2019 Best Books: November Update

November 28, 2019

Have you been reading any of the Books we love this month? This is our list of Best Books published in November, just in time and right for a fire, blanket and tea. Enjoy!

“In November, the earth is growing quiet. It is making its bed, a winter bed for flowers and small creatures. The bed is white and silent, and much life can hide beneath its blankets.”

― Cynthia Rylant, In November

Next month we'll post the ultimate list with the best of the best of 2019! Get ready!

1 The arrival of the extraterrestrials

The arrival of the extraterrestrials

Antonio Pinto Renedo | Philosophy


This book is about the presence of extraterrestrials on our planet and their reasons for being here.

2 Physical Extinction

Physical Extinction

M j | Short Stories


I don't think most people comprehend the greatest astronomical discovery of the twentieth century, but fact check, because Dark Energy is stretching the fabric of the universe, the universe is literally expanding, and the whole entire universe and everything in it will inevitably explode to it's own extinction. I used my time in isolation to conduct a diligent investigation into this very serious threat to our entire form of existence. I studied astronomy, physics, archeology, overall science, and even The Bible, because "eternal life" sounds a whole lot like the "infinite energy" that very well may be released when this universe blows itself up. I transformed my conclusion into a novel, Thank you, and please enjoy this extremely accurate glimpse of your incoming doom.

3 Amazing


Roger Limington | Self-Improvement


Be amazed. There is a reason you don’t think you are amazing. Be amazed in twenty minutes and stay amazed, energised and happy for life.

4 The 3 Main Reason To Better Use Your Time Now !

The 3 Main Reason To Better Use Your Time Now !

Marc N | Self-Improvement


Yourself is the most precious gift of all. How are you treating your gift? There are many things you can do to become a better person. In this book, we discuss a few aspects of how you could become a better person. Overall, the different parts in this book are designed to help you become a well rounded, improved and refined person from many aspects such as personally, family-wise, socially and time-wise.

5 Tommo Records

Tommo Records

LenaHarrysAngel | Drama


What happens when Louis Tomlison, CEO of Tommo Records, meet one of the new trainees? What happens when Harry encounters a long-gone person? What happens when Louis' Girlfriend tells him some unexpected news?

6 Principles of the Kingdom: God's Success Principles

Principles of the Kingdom: God's Success Principles

James M. Becher | Self-Improvement


Do you know what it takes to be successful in business as well as in life itself? In this Biblical self-help success book, the author contends that God has several principles, which if followed can lead to success either in business or in life itself. He further contends that although many of these same principles may be found among the motivational speakers and thinkers of today and yesterday, that they were originally derived from Holy Scripture, whether or not these spokespersons are aware of it. The 17 chapters of this book contain 17 articles relating to 17 of these principles: Knowing your purpose as Forgetting the past, Conquering fear, believing, focusing, sowing and reaping. resting and 10 others.

7 Deadly Sin

Deadly Sin

Magali Fuentes | Drama


Hayley has dedicated her life to destroying the life of her stepson Noah Spears. She made it so that his kids would get taken away. Can Noah get his family back before its too late?

8 Mystic Tattoos

Mystic Tattoos

David Ellinger | Sci-fi Fantasy


Mystic Tattoos is about a self-discovery, about our spiritual journey and lessons learned. It about finding oneself and growing in that self-discovery. It is an adventure into the mystic and the unknown. Being a Medium, I asked for Spiritual guidance and at the end of the book have given predictions for the next five years. So if you like Spiritual fantasy (and who doesn't,) I am sure that you will enjoy reading. The added plus are my psychic predictions for the next five year. Believe or not, but a closed mind is a limitation all by itself.

9 Rumors of Christmas

Rumors of Christmas

Kelvin Bueckert | Romance


Christmas was in the air! However, Adam, a young doctor, was struggling with an illness. Specifically, love-sickness. He had long wanted to ask Evelyn, a local schoolteacher, to court him. Which was alright, since Evelyn had long dreamed of the day when he would summon up the courage to ask her. However, Adam was much too shy to make the first move. Anxious to see these two fine folks get it together, Simon, a local farmer, tried his hand as a matchmaker. For a while it seemed that these two people would be brought together through his homespun wisdom. However, at the very moment of triumph, a tribe of vigilant citizens revealed a sordid secret that sent everything crashing down. Literally. Would this Christmas be a happy one...for anyone in Gladstone?

