2018 Best Books: November Update

November 30, 2018

Warm up the apple cider and settle in to enjoy our picks of November’s best new Books. This list of fiction and nonfiction titles promises hours of entertaining for every bibliophile. 

Stay tuned for our list of Best Books published this year!

“In November, the earth is growing quiet. It is making its bed, a winter bed for flowers and small creatures. The bed is white and silent, and much life can hide beneath its blankets.”

― Cynthia Rylant, In November

1 Lost in Space

Lost in Space

Trisha McNary | Sci-fi Fantasy


This novella takes place in an alternate reality of the Xeno Relations series. Lost in Space went in one direction, while the final series went in another. It tells the story of gigantic Verdante children and other humans living on the Verdante home planet. In Lost in Space, drug abuse turns deadly. In the final three books of the series, semi-reptile humanoids created in the lab plagued Antaska instead. What all these books have in common are the mysterious bonds of affection that can exist between members of the two very different species.Books in the Xeno Relations series are Alien Pets, hypnoSnatch, and Bonded in Space.

2 Firefly: the One Song

Firefly: the One Song

John Erik Ege | Sci-fi Fantasy


The crew of Serenity finding their way after Miranda; a bringing on, a letting go, and a way of cherishing what was, embracing what is, and inviting what will be.

3 Searching For Paradise

Searching For Paradise

T.L. Hughes | Fiction


In his sophisticated debut novel, T.L. Hughes draws on his New England upbringing in an Irish Catholic family to tell the story of his main character, Mike Hogan’s, cross country venture from Southern California back to the small mill town where he grew up. The lure of the road reunites Mike and his two travel companions with old friends, family, and acquaintances. As the three friends bounce from place to place, freeloading across the expanses of beautiful America, they see life again through those they once knew and loved and through new friends and experiences. In the process of it all, they rediscover the goodness within themselves that was always there.

4 SUCCESS in LIFE: What Famous People's Lives Reveal

SUCCESS in LIFE: What Famous People's Lives Reveal

George Kouloukis | Self-Improvement


The moment you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll be able to learn whether the years just ahead are good or bad for you, and how long this season will last. You’ll be able thus to act accordingly: if there is a storm on the horizon, you’ll take shelter in time; if sunny days loom ahead, you’ll take advantage of it before the opportunity passes. In short, you’ll be able to take crucial decisions regarding your career, marriage, family, relationships, and all other life’s issues.

5 A Chinese Western Not A Chinaman's Chance In Chico: a true tale of the Old West

A Chinese Western Not A Chinaman's Chance In Chico: a true tale of the Old West

David Edward Martin | Drama


This is a fictionalized novel of an actual mass murder of 4 Chinese Immigrants that occurred in Chico, California in 1877. The story covers the murders, investigation of the crime and related crimes against Chinese Immigrants, the prosecution of the murderers and their subsequent pardons from prison. The story is contemporary with current social stressors involving mass immigration and its effects on the economy and well being of the host nation. The story is woven around the wealthy land owner of Chico, California at that time, General John Bidwell.

6 The Adventures Of Nancy Laplante In The 19th Century

The Adventures Of Nancy Laplante In The 19th Century

Michel Poulin | Fiction


This novel describes the adventures and romances in the 19th Century of a young Time Patrol field agent engaged in a long-term mission in that century, assuming a cover identity and using only contemporary equipment, plus her intelligence, charm and talents. In the process, Nancy will know both love and heartbreaks and will have to fight the intolerance and misogyny that was too typical of that century.

7 Borneo Pulp

Borneo Pulp

John Francis Kinsella | Drama


John Ennis finds himself plunged into an exotic adventure in Indonesia as the destruction of its last rainforests accelerates when investors plan to build a vast industrial forestry complexe in the untouched heart of Borneo. The promoters, backed by international banks, compete for a share in the rich pickings, heedless of the destruction to be wreaked on the habitat of the indigenous peoples and the natural environment.

8 Raygun


David Edward Martin | Humor


Dave Murphy is a 49 year old stocking clerk stoner who is a loser until he finds a Ray Gun and becomes the most powerful man on Earth. Will a 49 year old stoner use this power wisely?

9 Split


Renata W. Müller | Erotica


I once read the sentence: Destiny takes care of who enters your life, but you can decide who stays…That’s stupid! I definitely feel like destiny has been playing an evil game with me since my childhood. When the Hailey-twins burst into my life, they turned it completely upside down. They lifted me up to heaven, only to then throw me into the deepest chasm. While River is an adorable, sexy anthropologist, and a born-charmer, Jamie is a computer-genius with Asperger-syndrome, eccentric, and difficulty blending into society. There are no two men more different than they are, but they’re still my fate. They are the source of euphoria and despondency, of happiness and sadness in me.I’m Hannah Logan. The girl who has loved twice in her life and who stands in front of an unsolvable dilemma.

10 Barneys Auctions

Barneys Auctions

Uncle Jasper | Drama


The colorful Barney battles everyone while running his auction room in post WWII Melbourne, Australia. He has no time for politicians, lawyers, rules or regulations of any kind, or suggestions that the wooden sheds he uses for his business are unsafe. The neighbouring market gardeners want compensation for a vehicle that runs amok, the local council has condemned his sheds, he is being sued over money found in furniture that was being auctioned and threatened with more legal action over the auction of a classic Australian painting. But far worse his daughter, who does not give an inch to Barney, wants to work in his business and marry his harried employee Don. Then there is the matter of the traction steam engine abandoned in a nearby street. There is always lots going on at Barneys.

11 Changing Paradigm

Changing Paradigm

Ken Nakamura | Philosophy


My intention with this book is to help accelerate the transformation of the world through literature. Not to impose an opinion, but to show a way. Mankind is living in an apparent chaotic situation and this requires an urgent change. As everything we see in the world is a reflection of our thoughts and actions, so what we need to change are our ingrained concepts.

12 Muko and the Secret (Muko #1)

Muko and the Secret (Muko #1)

Greg Materna | Mystery


Four young math whizzes team up to solve a legendary puzzle in the magical world of Citadel of Aivirai.

13 The Plan

The Plan

John Francis Kinsella | Drama


With the euphoria of the American elections past and the world struggling to come to grips with the financial panic, which seemed about to overwhelm it, Pat O’Connelly returns to Dublin. The contrast between the city's bleak landscape and the bright skies of Miami could not have been starker. As his taxi made its way through the city center, the Christmas lights, which still decorated the streets, gave off a strange glare in the early evening fog. The driver sniffed and mumbled that they ‘would do little feckin good for the working man, with jobs melting away like good Irish butter on toast’.

14 A Cosmic Drama

A Cosmic Drama

AiR-Atman in Ravi | Philosophy


This book deals with a mega drama called LIFE! The author points out that this earth is a stage where a show is being staged, but we don’t realize it is a show. Read more to learn interesting facts about this big Cosmic Drama.

15 Like Raindrops on Water: A Love Letter to the World

Like Raindrops on Water: A Love Letter to the World

Jann DiPaolo | Fiction


Like Raindrops on Water wrote itself. Many of the characters and ideas arrived during Ayahuasca ceremonies. The story line arrived while working with the sacred Andean coca leaves, and the jungle adventure was delivered by the magic of the Peruvian Amazon which breathes inspiration with every gust of air. It is a story about Jonathan, a young man with a fascination for how things were, before the world changed and his friend Molly, who at 105 is a constant source of information for him. Through their friendship and adventures, we see an alternative view of how things could be. We look at a new future of the world with a unique, optimistic and topical vision. Asking the big questions and outlining answers; how can we fix our world, how can this happen, and will the changes be enough?