How to Select the Right Mattress for Obese People!

Whether you are obese or not, for better management of your weight, you need to choose right kind of mattress that is comfortable to you. Generally, people think that obesity is mainly controlled by diet and right exercise however research proves that the quality and duration of your sleep also affects your weight.

The relationship between weight management and sleeping is like a 2-way street. Due to insufficient sleep one gains weight and also due to weight gain one does not get proper sleep. Therefore, in order to break this cycle, we need to find ways and means to get proper sleep. You must now inculcate better sleep habits and get enough sleep.

Therefore, selecting the right kind of mattress is very important particularly for those who are victims of obesity. Most of the mattresses that you generally get from the market are not good enough to provide sufficient softness, strength and durability. What most people fail to realize while choosing their right mattress is that choosing the right mattress is also like choosing your pair of shoes or a perfect suit that should be perfectly fit for you. 

Luckily there are few ways to select right kind of mattress for those who are obese. Now let us understand what we mean by obesity. Obesity occurs when the person’s quality of life and health gets negatively affected due to improper ratio of their body fat and mass.

You can calculate correct mass of your body by calculating your height and weight then you can decide whether you are really an obese or not. This is also known as body mass index (BMI). However, it does consider your muscle mass or amount of your body fat.

Therefore, in order to decide whether the person is really obese or not, the standard height and weight chart is referred and if the person’s weight is 20 per cent higher than what it should be then he will be considered as obese. There can be many different health issues due to excess weight.

There can be many mental discomforts too due to obesity. Obesity also leads to various cardiovascular diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma and certain types of cancer too.

Match the mattress as per your natural sleeping position:

While choosing your mattress, make sure that you can comfortably sleep on it in your natural position. Any person who is very heavy in weight will prefer to sleep on their back and during summer climate will tend to sweat more than any lean person.

Obese people must select mattress that has got medium to low foam density so that it will not trap their heat and their bed will remain cool while they are sleeping. In case they prefer to sleep on their sides then their distribution of weight will be uneven and therefore for the heavier parts of their body softness is required so that their hips and shoulders which may carry more weight will tend to sink in the mattress. Therefore, the mattress should not be too soft so that you face difficulties while turning your side while sleeping.

Prefer to choose the right kind of material for mattress

When you look for different types of materials for mattresses then there are three different types of materials available.

  • Innerspring
  • Memory foam
  • Latex

Innersprings are a little outdated nowadays but still they are available. Here they use springs within the mattress to provide the necessary support to the person sleeping on it. There is a layer of foam over the spring and it provides relief to certain pressure points.

Memory foams can provide plenty of cushioning support and can provide necessary balance particularly for obese people. You can have ease of movement, non-slippery and structurally it will be sound.

Latex foam can be a little expensive variety however it is quite good for preventing pressure points. Here you can get the benefits of natural and organic materials that can prevent you from many other drawbacks of mattresses.

Mattress must fit according to your BMI:

If your BMI is more than 25 then you must prefer a mattress of higher thickness like from 6 inches to 16 inches or may be even more if your weight is much more. The mattress thickness will be directly proportional to your BMI. Those who weigh around 200 pounds to 400 pounds will need 10 inches thickness or if the person weighs more than 400 pounds then prefer to use a 14-inch thick mattress.

All kinds of mattresses like traditional innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattress or adjustable air mattresses can be suitable for them. Nowadays natural latex mattresses are available which can also be a better choice for people with high BMI. People with too high BMI may need firm mattresses however its top surface may be added with a softer surface. 

Select mattress of right dimensions:

Before you go shopping it is important that you must know the dimensional requirements of your mattress, as a matter of fact this is the first thing that you need to check before you look at other things.

If you are an obese person then you will need little more space then any normal person so that there is sufficient room available for your free movements. Most popular size for any obese person can be queen sized double bad mattress.

In addition to the length and width of the mattress you have to consider your height too. Check whether you need a few inches extra from the normal size. The width must be at least 6 inches while any light person may choose width of even 2 inches.

Obese people can also get good rest by choosing mattress for hot sleepers. These products do not allow the increases of temperature and the sleepers will not feel the heat. They will get sound and restful sleeps in the nights.

