Tips for Learning Online Effectively!

We all have been learning online lately. Thanks to the pandemic, we have found a new reliance on digital learning. From taking our classes online to opting in for courses in order to level up our skills, we have been doing it all.

E-learning comes with a lot of benefits like the convenience of learning, ease of taking assessment tests, and instant certifications which you would get online. But it all pays off very well if we do it the right way. Many online learners also suffer from stress due to not being able to cope up with the new way of learning. 

Here are a few tips to make online learning work for you. You can also use the tips mentioned below if you are getting started with it, or are already an active user. 

1. Study in the morning:

As the famous Hindi saying goes Kal Karey So Aaj Kar Aaj Karey So Ab, which translates to do today what you should do tomorrow, and do now what you should do today, it basically means starting something up right now. 

Many of us find ourselves in a pool of constantly postponing our plans. I wanted to take a guitar course on Udemy, but I’m not sure when to start. I want to learn a new computer programming language, but unsure as to when is the best time to do it. 

Also, they refer to it as ‘The Spectacular NOW’ which basically means that there is no better time than right now to start doing what you are passionate about. In this case, learning a new skill.

2. Try the elearning platform before you subscribe for it:

Which tool you use to learn online plays an important role too. Some tools allow you to indulge in an interactive environment, whereas some others mean you should always be present in a class. You should opt for one tool which you feel most comfortable with.  
You can check out various ones. As you can get free courses to study on many online learning portals, it would act as a trial run for you before you upgrade to its paid version. Udemy is a great place to test courses before you start paying. There is a pool of free courses to choose from in all catagories you could think of. Once you decide you are ready to upgrade, you can always use online coupons on Udemy in order to save on the courses you sign up for.

3. Track your progress across a timetable:

What this basically means is to manage your entire learning schedule for weeks to come. This will eradicate any overlapping of schedule. You can also define time separately for the learning sessions themselves. Keeping time aside for practising is another way to make sure you are getting better at what you learn. 

Some online learning portals also help you get started by providing you with a complete plan for your courses. You can get expert guidance in not only the study material but also organising your time learning them. 

You may have to pay for one on one classes sometimes even if the video lessons are free. But if you need to make savings on the services you take from the e-learning portal, you can always check out offers on that particular website.

4. Time management:

Learning online can result in blurring the line between study and personal life. It can result in irregular sleeping patterns, causing less effectiveness in studying and will affect almost all other day-to-day activities.

5. Take short breaks:

Short breaks every half hour will result in helping you concentrate better. Prolonged sessions of studying can get monotonous and could also impact your learning quality. Rather, when you take a breather between studying, it is proven to help you get better results.

Let us see why learning a new skill is important to you:

  1. When you are already amazing at what you do, but you want to try something else, something new. Learning a new skill can increase your job prospects, give you a higher income and can also help you get better positions in the future. Professionals who are at higher levels in a company are usually adept with more than one skill which also makes them suitable to manage a firm that has experts in different fields effectively. 
  1. Another reason to get a new skill is to simply raise your position in the company that you are working in. Many firms and MNCs have internal job postings (IJP) which allow you to try your hands in different fields. An IJP has more benefits than cons. Raised income, new responsibilities, a chance to gain more knowledge are some of them.


Upskilling is the future. If you have more than one expertise, you can surely impress interviewers and also possibly crack the interviews. Also, due to the easy access to the abundant learning material online, there is no reason we shouldn’t learn more.

About the author:

Aamer Hussain is a content writer who beleives that learning never ends. He is also one who you would see taking a marketing class or a singing class online randomly depending on the type of day he’s having.

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