2019 Best Books: July Update

July 31, 2019

July’s best new Books promise to keep you busy all month long with these page-turning stories. All available for FREE.

Have fun!

“Hot July brings cooling showers,

Apricots and gillyflowers.” 

―  Sara Coleridge

1 3004


Natasha Murray | Sci-fi Fantasy


The year is 3004. Life in London is not what it seems. Will Kayleb and Rowan find their way back from the wilderness? An exciting futuristic adventure story with twists and turns.

2 The Message for the Last Days

The Message for the Last Days

K.J. Soze | Religious


"The Message for the Last Days" explains the history and progression of end-time prophecies found within and outside of the Bible. It reveals the original message compared to changes in culture over time leading to our vastly different modern interpretations. This new book explains how to get back to God's intentional gospel for the end of our age. Extensive biblical research of complex topics such as the afterlife has been boiled down to provide readers with summaries and references to save time. The Message is an integration of Bible references, concordances, topical studies and commentaries all in one compact format with internet links to other sources.

3 A London Boy

A London Boy

Leslie Stringer | Biography


The true stories about me and my mates growing up in London. Begins in the late sixty’s. From around 6 to 26 years old.Just some of the true uncensored and possibly incriminating stories of me and some mates growing up in London S.E.10, That I dare tell,

4 Undercover Soldier Part One

Undercover Soldier Part One

Austin Mitchell | Drama


Bendoo is sent on a mission to Wareika Hills, to infiltrate a gang of wanted men hiding out there. On his way there he intervenes in a quarrel between Lorena, the daughter of a drug kingpin, Gus Mc Creed and his foster son, Fred Billings. He is hardly there long enough when he realizes that maybe the mission is beyond him. But the word fear or danger has no meaning in Bendoo’s vocabulary. That’s why he was sent on this deadly mission.

5 No Tears for Sonya

No Tears for Sonya

Austin Mitchell | Humor


Most persons believed that Sonya was a wicked girl. She had been involved in some bad things in her younger days and even since becoming an adult. Will she find redemption and repent of her evil ways? Read the full story in No Tears for Sonya.

6 Tales Of An Enchanted Twelve

Tales Of An Enchanted Twelve

H.L. Dowless | Horror-Gothic


This work is a collection of horror stories for ages 12 to 112. Read at your own risk. A print version may be purchased online at The Book Patch.

7 Fighting Public Corruption in the United States

Fighting Public Corruption in the United States

Michael Erbschloe | Politics


Public corruption is a breach of the public’s trust by government officials who use their public office to obtain personal gain. It is a violation of federal law for any federal, state, or local government official to ask for or receive anything of value in exchange for, or because of, any official act. Under federal law, any person who offers or pays a bribe is also guilty. These crimes are the result of secret deals, sealed with whispered conversations, quick handshakes, and money paid “under the table.” Because of the secretive nature of bribes and shady deals, such crimes are often difficult to detect and even more difficult to prove without the assistance of concerned citizens. As a result, the FBI has established a task force to target public corruption.

8 Uptown Lovers Book One

Uptown Lovers Book One

Austin Mitchell | Drama


After one heartbreak in America, Morgana returned home to be with her reconciled ex-lover, Stewart Brown, only to discover that he is a cheater. Morgana is caught in a quandary. Should she stay and fight the competition or move on?

9 Better Days are Coming

Better Days are Coming

Austin Mitchell | Short Stories


A collection of ten short stories, set in Jamaica, some in modern times, others in the pre-independence era.

10 Success is Not Happiness, Happiness is Success

Success is Not Happiness, Happiness is Success

AiR-Atman in Ravi | Philosophy


The whole world is seeking Success. Everybody wants to succeed. Somebody wants to be a billionaire while somebody else wants to win the World Cup. An actor wants to make it to the Oscars, just as a child wants to get the first rank in class. If we observe humanity, everybody seems to be in a chase to become an ace. Everybody wants to be an achiever, a winner! Nobody wants to be a loser. Why is the whole world in this race for Success? What is the reward of Success that makes people so passionate to win? It's time for us to realize the Truth. Instead of chasing Success to be Happy, we should try to be Happy. That is true Success. Those reading this for the first time may think that it is just a tongue twister. It's not! It's a principle that humanity must learn.

11 An Uncollected Death

An Uncollected Death

Meg Wolfe | Mystery


Broke, friendless, and career in freefall--will solve a murder get her life back on track? An Uncollected Death introduces Charlotte Anthony, a forty-something divorcée, single mother and magazine editor who suddenly finds herself an empty-nester, unemployed, and on the verge of bankruptcy. She gratefully takes the job of editing the journals of Olivia Bernadin, a long-lost nouveau roman author. Things rapidly deteriorate, however, when she finds Olivia left for dead the first day on the job--and herself a suspect in the crime.

12 Cave Man

Cave Man

Aedan Sayla | Erotica


The Place – BabelThe Time – A Hundred and Fifty Years Post-Flood.Once more giants laugh and consume whomever they wish to. Righteousness is slain in whomever it is found and yet age-old prophecies will always be fulfilled and with one stroke mankind is divided and one by one forced to go out upon the face of a wild and newly formed landscape formed out of the chaos of past heaven sent ruin. Can one man find a way to fulfill the vision given to him? Can a tribe far from the heart of man’s latest corruption be formed? Is there any chance for a simple caveman to do the impossible and become a beacon of light in a new land and uphold the ways of a Creator that formed mankind in His own image? Journey with Alon into a story of everyone’s past, but one man’s future that is ever unfolding.

