2019 Best Books: February Update

February 28, 2019

Here are the works of fiction and non-fiction all our members liked best in February, an excellent reason to add these new Books to your ereader.

Have fun!

1 Knock Knock

Knock Knock

Lance John | Short Stories


It's the start of the summer holidays for three school friends, Jake, Adam and Peter. To celebrate, they go around knocking on the front doors of their neighbours' houses just to run away before their neighbours can open their doors. When Jake decides they should go knock on the front door of a recently abandoned house, things turn for the worse.

2 The Darkness Beyond the Light

The Darkness Beyond the Light

Frank W. Zammetti | Sci-fi Fantasy


An unfathomably advanced alien probe gains sentience over its eons-long secret mission. A test of a new "hyperstealth" system, based on physics beyond anything previously envisioned, gone awry irrevocably changes the course of humanity’s future, thrusting Alex and Melissa Wakeman into an apocalyptic battle against a horrific alien hybrid. Unimaginable sacrifices, battles fought on multiple fronts, a desperate race against time to stop the creature from completing its mission: the return of the game-changing technology to its masters, the fate of the human race, and of thousands of as yet unknown species, hanging in the balance! The Darkness Beyond the Light, book I of the Infinite Universe Saga, is a tense, action-packed sci-fi thriller, an adventure you will not want to miss!

3 Shadows of Childhood

Shadows of Childhood

Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad | Psychology


This essay titled Shadows of Childhood shows how childhood memories affect other phases of human development.

4 Sentinel Event: a paranormal thriller

Sentinel Event: a paranormal thriller

Samantha Shelby | Sci-fi Fantasy


The dead are not indifferent to the living. They have arrived among us in a peaceful invasion to haunt people, not places. Their purpose is to help and not harm us… but one man is their enemy, for reasons he can’t explain. For years, Aidriel has been helpless to protect himself from ghostly violence. Now a chance encounter in a hospital has set into motion a series of attacks the likes of which he has never before seen. DeTarlo, a manipulative shrink, tries to hide him, but no matter where he goes, Aidriel can’t escape the spirits. An aggressive ghost expert, Chester, attempts to placate the dead, but nothing he does has any effect. The only way to avoid danger is to keep moving.The greatest race of Aidriel’s life has begun, and even with the help of a well-meaning medical worker.

5 Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park

Jane Austen | Fiction Classics


The Classic book Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. 10-year-old Fanny Price goes to live with her rich Uncle Sir Thomas Bertram at their Mansfield Park estate. Having come from a poor family, Fanny hopes this will a positive change. However, Mrs. Norris, who runs the estate is abusive and Sir Thomas’s own daughters are nasty. The books is hailed as one of Austen's best works due to it's commentary on society and morality.

6 D for Daisy

D for Daisy

Nick Aaron | Mystery


World War II. A Lancaster lands at its base in England after bombing Berlin, and a member of the crew is found dead. However, his young wife Daisy finds out that he has been murdered. But she is only a woman, blonde and pretty, and blind since birth: so who is going to listen to her? In the mayhem of the bombing campaign, who even cares? That is why she will have to find the murderer on her own. The trilogy is a story of crime, punishment, and redemption, and at the same time a portrait of the twentieth century as witnessed by a remarkable blind woman. In volume one Daisy Hayes takes us along with her through World War II. The second book brings us to the Swinging Sixties in London, and finally the third one to 1989, the year the Berlin wall came down.

7 The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales

The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales

Jacob Grimm | Fiction Classics


The Classic book The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm. Stories include: The Golden Bird Hans In Luck Jorinda And Jorindel The Travelling Musicians Old Sultan The Straw, The Coal, And The Bean Briar Rose The Dog And The Sparrow The Twelve Dancing Princesses The Fisherman And His Wife The Willow-wren And The Bear The Frog-prince Cat And Mouse In Partnership The Goose-girl The Adventures Of Chanticleer And Partlet Rapunzel Fundevogel The Valiant Little Tailor Hansel And Gretel The Mouse, The Bird, And The Sausage Mother Holle Little Red-cap [little Red Riding Hood] The Robber Bridegroom Tom Thumb Rumpelstiltskin Clever Gretel The Old Man And His Grandson The Little Peasant Frederick And Catherine Sweetheart Roland Snowdrop The Pink Clever Elsie The Miser In The Bush Ashputtel The White Snake The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids The Queen Bee The Elves And The Shoemaker The Juniper-tree The Turnip Clever Hans The Three Languages The Fox And The Cat The Four Clever Brothers Lily And The Lion The Fox And The Horse The Blue Light The Raven The Golden Goose The Water Of Life The Twelve Huntsmen The King Of The Golden Mountain Doctor Knowall The Seven Ravens The Wedding Of Mrs Fox The Salad The Story Of The Youth Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Was King Grisly-beard Iron Hans Cat-skin Snow-white And Rose-red

8 Blind Angel of Wrath

Blind Angel of Wrath

Nick Aaron | Mystery


Swinging London in 1967. A man approaches the now middle-aged Daisy and makes demands she cannot ignore. He is a desperate father whose fifteen-year-old daughter—a hippie girl—has disappeared without a trace a year before. The police are powerless, or indifferent, or both. “You must help me to find her, Daisy Hayes. And you know why I’m asking you? It’s because I know that you’re a real killer.” This is not so much a crime mystery as a thriller. And thrillers can be brutal. Be warned. On the other hand, most thrillers are also morality tales at heart, and so is this one.

