Text to Speech on Kindle

You can essentially turn your Kindle content into audio content on most recent generations of Kindle Fire tablets, using the  Text-to-Speech feature. If Text-to-Speech is an option on an e-book, you should see a note saying “Text-to-Speech Enabled” next to the book on the product details page. So look for that when you’re shopping titles in the Kindle book store. It’s also possible to use the Text-to-Speech feature to read personal documents, like those that you create yourself and then load onto your Kindle Fire.

To use the feature while you are reading a Text-to-Speech enabled e-book, tap the center of the screen and then tap on the menu icon that should appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Go to Additional Settings by tapping there, and then tap the switch that is displayed beside the words Text-to-Speech. Now the feature should be on and ready to use.

With that feature activated, when you’re reading a book, tap the screen to display the progress bar. Then tap the Play Button next to the progress bar. Now the text should be read out loud to you. To listen you’ll need to have external speakers hooked up to whatever kind of device you are using, or you can listen through ear buds or headphones that are plugged into the device’s headphone jack. If you want to increase or slow down the speed of the reading, tap the Narration Speed icon and set it to your personal listing speed preference. The Narration Speed icon looks like this:


If you are reading a book that is in a different language, that’s no problem. Tap the download prompt of the progress bar to install the Text-to-Speech voice in that particular language. The Text-to-Speech supports most commonly spoken languages, and this feature can be really fun to use if you are training yourself to learn a new language. You can listen to your favorite e-books, spoken in that language, which is a great way to practice hearing a new language and identifying the words you hear.

Send Web Page Content to Your Kindle

Oftentimes you see an article, news item, blog, how-to or DIY guide, food or drink recipe, or a web page that you’d like to save to your Kindle. You can do it, and it’s easy, because Amazon offers a browser extension that’s free to install. It’s called Send to Kindle and works with Kindle gadgets as well as the Kindle app. There are browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, too, which you can download if you use those browsers.

You’ll see a Kindle icon in your address bar, which you can then click on to preview web pages or send them to your Kindle device. If you don’t want to send the entire web page and all its content, just select the part you want and send that. When you are on a website, check to see if it has a Kindle button. If so, clicking on it will enable you to send articles or other web page content to your Kindle or your Kindle app. In that case, you don’t even need to have the Send to Kindle browser extension.

No matter how you send to your Kindle, the Send to Kindle software will automatically format it so that it is shown on your e-reader in the proper Kindle format. There are Send to Kindle versions for Mac and PC, Android and email, and if you have a website or a blog there are also versions you can install on those sites.