13 Mid-Town Lovers

Mid-Town Lovers

Austin Mitchell | Short Stories


Was Avrill in love with Grant? Why was he in such a big haste to get married to her? And what about Gena, would she stand aside and lose her lover to another woman?

14 Common Sense - The Philosophy of Psychology

Common Sense - The Philosophy of Psychology

Martin Cross | Psychology


In 2008 I self-published a book I had been working on for a decade: 'Common Sense - The Philosophy of Psychology'. I believed at the time this was a definition of mind, as opposed to brain, and I believe this now even more so. I have continued ever since to develop the complete philosophy and I now have a practical result from the theory in a series of videos about food from my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCptiW8veKNUG36RvHRE7H5wThe complete philosophy has become a 'Theory of Everything and Everyone' if you like. In 2010 I launched the main website (www.WhatIsTheShapeofTheUniverse.co.uk) to support the live talks I have been giving and plan to do more of.

15 How To Write Your First Non-Fiction Book and Make Money from Your Writings as an Author

How To Write Your First Non-Fiction Book and Make Money from Your Writings as an Author

Sesan Oguntade | Writing & Publishing


Do you want to write your first non-fiction book and sell them? Do you need a simple guide you can use to write your book? I have presented, in this short ebook guide, how you can write your first ebook with simple and practical illustrations that will simplify the process for you. If you want to become a self-published author, then this guide on how to write a book will help you. I used my practical experience all through in this guide. I showed you the simple process i follow to write my non-fiction ebooks. It is a simple but quality process. You don't need to be scared of writing a book, if you have an experience that anyone can read in a book, you are ready to go with this simple book-writing guide. When you write your first book, you will begin to write as many more books.

16 Deep Six Your Depression

Deep Six Your Depression

JD Clark | Self-Improvement


DEEP SIX YOUR DEPRESSION: A Guide On How To Conquer Depression. Learn to Identify and Fight DepressionAvoiding DepressionDepression is a serious illness that can affect the work power, family and social life of a person. This is why we don’t have to ignore it and hide it. It is important to know the symptoms, the causes and what possibilities we have to prevent it. Each one of us had at some point a depressing sad moment. Depression is a normal human reaction associated with a loss, with the tumult of everyday life or with an agitated sentimental life. Sometimes the sadness sensation passes but sometimes it doesn’t, it becomes more persistent and it can conduct to nervous breakdowns. The diseases of the nervous system are very serious and that is why it is important not to pass them by

17 Splinters of Immortality

Splinters of Immortality

Ion Light | Sci-fi Fantasy


Emily Grayson, anthropologists, finds herself caught up in mystery and intrigue after her life's work unravels an alien conspiracy to rival all conspiracies. "We are all one," becomes the mantra as her real life blends into fiction, fantasy, mysticism, and parallel worlds where celebrities are retired Space Force personnel, genuine heroes, and every human has more than one life to live. This is a universe where the truth is bizarre and lies are simply easier to accept. Jon Harister and Loxy Isadora Bliss, and all of their friends, are back in a fun, fast paced adventure that simply defies explanation.

18 Unemployed And Loving It

Unemployed And Loving It

JD Clark | Business


Unemployed And Loving ItHow To Start A Home Based BusinessOnline Riches At Your Fingertips! Millions of individuals all over the world are desperately seeking a way to make some extra money from home. For them earning a living from the comfort of their own bedroom is their ultimate dream. There are many disadvantages to having to leave your house to work. In the other hand, the benefits are endless if you can get substantial profits from your home business. Working for the comfort of your own home sounds like an ideal situation. But there are some things to think about before trying it. First of all, WHY do you want to have your own business? Do you think it will be fun? Do you need the money? Or do you just want a new challenge? Your answer to that question will determine your focus

19 Discover Tomorrow

Discover Tomorrow

Nichole Haines | Sci-fi Fantasy


He wanted to visit the outer world. To explore what was true? Or to make the truth his reality? He didn’t know if he was thinking wrong or right. False or true.

20 Headshift


Dise Ruth | Self-Improvement


Life is beautiful, but at the same time life is tough and unpredictable. Headshift is packed with realistic tips to help you face the different aspects of life head-on. It has been written in the simplest possible form to ease consumption - a bite a day.

21 Fairy-Struck


Amy Sumida | Romance


I'm trained to kill Fairies. That's right; Fairies. I'm an Extinguisher; a psychic soldier charged with protecting our world from them—the Fey. Long ago, there was a war between humans and fairies, and the world was nearly destroyed by it. Now, we have a truce in place to prevent that from happening. Both sides have armies to enforce the truce; we have the Extinguishers and they have the Wild Hunt. Humans don't remember the truce anymore; they don't remember the Fey anymore. A fact that the Fey uses to their advantage. I hate that. After they killed my mother, I even started to hate them. But that hatred doesn't seem to matter when I look at him. Fairy hunter. Deadly. Beautiful. Intent on inserting himself into my life. Well, we'll just see about that.

22 Questions You Must Answer Before You Die

Questions You Must Answer Before You Die

AiR-Atman in Ravi | Philosophy


Most of us live and die but we don’t ask the question – Why? We just exist! We don’t want to invest time in asking essential questions which are actually needed to lead a fulfilling and blissful life. We should keep on trying over and over again. We must never quit. When we ask questions, investigate, read, research, discuss, and introspect, we will ultimately realize the Truth. Let’s start our quest, now!