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Your latest free books are posted and ready for you to enjoy. 

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 “Can you help me…” 

  • …edit my book
  • …create a cover
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  • …market
  • …convert to audio
  • the list goes on…

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7 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Winning Giveaways

Luck Isn’t Everything, Try These Tips to Start Winning Giveaways

Believe it or not, giveaways are not all about luck. You can better your chances of winning with a few simple adjustments. We show you the best way you can enter and follow giveaways. Use these 7 tips and tricks to start to increase your odds of winning, put yourself above the rest, and find the best giveaways to enter and win.

1. Follow giveaway sites on social media

If you’re not already, make sure to follow the big-name giveaway sites on social media. Also, make sure you’re following the smaller name sites as well. Entering giveaway groups on Facebook, following giveaway Instagram’s, and watching for trending giveaway tags on twitter are all great ways to stay up to date.

2. Find giveaway sites that may not be visited by regular sweepstakes enthusiasts yet

New or Indie sites, the sites that are just getting started that few have heard of yet, are great places to find to increase your chances of winning. They may be posting smaller giveaways with a better chance to win! For instance, if you love entering book giveaways, consider this new site that offers prizes monthly, BooksThatMakeYou.com.

3. Sign up for newsletters 

Let the giveaways come to you, straight to your inbox. This helps ensure you aren’t missing out on prime giveaways. Sometimes giveaways get buried in the never-ending lists on sweepstake sites, but if you’re also signed up for newsletters, you may spot a giveaway that could have been missed. For instance, BooksThatMakeYou.com I mentioned earlier has a newsletter you can sign up for, the site sometimes offers giveaways JUST for those who receive their newsletters.

4. Optimize your entries 

You need to enter giveaways with the best chances of winning. Some giveaways offer an opportunity to enter daily, while others offer to increase your odds if you share the giveaway to social media or with friends. If these options are given, make sure to take them to increase your entries.

5. Diversify the giveaways you enter

There are so many giveaways to enter that it can be overwhelming. But the best tip is to make sure you’re entering different giveaways. The giveaways that offer a free car, huge cash prize, or a new iPhone are very tempting, and worth a shot, but also enter the smaller prize giveaways that offer smaller prizes like a free book, a gift basket, etc. Some giveaways are easy to enter, while others, more difficult. The easy giveaways are great to sign up for because they take so little time but be sure to attempt a few difficult giveaways as well, since they might have deterred a lot of others from entering. Finally, pay attention to if the giveaway is local or worldwide. Local giveaways may will be available to fewer people, so potentially fewer people will enter. Worldwide giveaways are still worth a shot, though.

6. Enter giveaways regularly

Don’t lose patience; the only way to win is to enter. It’s hard to keep entering contests and giveaways if you’re not being chosen, but keep it up and keep trying!

7. Have a valid email address that you check regularly

Once you’ve entered a giveaway, some may ask that you confirm via the email you’ve used, make sure to confirm every time. Some giveaways will not grant the prize to an unconfirmed email address. Also, be sure to check your email regularly, often giveaways will email you and give you a window of time to reply, if you do not answer they must choose another winner. Stay on top of your email so that you don’t miss out.


No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.

(Editor’s Picks) 12 free books + 3 free AudioBooks

12 And 3 More Free

Your latest Editor’s Picks are in for this week. Simply click the image of their covers below to download your choices for FREE.

Plus, while our Audiobook collection is typically reserved for our VIP members, each month we UNlock 3 titles for ALL members to enjoy. 

In case you missed them, here are February’s releases: 

  1. Fanny Hill, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
  2. Art of War
  3. Well at the World End

You’re welcome to download or stream all 3 titles. These do NOT count towards your 5 books/month limit. They’re completely free bonuses! 

We hope you’ll find plenty of time to “Read (or Listen), Rest and Relax” this week. 

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