2019 Best Books: August Update

August 30, 2019

Some of you are already dreaming of thick wool sweaters and counting down the days to the pumpkin spice season. So, to help you compile your end-of-summer reading list, here are some of best fiction and non-fiction titles published in August. 

Don't forget to check back every month as we added more new releases to create the ultimate list of the Best Books published in 2019. 

“August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.”
― Sylvia Plath
1 The Easiest Way to Understand Algebra

The Easiest Way to Understand Algebra

Roy Richard Sawyer | Mathematics


Does your child struggle to understand Algebra? Now, your child will be able to understand these complex mathematical equations with, The Easiest Way to Understand Algebra: Algebra Equations with Answers and Solutions. This new book aims to teach children simple solutions to the problems posed while boosting their understanding and includes:• A new approach to understanding the logic behind Algebra.• 80 Algebra equations.• Answers and detailed solutions.• A tutorial was written with children in mind. The new method not only helps with an understanding of Algebra and how to solve complex problems, but it will also build confidence and self-esteem at the same time. Get your copy of The Easiest Way to Understand Algebra

2 Modern Cases of Espionage in the United States (1975 – 2008)

Modern Cases of Espionage in the United States (1975 – 2008)

Michael Erbschloe | History


On June 15, 1917, just two months after the United States entered World War I, Congress adopted the Espionage Act. The act, which was meant to define the act of espionage during wartime, put new limits to Americans’ First Amendment rights. The Espionage Act gave the federal government increased leverage to prosecute what it considered unruly elements. Though the charge of espionage included “promot[ing] the success of [the United States’] enemies” it also encompassed a much greater swath of possible violators. Based on the terms dictated by Congress, anyone who interfered with or attempted to undermine the United States’ war effort could be prosecuted under the law and face a 20-year prison sentence and a $10,000 fine.

3 Jolimont Street Ghost

Jolimont Street Ghost

Jeremy Tyrrell | Horror-Gothic


From the events this past autumn, I am compelled to relate my perilous trial. The supposition that darkness is merely the absence of light is both popular and false, as those who practice the occult can affirm. In the dark cellar of number thirteen Jolimont Street, a house the Professor had assumed benign, I unwittingly brought forth an ancient evil that first threatened our reputations, then our souls. This is the fourth book in the Paranormology Series.

4 Ebay Seller Success Tips!

Ebay Seller Success Tips!

Tomo Albanese | Business


Since Ebay started back in 2009, over 8500 people have become MILLIONAIRES selling used or old junk. As crazy as it sounds, people have actually become millionaires selling underwear on Ebay from their kitchen table...You could be next.The only thing stopping you? Just a few simple tips and tricks to help you find the right products at the right prices so that you can make BANK buying low and selling high without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. For all you know, your basement or garage could be filled with THOUSANDS of dollars in inventory, rather than simply collecting dust while you collect debt.Find out now by reading Ebay Seller Succes Tips!

5 Strange Land Short Stories

Strange Land Short Stories

Rob B Sutherland | Short Stories


This collection of 28 short stories has something to satisfy readers who are looking for surprises. If you like a story with a sting in the tail, you will love this collection from new author Robert Sutherland. The stories range from the serious to the humourous and then to the outright weird. Follow the amazing and unusual detective work of brand new investigator Leo Budge in the Leo Budge Files to the out of this world Science Fiction adventures of young Alec in “Alien Saviour”. Perhaps the paranormal will be more to your liking in the creepy tale “The Yew Tree”. Whatever your style you are bound to enjoy this fantastic collection.

6 Ways of Integrity in the World

Ways of Integrity in the World

Sai Bhaskar Reddy Nakka | Self-Improvement


Anyone who reads this book would strive for more integrity in their respective lives. With many examples of Integrity, the author makes the reader realize and understand the values of integrity. With less integrity in the world, it is difficult for anyone to comprehend the degree of integrity. By being in integrity each person gains freedom and happiness.

7 The Life Vision

The Life Vision

Robert Garcia | Poetry


In memory of....Waking up, she finds the world outside. Waking up, she finds a world for her. Waking up, someone remembers her. A vision of life.

