2018 Best Books: March Update

March 20, 2018

March is finally here, which means spring is coming, a pretty good season for reading outside. Picture this: a beautiful sunny day, iced tea, a quiet place, just you and your favorite book. Sounds good, right? so check out our list, sit back, relax and have fun!

Each month, we will be creating a new list with fiction and non-fiction recommendations, giving you more than enough reasons to add new and great books to your TBR pile. 

"A book is like a garden, carried in the pocket". — Chinese Proverb 

1 Puzzle Master: Missing Pieces

Puzzle Master: Missing Pieces

T.J. McKenna | Sci-fi Fantasy


Cephas has traveled through time twice, but once again, time is running out. Armed with a new bio-toxin similar to the one that killed three billion people in the Final Holy War, The Corps is determined to wipe out anyone who refuses to accept their false utopia. To solve the puzzle, Cephas must find the missing pieces - which are scattered through his past, present, and future.

2 Till It Happens To You

Till It Happens To You

Dada Modupeola | Romance


Jude is somewhat gruesomely handsome, rich but he can't keep his pants on. He has everything laid out for him but his poor mental health leads him straight into the arms of a gold digging, greedy lover Elizabeth who quickly becomes a leech. His arranged marriage to a wealthy millionaire's daughter changes everything for Elizabeth, but soon someone winds up dead and Jude is the main suspect. Will Elizabeth kill to get what she wants or is Jude truly a killer in disguise? How deep can true love be that it knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope? You might never know until it happens to you.

3 Growth Mindset: The Door to Achieving More

Growth Mindset: The Door to Achieving More

Lewis Alerson | Self-Improvement


“Growth Mindset: The Door to Achieving More” is unlike any other mindset book you have ever read before. This book goes beyond positive thinking and thinking big, and into the next level. It is about embracing personal growth, building your self-esteem and self-confidence, and training the mind to be resilient and powerful. This book helps you discover the scientific backing behind growth mindset and gives you all of the mindset training techniques and strategies you need to foster a growth mindset in your own life. When you maximize your mind power, you increase your ability to fulfil your potential and master your life.

4 Maddie's Fight

Maddie's Fight

K. E. Ward | Fiction


Maddie's Fight is a story about a girl who struggles to find her sense of identity and self-esteem. Throughout her life, she is put down by her family, classmates, and even friends and love interests. After she witnesses a crime one night on her college campus and leaves the school, she runs away from home and finds a kind man with words of wisdom. When she comes back, she seeks to confront her deepest fear and enemy, the man who has tried to pin crimes on her, but conversely who reveals her true, brave self, which is worthy of love and respect, after all.

5 Virtual Heaven

Virtual Heaven

Taylor Kole | Sci-fi Fantasy


Alex Cutler accepts a job working on the world's first Virtual Reality hub and feels blessed. What starts out as fun, turns dark when a close friend and founder dies while connected, unearthing bizarre and unnatural side effects. This captivating story of one man's dream to entertain and comfort soon becomes a provocative thriller, raising questions about technology's effects on morality, religion, and the limits of human potential.

6 Dark & Darker Faerie Tales

Dark & Darker Faerie Tales

Two Sisters | Horror-Gothic


Are you bored of kind and selfless fairies? Do the words ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ make you yawn? Inspired by Brothers Grimm and other sinister tales, Dark & Darker Faerie Tales is a collection of dark stories about evil faeries, corrupted heroes, vengeful innocents and malicious monsters. Delving into the darker side of fairy tales, each story offers a twisted journey that’ll make you wish for a happy ending. Written and illustrated by Two Sisters, witness an unlikely friendship in “The Woodcutter and The Oak Tree,” discover what happens next to Little Red Riding Hood, and learn why it’s so important to be wary of who you meet in the woods.

7 Blood Royal

Blood Royal

Evan Ansot | Fiction


Four thousand years ago, a man made an agreement with his God that would change the world, effecting the lives of billions of people. Part of the agreement was that all the world would be blessed through this man's seed, creating a Holy Royal Bloodline which extends to the present day. Beginning with Abraham, to his great grandson Judah, King David, Jesus Christ, and beyond, this controversial bloodline is sending shock waves felt on a massive scale. Through a series of events, beginning in 1985, a man finds he is the carrier of this sacred bloodline. Chosen to help bring forth a new age. Blood Royal is his story.

8 Love Hurts

Love Hurts

Jonathon Waterman | Romance


Romance. It is such a wonderful thing. There is nothing like being in love - no matter who you are or what age you might be. Yet, should misconduct or abuse creep into the picture - one can discover: LOVE HURTS. Please join two Freshman year, college-age teens (Chad and Jose Jr. - Maria's kids from my novel: Hopeless Love) as their share their adventures and misadventures when they begin the part of life that deals in the world of Romance.

9 My Sexual Autobiography - Vol. 05

My Sexual Autobiography - Vol. 05

Julee Sam | Erotica


On Grand Success of Volumes 1 to 4, Here I am again with Volume 5 of 'My Sexual Autobiography'. Enjoy reading my Real Life Sexual Encounters With Real Life Photographs.

10 Eden Skies

Eden Skies

Colin Halt | Sci-fi Fantasy


Science Fiction for the growing YA generation. This is my first work. I hope to build an audience base by offering it for free. This is a suspense loaded adventure in space.