Perfect mattress is more important than price:

As an obese person you may need little oversized mattress and in case you have a good height then extra length may also be needed. However, such a mattress can be a little costly. You must remember that having a perfect mattress is more important and consider the expenses as an important investment for you. 

You must also know the lifespan of mattress:

Any appliances or furniture that you buy for your home, mattress is also an important item for your home for which you will like to use it for a longer duration. Therefore, you need to check the durability and lifespan of the mattress while buying it. Since as an obese person, you may be little heavier than others and therefore your mattress may become uneven after few years of use. Therefore, when you are investing so much money on it, you need to check its longevity and durability as well.

Replace your mattress after every 7 years:

Usually any mattress does not last for ever and if the person is obese then chances of its wearing out is faster than normal. Therefore, you must choose to replace your mattress after every 7 years so that your comfort and sleep may not be compromised at all. Replacing the mattress frequently for any obese person is not very abnormal.

Make sure that your mattress makes difference to you:

It is very essential that you get proper sleep during the night in order to maintain healthy weight and lifestyle as well. Therefore, a combination of a proper sleep schedule and the right kind of exercise can help you to get out of your obesity.

Few tips to have good sleep:

As mentioned above, good sleep is one of the important requirements for healthy life and maintaining healthy weight. Therefore, in addition to choosing the right mattress the following tips can also be very handy for you.

  • Avoid wrong types of food – It is essential to stop taking unhealthy foods or keeping any unhealthy habits. You must avoid caffeine and sugar before going to bed. These items need at least 6 hours to process within your body and prevent your sleep when you need it most.
  • Lighting – Turn off all sources of light like table lamps, blue lights, television, computers etc. which emits light during your sleep. These reduces the production of necessary hormones called melatonin and prevents your sleep
  • Temperature – You need to reduce the temperature of the room in order to get ideal sleep.
  • Sleep at the right time – Maintain a proper time for sleeping so that your internal body clock will help you sleep at the right time.

Please do let us know about your opinions and ideas in the comments.

Mattress Buying Guide – Learn How to Select the Right Mattress Firmness

Mattress serves a significant purchase for a person. It greatly impacts the health of a person. A comfortable mattress is very important to get good sleep in night. The firmness of a mattress is a huge aspect in determining the comfort of a mattress. It can make or break a good night’s sleep. When purchasing a brand-new mattress, it is essential to find one that meets your needs precisely.

Comfort is directly linked with how plush or firm a mattress is. There are a few other factors in determining how comfortable a mattress is. This article will equip you with all the knowledge as how the firmness of a mattress makes one’s sleep comfortable.

The significance of proper support:

Most of the people link the firmness of a mattress with support. They have this opinion that a mattress that is firm is more supportive. This is not completely true. Not many of them know that there is a difference between support and firmness. Support comes when your spine has proper alignment. This depends on several factors, one of them being the sleeping style of the person.

If you are a side sleeper, then you must ensure that you need to allow your bed to conform to your body. Having your shoulder and hip sink into the bed lightly while the core is in raised condition will keep your spine in perfect alignment. This will assist in falling asleep quickly and easily.

Though many people wish to have the softest bed possible, but it may be a foolish expectation. Proper support can aid you in getting rid of your aches. If your body is completely supported all the night, you will wake up easier as your body won’t have to strain itself to get comfortable in the night.

Ways to determine your sleeping style:

According to the sleeping styles, most of the sleepers fall into one of the below mentioned categories. They can be side sleeper, stomach sleeper or back sleeper. If you find yourself sleeping in several different positions, then you are a combination sleeper. To find your sleeping position, you need to know what position you are most comfortable to fall asleep and how do you wake up.

This will help you understand your sleeping style. Having this knowledge prior to buying a mattress will help you get the right one for your needs. Once you are aware of your sleeping style, you can look for a bed that suits your sleeping style.

Rules to help you in search for your perfect mattress:

  • Side sleepers:

If you are a side sleeper then you must look for a mattress that assists your side. It should also, let your hip and shoulder to sink in a little. Your spine needs to be well aligned with the ground. Bending a lot up or down, will engage all the pressure points in your body and hamper your sleep experience. Side sleepers should choose a softer mattress.