8 Bag Toter

Bag Toter

Peter Amore | Fiction


A young man progresses from teen to young adult. As he he is about to to achieve his dream a tragic event seems to end any hope. As he he goes on he learns more about life and how strong his will can take him.

9 Sex With Ghosts

Sex With Ghosts

Ion Light | Sci-fi Fantasy


If you discovered you had the magical ability to rip images from the pages of magazines and make them solid real, who and or what would you bring to life? What would you do with these people? How would you explain them? Are they ghosts? Are they tulpas? Are they avatars? Like Midas, Jeremy Vale has been struggling with his ability and the nature of reality since discovering he can manifest people and things at will. His manifestations are crisp and clear, and they disappear the moment he sleeps. Alone, he has searched for the explanation that might allow him to permanently bring his parents back to life, until Tory Hicks, a self-professed witch, and a student of magic, decided to become his sidekick, and then, once again, all hell breaks loose.

10 Adaptation - Part 1

Adaptation - Part 1

Jeremy Tyrrell | Sci-fi Fantasy


Awakening to find his body has been modified with Houston Corps' secret technology, Ottavio grows to discover that Houston's public image is far removed from reality. While he fights to retain his humanity and gain freedom from their monstrous plans, Ryan, an Acolyte of The Vigils, commits an atrocious act in order to gain the favor of a mysterious Father Abraham.Adaptation - Part 1 explores the origins of Acolyte Ryan and Agent Ottavio, the choices they make and the ideals to which they are bound. The salvation of Humanity comes at a personal price. In a world only just recovering from the most vicious war to date, who will be the salvation of mankind?

11 Metro 44 East

Metro 44 East

Eileen Smith and Terry Walters | Humor


People who are taking a bus. The book covers their conversations, morning, noon, and evening.

12 Sam


Alina Udrea | Short Stories


This is a short story about a girl who wants more from life than what she has but in the end all she wants is just what she already had. Read to find out more.

13 For the Love of Freedom

For the Love of Freedom

DJ Vallone | Drama


The foundations of American freedom are shaken in this story about politics and journalism in Michigan. Chip Halick, a journalist on the political beat, discovers secrets about the popular governor that can potentially destroy his reputation, and put his "New Freedom" agenda at risk. Faced with the possibility of having his past indiscretions detailed in the newspaper, the governor launches an attack in a manner completely contradictory to his public image and platform. Having made a career out of championing the cause of freedom, he is suddenly snared in a trap of his own making. DJ Vallone is an author of contemporary fiction. This is his second novel.

14 Natalie


DJ Vallone | Short Stories


Natalie is a romantic novella that, at its core, relates that which was, is, and is to come regarding a young man's quest for love and meaning in his life. Set in Boston during the early days of the 21st century this is a concise and enjoyable story of love and ambition. Please offer your comments and rating. Thank you!

15 A Trekkie's Unofficial Book Summaries

A Trekkie's Unofficial Book Summaries

Geoff Canham | Sci-fi Fantasy


There have been hundreds of Star Trek novels, and I started writing summaries of them to help me review the stories quickly. This is a compilation of my summaries of the novels related to the original series and the 2009 reboot. Hopefully, they can bring back memories for you, or identify books you would like to add to your must-read list.

16 How to have a Complete and Awesome Life

How to have a Complete and Awesome Life

Sai Bhaskar Reddy Nakka | Self-Improvement


The environment can be anything from microcosmos to macrocosms. It is a multi-dimensional space. A person is complete with the understanding of the inner environment and the outer environment. Awareness is through the basic senses such as seeing, touching, tasting, hearing and smelling. The senses are the sources which feed the mind’s faculties for consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, judgement, language and memory. Each person should aspire towards enhancing awareness, sensitisation, mindfulness, enlightenment, consciousness and spirituality for a complete and awesome life. One can find happiness, love and peace on this earth and may strive for the same among all others. Only a complete and awesome person would contribute to the common good and well being on this earth.

17 Fun Early Readers

Fun Early Readers

Danielle Bruckert | Youth


This book contains four of our early reader books in one easy to download file. The book contains Supercow, Gecko on the Wall, Bugs by Numbers, and Writing on the Wall. These books are aimed at kindergarten and nursery age children, but also great for early grades learning to read.