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Best practice tips for formatting your eBook

As an editor at Free-eBooks.net, one of the things I do is to make sure that our eBooks meet certain standards. I have come across a few customer complaints and reviews that criticised the way the eBook looked in a particular format. And as we work to continually improve our services to our community, I wanted to research this thoroughly so that we can be confident that we offer the best quality to our readers as possible.

Publishing houses normally have a style guide that has explicit instructions on how to format a book for publication. One of

Uploading to your eReader via USB

I have been spending some time with our helpdesk issues and noticed that one of the most often asked for advice is how to upload our eBooks to eReaders – from Kindle to [insert no-name reader here] – and today I thought I’d connect up a Nook SimpleTouch and write some step-by-step instructions.

The first thing I did was to plug the Nook into the computer. Our generic steps say that the eReader should be recognized as a separate removable drive; that didn’t happen for me. I got a device driver failure notification. A quick web search determined

What was that eBook again?

Last week, I stumbled onto a post at Time.com (via Lifehacker.com) about the effects on memory that reading physical books versus eBooks can have. The writer says that after receiving a Kindle as a gift, she loaded it up with a few pieces from her favourite authors for ‘light reading’ (her words, not mine), but quickly discovered that she wasn’t retaining details of what she was reading as well as she thought she should. After some research, and linking to yet another article reporting the same phenomenon, she discovered that eBooks may actually be bad if