9 Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Jules Verne | Fiction Classics


The Classic book Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne. Accompanied by his nephew and guide, professor Otto Lidenbrock enter a volcano in Iceland to test a theory he has. They keep heading deeper and deeper, going through numerous adventures until they eventually resurface through the Stromboli volcano in Italy.

10 Daisy and Bernard

Daisy and Bernard

Nick Aaron | Mystery


In the summer of 1989 the Iron Curtain is unraveling and Daisy Hayes has just gone on pension. But then she is summoned by the police to testify about a baffling and gruesome murder. During the ride to New Scotland Yard, the blind lady reflects that, though she knows nothing about this case, it will be hard to prove her innocence without revealing the two murders she did commit—in a distant past. The paperback editions of the Daisy Hayes Trilogy volumes cost around ten dollars each on Amazon. Offer a copy to a friend! There are other Blind Sleuth Mysteries by Nick Aaron for sale as ebooks on the usual platforms: Smashwords, Nook (Barnes and Noble), Apple iTunes, Google Play books, Kobo, and on most Amazon stores. They cost around four dollars.

11 Cornucopia


John Francis Kinsella | Drama


City banker Pat Kennedy and his friend Tom Barton continue their pursuit of wealth and happiness, each in his own way. Kennedy arrives in Canton, where an unexpected encounter changes his life. Barton in Colombia, where he discovers an entirely new world. The background is a rapidly changing political and business environment. Thwarted by Vladimir Putin's dreams of a Greater Russia, they are faced with falling commodity prices, the annexation of Crimea, and the struggle for power and influence in London, Moscow and Hong Kong. Together with their friends, John Francis and Pat O'Connelly, they struggle to survive the dangers building up around them in an increasingly volatile geopolitical situation.

12 Something Different

Something Different

Serene Hart | Erotica


She turned his wildest fantasies to reality...Kenneth’s explicit desire to control has sent about every woman he has met packing. Convinced that he will never find anyone to fulfill his desires, Kenneth settles for watching explicit films for gratification.Enters Sarah…Sarah is wild, sexy and about everything Kenneth wants in a woman. There is only one small problem; Sarah isn’t the type to get in a relationship.

13 The Jewel of Vishnu

The Jewel of Vishnu

RK Singh | Youth


Legend tells of Kumari Kandam, a continent that once existed south of India many thousands of years ago. An advanced civilization lost to the sea in an unimaginable apocalypse.On a doomed continent at the edge of the world, a mysterious boy searches for his mother in a desperate race against time. The Jewel of Vishnu.

14 Healing Desire

Healing Desire

Janet A. Wilson | Romance


Healing Desire is a novella of a divorcee, who has overcome all obstacles out of her life, renewed with her children, success in love and money. Money, love, romance and drama all in giving love a second chance

15 Rewire Your Anger (Rewire Your Mental Health)

Rewire Your Anger (Rewire Your Mental Health)

Chris Boutte | Health


Rewire Your Anger is a practical guide to anger management from Chris Boutté of the mental health YouTube channel The Rewired Soul.

16 Behind The Mask: An Inside Look At Anonymous

Behind The Mask: An Inside Look At Anonymous

Commander X | Computer & Internet


A decade after Anonymous first appeared, it has grown from a small band of hacktivists to a Global Collective with organized National Cells in half the countries on Earth and 2.5 million dedicated participants worldwide. Behind The Mask explores four critical years in the formation of Anonymous as it solidified into the most powerful movement in human history. Join Commander X and other Anons from those early days as they take you on a grand adventure, and give everyone a small glimpse Behind The Mask.

17 Paleo Cookbook-Breakfast

Paleo Cookbook-Breakfast

Robert Severino | Food/Recipes


You''re here because you already know that the Paleo Diet is a great thing. In Fact, Paleo Is Not Really a Diet At All! This free eBook with 50 delicious Paleo breakfast idea will make you want eat only paleo food. If you like to get your free Paleo meal plan please visit our website. More info in the book itself.



John T Buckley | Sci-fi Fantasy


A truly incredible futuristic romp through the Hollywood entertainment business. Where lives are at stake for the sake of a hit movie. A secret society that runs more than a few life threatening games on its happy participants. It takes you inside the velvet ropes on the way to potential Oscar glory. Filled with twists and turns and of course sex and romance, it is the thrill ride you're looking for. And then there's Ben Tru Train in his self-induced coma! What else could happen where anything can. Chum begs you strap in for the journey of your life.

19 Star Trek: This Side of Darkness, part 1

Star Trek: This Side of Darkness, part 1

John Erik Ege | Sci-fi Fantasy


Forget everything you know about the future. History is unraveling right before their eyes, and the more Garcia struggles to maintain the time line, the quicker it seems to change. Garcia finds himself up against unimaginable forces, agencies, his own crew, and is even fighting himself. Hang on for the ride of your life, as it's downhill from here. Join Admiral Garcia and his Captains as they try to keep it altogether.

20 The Vindijan Line

The Vindijan Line

John T Buckley | Sci-fi Fantasy


The T sun has given some of the people of Sras Oblique new powers, but not all. A war is raging one for the ages! The blood cascades down the staircases as no winner is crowned. A haunting warning from the sky means both sides have to change and quick. The samequel to The Conquered and book 2 in the Quadromolan Series does not disappoint! And the shadow of Dramkick is still out there somewhere. There is no where to hide. A tyrannical view into privilege and acquired divinity. The Vindijan Line has revenge on its mind!