10 The Enemy No-One Believes Exsists

The Enemy No-One Believes Exsists

Peter Evans | Biography


This is the prequel and sequel to my first book The Prisoner in Hell written in 2007 the latest version being 2016. This is the true story of my life, the road to Hell and beyond. It may not be as thought-provoking and as hard to fathom as The Prisoner is but hopefully you will see where it’s going

11 I/Tulpa: Aeneas Rising

I/Tulpa: Aeneas Rising

Ion Light | Sci-fi Fantasy


Emmitt Sheehan lives in a world where aliens are here and have been around for millions of years. He lives in a world of secrets and double binds, and people are more concerned with their social status than chasing Real News. He lives in a world where Earth’s Space Force has been around since the 1930s and is a major player in the Galaxy, but not a part of the Galactic Confederation. How does Sheehan know this? There is a space-time traveling entity living with-in him, from a failed time-line. He lives in a world where artificial intelligence follows everyone, woven into the very fabric of their clothes, and the United States Space Force uniform is the last set of clothing you will ever wear.

12 Kiss of Tragedy

Kiss of Tragedy

Stephanie Van Orman | Romance


Not only does Juliet join an occult club, but she falls head over heels for a man who is a suspected vampire. Their romance would be perfect, but something strange happens when they kiss. When their lips meet, she’s thrown into a world where violence is normal, romance and danger are the same thing, and a simple kiss can lead to destruction.

13 Why Bad Things Can’t Happen To Good People!

Why Bad Things Can’t Happen To Good People!

AiR-Atman in Ravi | Philosophy


In this world, there is a constant unfolding of events, some good and some bad. Life is like a merry-go-round and we pass both pleasure and pain in this journey called life. When good things happen, we are happy, but when tragedies strike, we become unhappy. Our sorrow reaches a peak when misfortune strikes good people.This book will create a paradigm shift and change people's perspectives about problems and tragedies. It will help people realize that the Creator is Just and Powerful and His laws sustain this amazing universe moment by moment, as life unfolds on earth. It will show us a way to accept whatever happens joyously just as it will help us plant seeds for the destiny of our dreams.

14 Breakaway


Bryan Murphy | Short Stories


The near future. An independent, racist state, carved out of northern Italy. Economic meltdown. A slide into bloody chaos. A man with a mission: to save the two children of his closest friends. At what risk? At what price? Will it be enough? And who is the mysterious female go-between with the sensuous lips and steely eyes? Dark Future, good reading. Choose your format and click to download and read now.

15 McMurtry's Typewriter

McMurtry's Typewriter

Alan Nafzger | Fiction


A character so outrageous he could only have come from the ingenious imagination of Alan Nafzger, malicious, mischievous, meth-addicted Texas jurist Judge Bill Stafford has a plan to rid himself of his strange wife and to become a successful writer of Western fiction. McMurtry’s Typewriter is a delightfully dark classic thriller in the bright hot summer sun. Any reader who has experienced Nafzger’s screenwriting will get a charge out of this novel.

16 The End: The Book: Part One

The End: The Book: Part One

JL Robb | Fiction


Hollywood has made its share of end-of-the-world movies over the years. The Bible has a story about that subject, and all the special effects in the world could not portray the horror and the terror of those days. THE END The Book: Part One is the 1st book to be released in the 7-part The End The Book Series that follows Jeffrey Ross and a group of senior citizen friends and ex-military as Islamists take their war to the Bible-Belt, and Atlanta suffers the first nuclear strike on U.S. soil. After a break-in at CDC, the Spanish flu virus is released on the world, and millions die as the virus mutates. A hijacked nuclear submarine makes its way toward the United States, and Jeff begins to wonder if the end really is near.