  • Back sleepers:

If you tend to sleep on your back, then you are a back sleeper. When you lie down on your back, then your spine should imitate how you normally stand. Generally, back sleepers should go for a firmer mattress.

  • Stomach sleepers:

People who are stomach sleepers sleep on their stomach. Their upper body has to be supported so that it does not sink down. This can lead to back or neck pain. Such people would find a firmer mattress useful as it will keep their spine properly aligned.

  • Combo sleepers:

If you are a person who can sleep in any of the above-mentioned positions comfortably, then you are a combination sleeper. A mattress with medium firmness will provide you the right balance of support and contour.

How to select the most comfortable mattress?

After the above consideration, there is one last thing that you need to see is the feeling that you get after lying on a mattress. It is important that you test out several beds as possible prior to forming a decision on mattress firmness. It will give you an idea of the type of firmness you will be looking for in a mattress.

Every mattress brand has got a different scale for firmness. Ensure that you gain a thorough understanding of the level of firmness from comparing mattresses of several companies at once. This will help you make an informed decision.

Another important thing that you need to consider is to check the return policy of the company. You need not keep using a mattress that gives you more pain than before. A sleep trial is necessary when you are in search for a new bed.

A poor mattress can aggravate the pain that you are experiencing at present. It can take up to 4 weeks to adjust yourself to a different style of bed. In a few cases such as transition from an innerspring mattress to a memory foam one, would require your body to adjust to the new level of support it provides. 

Things to consider when selecting a mattress firmness:

Looking at hundreds of choices in mattresses, you can easily get confused as to which one should you buy. There are a few considerations that you need to do to select the right firmness in a new mattress. If your existing mattress lack preferred firmness and comfort level, then there are some things that you need to consider prior to selecting a mattress. Exploring the below mentioned factors will surely help you make an efficient selection.

Spinal alignment:

Sleeping comfortably depends on whether or not your spine is correctly aligned. When sitting or standing, your spine is well supported as you are subconsciously restricting your posture. When you sleep, your body muscles get relaxed. The extent of relaxation that you get depends on the alignment that your sleeping surface provides you. If you are sleeping on a mattress surface that does not naturally assist your back, then you may even wake up with pain as a result.

A soft mattress does not necessarily imply “lacking support”. Selecting a firmness level implies that you choose a surface that enables your spine to align uniformly and properly on bed mattress. Spinal alignment on the surface on which you are sleeping depends on several aspects that include your body weight and sleeping position.

Sleeping position:

Your sleeping position is again a crucial consideration when it comes to deciding a firmness level. The level of pressure that is exerted on different points in the body depends on which points are assisting most of your body weight. People who sleep on their stomach exert more force on their hips than the ones who sleep on their back.

While firmness preferences and sleeping positions come down to individual taste, there are a few recommendations for people who are undecided about the level of firmness to select:

  • Side sleepers mostly prefer a softer mattress.
  • Stomach sleepers experience more comfort on a firmer mattress.
  • Due of this, back sleepers find more comfort on medium, soft, and firm mattresses.

Sleeping partner:

Depending on the sleeping position and body weight of a person, you as well as your partner may require varying firmness levels. It can be tough to sacrifice your own comfort. You can select medium firmness mattress, it is good choice to fulfill the sleep requirements of both partners.

Body weight:

People with more body weight tend to exert more force on the pressure points at the time of laying down on the mattress. A heavier person can sink low into a soft mattress whereas a light person may look like they are being pushed on the top of a firm mattress.

What value does a customer feedback provide you?

Testimonials are a great way to figure out if your bed will deliver you a comfortable sleep or not. Mostly, reviewers will touch on the below details such as:

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Durability and longevity
  • Noise

SleepJunkie is one of the leading mattress review websites in India. Genuine, informative and authentic mattress reviews present on this website help a lot in making mattress research easier.


The firmness of the mattress plays an important role in offering the best level of support to a person while sleeping. Finding the appropriate firmness for your bed is a continuous process. Relax and take time to find the right firmness that will help you get peaceful and sound sleep. This information will help you learn in depth, the best way to get the perfect firmness for your sleep.

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