2018 Best Books: August Update

August 30, 2018

This list of new August books will blow your mind. Great titles worth reading this month!

“August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.”

― Sylvia Plath, Journal entry from August 1952

1 Becoming a Man in the Shadowlands

Becoming a Man in the Shadowlands

Dennis N. Randall | Biography


Never a victim and always a survivor, journey inside the mind of a child overcoming sexual abuse while navigating a pathway through the social insecurities of adolescence in a beautifully written saga about an ugly subject. It is an inspiring survival story and a book worth reading.

2 Hello. Anybody in there?

Hello. Anybody in there?

W H Hilton | Fiction


Hartley and Nicole Granger. A wealthy jeweler, and a trophy wife. He was well aware of her infidelity and indiscretions with other men. He’d seen it first hand. But Hartley had no idea of the lengths she would go to, in order to satisfy both her sexual appetite and greed for wealth. Lust & Greed. One deadly concoction.

3 Mystery of Purity Springs

Mystery of Purity Springs

Emily Northen | Mystery


In this 'dreamy' story of mystery and mayhem in the small town of Purity Springs in 1962, investigator Bradley Richards seeks to find the stalker of Mrs. Paula Grimes who has made many attempts to murder her. Will Bradley save the day by unmasking the villain, or will the towns folk be going to Mrs. Grimes untimely funeral?

4 At the Midway

At the Midway

J. Clayton Rogers | Sci-fi Fantasy


In 1906 a life-or-death struggle takes place between a U.S. battleship and three 'Tu-nel', titanic serpents that began their evolutionary journey 135 millions years ago.

5 Everybody Has To Die Anyway

Everybody Has To Die Anyway

Leigh Barbour | Romance


Belinda figures that everybody has to die anyway so she doesn't feel bad about ending certain people's lives. The homeless suffer anyway so why not put them out of their misery? But Belinda has the power to change. Derek enters the picture and he's much more than a cop. How will he impact her life?

6 Get Healed Without Drugs

Get Healed Without Drugs

Mike E. Chukwu | Health


Get Healed Without Drugs (Simple practical steps to curing sicknesses and diseases permanently without drugs) is designed to help you learn how to depend on nature’s gifts and provisions for a healthy living; use food and water to heal yourself of sicknesses and diseases; stop fighting against yourself (in the course of battling to be treated, you still unknowingly eat things that cause / contribute to the growth of the sickness); maintain your health through simple daily practices, and guard against sicknesses and diseases.

7 The Living of a Life

The Living of a Life

K J Tesar | Short Stories


With these short stories K. J. Tesar explores the thoughts, and hopes, that accompany people as they confront difficult situations in their lives. As they navigate their way through the intricacies of their lives they strive to understand their situations better, and the forces that drive them. Different perspectives on living can be seen to emerge from the changes that affect these ordinary people's lives. It is a study of the human condition, and man's behavior as he questions his role, and his path in society. His poetry exposes the darker depths of man.

8 The Surprise

The Surprise

I May End Soon | Romance


"But, I am going to tell you to be very careful and vigilant. Study that woman you call your girlfriend carefully and decide if you still want to keep her in such a place that she is now in your life. Find out if she is someone you can handle or deal with as your girlfriend. Find out if there is something dangerous about her that you don’t know yet. Just take your time and study her carefully. I know what I am saying." The above were Lawson's words to his friend Arnold concerning Arnold's girlfriend, Linda. What was Lawson talking about? What was it about Linda that her lover Arnold did not know about? Did she want to surprise him with it or she wanted to hide it from him for life? If Arnold eventually got to know, what would that cause to their relationship? And who was Arnold himself?

9 The Girl From Moldova

The Girl From Moldova

K J Tesar | Fiction


The Girl From Moldova is the story of the difficult relationship between a father and son, caused by perceived bullying through the years, by the father. The situation is worsened by the news that the father, now widowed, plans to marry a much younger woman, Nastya, from East Europe. The story is told from three different points of view , the father, the son, and Nastya. This story is about abuse, perceived and real, but above all it is about hope, and the possibility to find a new life, a life of happiness. From the depths of despair it is possible to rediscover love. As we find out more about the past of Nastya we are drawn into a life of unimaginable abuse, where dreams have been shattered, and all hope lost. That is, until a chance meeting changes everything.

10 Afterglow


Chrys Romeo | Short Stories


You won't know until the end if this story is about parallel universes, the edge of madness, a mysterious journey, a simple love story or something entirely different. You will have a choice of deciding.

11 The Secret of Mara

The Secret of Mara

I May End Soon | Fiction


Kelvin and Mara met each other and they were going to marry each other. Before they could get married, Mara got pregnant. And amazingly, Mara's friend, Adele, whom Mara did not know to be with any man also got pregnant. But Adele claimed her boyfriend had impregnated her. Who was Adele's boyfriend?

12 The Fellowship of the Secret

The Fellowship of the Secret

Richard L. Barker | Religious


A look at biblical interpretation and the way it has historically divided the churches. The author offers a solution to some seemingly intractable doctrinal tensions, in the process adducing that the scope of God's benign providence extends far beyond redemption for His chosen people, Israel and the Church. His synopsis was developed paying attention to the original Greek text of the New Testament, taking heed also to the Gospel and principles of natural law understood by the earliest (apostolic) Church Fathers, a number of whom had received the Christian message from the Apostles or their immediate appointees

13 The Secret of The Cherry Blossoms

The Secret of The Cherry Blossoms

Joana A Park | Romance


The Secret of the Cherry Blossoms is a Sweet Adventure Love Story inspired by Exo's Chanyeol, Suho & Sehun. Written by authors Park Joa-Jin (Joana A. Park) and Choua Vang-Lee. Book 1 of the XO Book Series

14 Turning Your Talent into Money

Turning Your Talent into Money

Isaac John Akagu | Self-Improvement


This book will turn you into a GENIUS. Embedded in this book are the secrets that will help you turn your talent into money without sweat. If you ever want to achieve greatness, this book is a must read! You won't believe how gifted you are.

15 The Young Marvel

The Young Marvel

Uncle Jasper | Drama


Young English immigrant Gabrielle Fox comes to the marvellous Melbourne of the 1870s and is caught up in the frenetic, often dishonest financial dealings of this fast growing city. While remaining honest himself he wins through to his fortune and to the hand of the girl he loves.