Free Essay Writing Help and Tips for Students!

Writing an essay can seem like an insurmountable challenge. You get an assignment, look at the required word count, and wonder how you can crank out that many words on a topic you have very little interest in. Or maybe after getting the assignment, you look at your calendar and realize that there isn’t enough time to get your essay done and everything else you have to do and still manage to get some sleep. Or perhaps you aren’t confident in your writing skills. Whatever the reason, you started searching for free essay writing help, and we’re glad you did. We have some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your essay-writing adventure.

TIP #1: Read the essay question carefully:

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many students start writing their essays without reading through the entire question first. You need to read the assignment from beginning to end and make sure that you understand every part of it. If there is any part of the question you don’t understand, ask for help before you start writing. It’s better to work through uncertainty before you begin writing rather than have to junk your paper and start again if you didn’t understand correctly.

TIP #2: Follow the rubric:

Nowadays, most essays come with a grading rubric that shows you exactly how your instructor will grade you and what your instructor will be looking for while reviewing your paper. Make use of the rubric to help you write so you can maximize the points you receive. If you use it the right way, the rubric can become a roadmap to your essay, showing you exactly what to cover and where to put in the most energy. Give your greatest attention to the parts of the rubric worth the most points to get the greatest bang for your buck when time runs short.

TIP #3: Make friends with your library:

The key to every essay is having the right research to support it. Your college or university has a library full of high-quality academic sources, and most of these are online, particularly databases of scholarly journal articles. Nevertheless, many students still rely on the open web or on incomplete or snippet views from sources like Google Scholar for their research. Choose resources with higher quality so you can get better information and a stronger paper. As a bonus, academic sources have bibliographies included, and these will lead you to other research sources without needing to do extensive original background research, especially when time is short.

TIP #4: Use not only academic sources when applicable:

Everything depends on your topic. Of course, you cannot use some shady blog articles as sources, but you definitely can use nonfiction and fiction books. As college libraries are focused on mainly course materials, and some are closed now, due to pandemic, you can use onlive services with free ebooks. First of all, it is completely legal, and also legal to cite these books in your papers. Second, it is easy to search for necessary materials at such websites. Third, you can also find some additional inspiring reading to do on the matter. Yes, not all of the books can be cited, but you can get some inspiring ideas and broaden your horizon. Save books you would like to read to bookmarks and return to them at least once a month. Who knows, maybe you will need those books for the next assignment?

TIP #5: Consider a professional essay writing service:

If you aren’t comfortable turning your instructor’s assignment into a finished essay, get help from a professional online academic writing company. A writing service can show you the right way to approach your paper and how to address every requirement. However, you should be wary of a free essay writing service, since there is no way to guarantee the quality of what you receive. Instead, choose a cheap custom writing service like which offers 100% plagiarism-free essays online. There, you will find experts who can produce original writing fast to give you the essay writing help you need with the quality you can’t do without, all at prices you can’t pass up.

TIP #6: Outline before you write:

Before you write your essay, outline what you want to say. While a more detailed outline is more helpful, even a brief list of points can pay off when it’s time to write. An outline serves as a roadmap to your paper, and it lets you know where you’re going to go before you ever start typing. That way, you can save time because you’ve already decided on the main evidence, the supporting points, and the sources you’ll need to back them up. Doing so before you start writing will save you time during the writing process, and it will also make sure you don’t start writing in one direction only to realize you’re going into a tangent or are making claims you can’t support. The more detail you put into your outline before you start writing, the more time you’ll save in the writing stage.

TIP #7: Save time for revision and proofreading:

No paper is complete after the first draft, but too often students are racing the clock to get their papers in by the deadline—and it shows! Many times, students lose up to a full letter grade because of avoidable writing and syntax errors. Plan ahead to leave yourself a little bit of time to review your essay to revise it where it is unclear and to proofread for mechanical errors. Even ten or fifteen minutes spent proofreading for obvious errors can make a major difference in the impression your paper makes on your instructor. 

The most important thing to remember is to stick to a plan. Make a plan and move according to it. Don’t leave everything to the last minute and don’t hope that tomorrow or the next week some better version of you will finish all the assignments without procrastination.

Good luck!

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