Tablet computers: distraction or enhanced digital reading experience?

I find that attempting to work on my laptop is a challenge to my focusing skills under normal circumstances. Work colleagues are always sending intriguing links that, of course, lead to other links and further discussion and the occasional “oh yes, I saw this other day that I wanted to share … let me find it again” which in turn leads to other tangential distractions. I am the poster child for the digitally distracted.

At the risk of dating myself, I remember when the HP iPaQ was released. I was rabid to get one, and when I did,

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Color e-Ink on the horizon for Amazon?

Color e-Ink on the horizon for Amazon?

Hanvon color e-Ink display at CES2011

And just as we were getting comfortable with the Kindle Touch, here comes a rumor that Amazon is getting set to produce color e-Ink devices sometime this year.

In 2009, there was speculation about a color e-Ink Kindle in the offing while the first generation Kindle stock started dwindling to nothing. It was shot down by Bezos himself saying that he had seen the mockups and they weren’t pretty. He went on to say that a color e-Ink Kindle was “multiple years” away. This is 2012 and not, by any stretch of

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Transferring eBooks to your eReader – one more time with feeling (and images).

Transferring eBooks to your eReader - one more time with feeling (and images).

Having just received our “office” Nook, I am still in geek-mode noting the differences between the two devices.

One of the things that struck me when I first connected the Nook to the computer was the directory structure is completely different from the Kindle’s structure.

The Kindle’s folder structure looks like this on my iMac:

Kindle Directory Structure

For me, as a long-time Kindle user, the directory structure is intuitive. The “audible” directory is where audio-books are, the “documents” directory is the main directory for eBooks, the “music” directory is where we can put music to listen to

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