EU Taxes E-Books More than Traditional Printed Books

Unless you live in Europe or are the business of selling books to European markets, you might not even be aware that there has been a movement afoot in European Union (EU) courts related to the tax on e-books. But for some people, particularly those in France and Luxembourg, the ruling handed down this month by the powerful and influential Court of Justice of the European Union is a pretty big deal. That’s because the Valued Added Tax or VAT that is charged to those who purchase e-books in those nations just surged about 15%

What is VAT?

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E-Book News You Can Use

Not long ago people were saying that electronic publishing was a passing trend that would never catch on, because readers would not accept the transition from real ink and bound paper to e-books. But here we are in the first quarter of 2015, and according to a news report published in the UK Guardian, electronic books are outpacing traditional printed ones. Here are some recent e-book industry developments that should be of interest to any avid e-book reader.

Sales of Printed Books are in Decline as E-book Sales Rise

As explained in the newspaper article, print sales of

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2015 Digital Book Awards Were Just Announced

Right now everyone is buzzing about the Hollywood Golden Globes and the Oscars. But did you know that the 2015 Digital Book Awards were just announced at a gala event in New York City? Every year finalists and winners are celebrated in a number of different categories that recognize innovation in electronic publishing, design, technological integration, and the end-user experience for those who love e-reading.

The Annual Awards Ceremony

Over the weekend of January 13th, 2015, the awards were handed out during a major digital publishing conference that convened at the upscale Hilton Midtown Hotel. As explained by

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