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Strategies and Tips for Successful Freelancers

What are the strategies and tips used by successful freelancers to secure high-paying gigs and attract clients on platforms like Fiverr?

successful freelancing

Build Relationship

To expand your freelancing business and become successful, it is crucial to establish connections with other successful freelancers. By learning from and interacting with these individuals, you will gain valuable insights and begin to think and act like them.

Building relationships, both online and offline, will help to shape your mindset and improve your skills.

Be on LinkedIn

Having a presence on LinkedIn in addition to your Fiverr profile is important because clients want to know more about you and your qualifications.

LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase your professional experience, connect with clients and promote your services. By using LinkedIn effectively, you can drive results for your freelancing business.

Choose a Micro Niche

To stand out from the competition and attract clients as a freelancer, it’s important to specialize in a specific niche.

Instead of trying to offer a wide range of services, focus on one area that you are particularly skilled in and have a lot of experience with. This will create the perception that you are an expert in that field, making it easier for clients to hire you.

Remember that niching down may seem counterintuitive, but it’s important to remember that the riches are in the niches.

To determine your niche, consider what you have a competitive advantage in and what niche you have a lot of knowledge and experience in. Additionally, think about which industries or clients tend to make the most money for the services you offer.

Create a Powerful Profile

To create a strong and professional freelancer profile, it is important to:

  • Show your face and smile in pictures and videos, as this communicates positivity and makes clients more likely to want to work with you.
  • Share a one-minute video introducing yourself and your experience and focusing on one specific niche, like news, sports, or health.
  • Avoid appearing robotic and use niche-specific language to show that you are an expert in that field.
  • Provide examples and case studies of previous work in your specific niche.
  • Format your profile in a simple and easy-to-read manner, and be willing to answer any questions clients may have.
  • Show the specific business results you can drive for your clients, such as “I help personal injury attorneys get more truck cases through our six-phase Social Amplification Engine” by using X, Y, Z model, who do you help, what’s the result that you achieve, why would they pay money for it, and how do you do it?
  • Be specific in your service offering and avoid generalizing. Show one thing you do really well.
  • Show the results of your work, if possible, and show the results you drive for your clients.
  • Make sure your profile is easy to read and understand and avoid using large blocks of text.
  • Don’t hesitate to copy and paste your own profile to give clients the answers they need instead of directing them to look at your profile.

Show Personal Connection

To build trust and attract more clients as a freelancer, it’s important to showcase your ability to build relationships and connect with others.

One way to do this is by highlighting moments that show you as a trustworthy and caring individual. This can be done by posting these moments on your Fiverr profile, social media, and LinkedIn.

Additionally, it’s helpful to ask yourself how you can build trust and show clients that you are the right person to solve their problems.

Take Care of Your Client

To increase your income as a freelancer on Fiverr or any other platform, it’s important to provide excellent service and care to your clients. This way they will continue to hire you for their needs.

It’s also important to understand the perspective of the buyer, as they are often overwhelmed by the number of options and have difficulty trusting a freelancer they don’t know. To overcome this, it’s crucial to focus on building trust through your profile setup and communication.

Show your skills and process, but also make sure to address the trust barrier that potential buyers may have when they see your gig.

Under promise, Over-deliver 

Having a clear plan of action and communicating it to your clients is essential for a successful freelancing career. This includes outlining your process from start to finish, including what you need from your client, and being transparent about any changes that may occur during the project.

It’s important to set realistic expectations with your clients and aim to over-deliver by completing projects ahead of schedule or exceeding their expectations.

Following this approach of under-promising and over-delivering will help build trust and a positive reputation with your clients.

Partnering with Others to Offer High-Value Packages

The key to delivering bigger value is to partner with other people who can complement your skills and fill in the gaps where you may be lacking.

For example, if you are good at technical tasks but not so good at account management, you can find someone who excels in account management to partner with. The same goes for other skills, such as creative tasks or programming. By combining different skills, you can offer higher-value packages that target a specific niche.

When looking for partners, it’s important to not just partner with anyone for the sake of sounding good. Instead, think about what your niche wants and look for people who are reputable and have a track record of success.

Social media and Fiverr are great places to find potential partners, as you can see who is getting lots of gigs and working in your niche. The approach to reaching out to potential partners is up to you.

Build your Personal Brand

When it comes to building a successful career on Fiverr or any other platform, having a strong personal brand is crucial.

By showing that you are a personable, trustworthy individual who cares about your clients and serves a specific niche, you can attract more clients and increase your earning potential.

Instead of focusing on the technical aspects of the task, it’s important to approach projects from a business standpoint, using the XYZ model to show how you can help clients achieve their goals and drive results.

To build a strong personal brand, consider using social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, and consider taking a course on personal branding to gain more insights and strategies.

Reverse Engineer the Process

Reverse engineering is a powerful tool that can help you achieve success in your freelancing career. To learn more about how it works and how it can benefit you, check out the Coach Yu Episode where Dennis sits down with Dr. Glen Vo to discuss the concept.

One of the biggest reasons for my slow growth at the beginning of my journey was not taking enough action. I used to think that it was okay to get things done by the end of the week, but as I progressed, I realized that those who were achieving success were the ones who were taking action and moving at a faster pace. By moving quickly and making mistakes, they were able to learn and achieve success faster.

Successful freelancers implement one thing every day to go to the next level. Consider taking a course on how to go from being a freelancer to a fully equipped agency in three basic phases.

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