tired of manual Bitcoin trading? Learn everything you need to know about automated Bitcoin trading. You can develop your own system or let an automated robot trade for you. Learn how you can profit with Bitcoin on autopilot without the need for any manual math crunching!

4 What is CryptoCurrency & What are 12 Ways I Can Profit from It? A Basic Guide to Unlock Your Door to the World of Crypto

What is CryptoCurrency & What are 12 Ways I Can Profit from It? A Basic Guide to Unlock Your Door to the World of Crypto

Cindy and John Donohue | Crypto & Blockchain


There is a great possibility,When you read the title to this eBook, you said, "CryptoWhat?".That is exactly how we responded when we first heard of it,over a year ago.We're here to take you from "CryptoWhat?" to "CryptoWoW!".“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity,however, you are not sure you can do it, Say, "Yes." – then, learn how to do it later!” ― Richard BransonThat is the instinct and attitude we had.We didn't analyze it, we listened to our little voices. We had an unexplainable vision.We somehow knew, If we jumped, we would grow wings on the way down. We did.Our Goal was to devise an 'Easy to Understand'method of Educating the average person, from every walk of life,about this Disruptive Financial Technology.We have.Enjoy! Thank you, Cindy & John

5 Everything Bitcoin in Baby Language

Everything Bitcoin in Baby Language

Rodney Ossai | Computer & Internet


This eBook is targeted at beginners who wish to have a concrete understanding of what bitcoin is all about and how it works. But, the terms are too technical to understand. It teaches you everything you need to know, including how to get started, how to set up a wallet, common bitcoin terms, mining how to set up a secure wallet and many more.

6 The 'Get It Done In An Hour' Guide To Cryptocurrencies: Step-by-step guides to understanding, buying and storing popular

The 'Get It Done In An Hour' Guide To Cryptocurrencies: Step-by-step guides to understanding, buying and storing popular

Nick King | Crypto & Blockchain


You’ve heard of cryptocurrencies. They’re those computery coins that people began talking about as their prices seemed to explode overnight, turning a bunch of geeks into instant millionaires. Depending on whom you ask, cryptocurrencies are either the beginning of a technological revolution, a Ponzi scheme, the key to financial freedom from banks or history’s greatest scam. Amid the technobabble, the sensationalist headlines and the idealism of crypto fanatics, it might seem like cryptocurrencies defy reasonable description. They don’t. This book eases complete beginners through the process of understanding, buying, storing, trading and selling their first cryptocurrency investments via plainly worded, step-by-step guidance. Crypto’s cryptic, but buying it doesn’t need to be.

7 Be a Bitcoin Millionaire

Be a Bitcoin Millionaire

Prometheus MMS | Free Previews


Unlocking Virtual Currency World. Do you want to get raid with bitcoin? This Book is only for you. This is the only book show you , How to earn bitcoins and Multiply? and Even how to trade it?. Step by Step guide , from beginning to Master. Yes! you master at BITCOIN- and become Millionaire. Bitcoin, the first successful decentralized digital currency, is still in its infancy and it’s already spawned a multi-billion dollar global economy. This economy is open to anyone with the knowledge and passion to participate. This book includes Get Bitcoin, Buy, Sell, Mine, Exchange Products, Gambling,etc., and also Best sites to spend time with bitcoins.

8 Bitcoin and Cryptocoin Technologies

Bitcoin and Cryptocoin Technologies

Srinivas R Rao | Crypto & Blockchain


A classic disposition of a book which really has put in a great deal of substance in it as an eBook and a real structured book.Please see the contents and read them clearly with the figures given in each chapter clearly and read them . Memorize them , the concepts clearly......then u can easily check the understanding when u program later after clearly reading the diagrammatic explanation of all the concepts as envisaged in this eBook. great Thanks a lot....Happy reading....Wish u a very very happy reading.....

9 Virtual Currency: Issues and Promise

Virtual Currency: Issues and Promise

Michael Erbschloe | Computer & Internet


Virtual currencies are designed to be an alternative to current payment systems. Better-known virtual currencies include Bitcoin, XRP, and Dogecoin. Often referred to in the industry as “digital currencies,” they are a way for people to track, store, and send payments over the Internet, and they may have the potential to make payment processing cheaper or faster. But they are not backed by any government or central bank. In addition, because virtual currency accounts are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, if a virtual currency company fails – and many have – the government will not cover the loss.

10 Financial Terms Dictionary - 100 Most Popular Financial Terms Explained

Financial Terms Dictionary - 100 Most Popular Financial Terms Explained

Thomas Herold | Business


Understand Financial Terms - Make Better Financial DecisionsNew 2019 updated edition with description for crypto-currency terms Bitcoin and Ethereum. This practical financial dictionary helps you understand and comprehend more than 100 most common financial terms. It was written with an emphasis to quickly grasp the context without using jargon.Every financial term is explained in detail and includes also examples. It is based on common usage as practiced by financial professionals.This Practical Financial 101 Guide Helps You Understand:• Credit Report & Credit Scores• Retirement Planning & Funding• Mortgage & Real Estate• Stocks & Investment Methods• Income & Taxes• Liabilities & Assets

11 CryptoCurrency Secrets

CryptoCurrency Secrets

Terry Wells | Crypto & Blockchain


CryptoCurrency is one of the hottest ways to make money right now! You cannot escape hearing about Bitcoin and all the other CryptoCurrencies and how people are making tons of money buying, holding, and selling CryptoCurrency.Would you like to join an exclusive group of people in the know of the hottest new market almost nobody knows?You can, with our Cryptocurrency Secrets eBook.